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Medieval footwear, like a queen, shines in all its splendor and dictates its own rules of high quality, elegance and recognizable style.

Since ancient times, people tried to protect their feet from moisture and dirt, burns and frostbites, as well as against mechanical damage. In addition to practicality, wearing shoes became a sign of civilization, in contrast to walking barefoot, which was considered to be a symbol of poverty. Throughout the Middle Ages footwear was mostly made of genuine leather, same as we use manufacturing ArmStreet’s medieval footwear for sale. Each pair is handcrafted by our skilled shoemakers and inspected by experts to make sure you get the slickest product without a hitch. More than just walking footwear, these shoes are intended to show off your sense of medieval style.

Shoes for LARP

New to LARP and have no basic period shoes? Got tired of period-inappropriate footwear like fake turnshoes or sneakers with chainmail cover? Then you've come to right place to solve that issue. Choose a lightweight pair with rubber soles in our medieval footwear store - they are easier to wandering around and to maintain waterproof. The best part is, you can get them custom-sized, with the period or modern shoe soles for a reasonable price. Grab your favorite, pair easily with any outfit in your larping wardrobe, and hit any outdoor event, be it a Ren fair or a festival!

SCA Footwear

Consider simple, yet edgy boots to make confident strides on both flat and difficult terrain. Remember, comfort and safety first, as you're going to do lots of tramping around a field and hitting people! Note knee-high combat boots from our medieval footwear shop, reliable and sturdy, with modern shoe last and rubber outsoles. Made for running, jumping and such, they're excellent for training and fencing. Because of slim-fit boot shaft, they are convenient for wearing under the armor. No more shoe coverings to make your casual boots look a bit more classy. Get classy medieval footwear which is comfortable like your well-worn sneakers.

Medieval Wedding Shoes

Become a stylishly dressed bride by completing your outfit wearing ArmStreet uniquely-designed women's period shoes. Get a 'look maker' pair made of fine leather or soft suede of vibrant colors with embossed patterns. Middle ages footwear looks marvelous, blending in with the garb you’re wearing. It's the Cinderella's 'glass slippers' each girl dreams of. Handstitching helps the leather keep its shape and adds long-lasting durability, and cushioned sole offers all-day walking comfort and prevents fatigue. For true medieval princesses who aren't afraid to have fun!

Benefits of ArmStreet’s Footwear:

  • Wide range of styles;
  • Custom size option;
  • Ready-made fixed sizes;
  • Reasonably priced;
  • Worldwide shipping!

Why Custom Size?

Wearing ready-made shoes right off the store shelf can often cause discomfort. Buy medieval footwear made in accordance with your feet measurements to avoid inconveniences. Custom-sized shoes are also a great option for those who have non-standard shoe size, flat feet, large calves or ankles, or have to wear orthotics. Period and modern boot-trees, proper cut and precise craftsmanship allow creating truly comfortable custom medieval footwear. Be free of hurt and rubbing, it's easy to order and wear.