Knight Templar Undertunic

Medieval crusader shirt undertunic

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18 of August 2018

Hello checking on your tunics, how long is the arm length? I have very long arms and most tunics I get are too short. I need something like edge of shoulder to wrist 28 inches


Hi, Leonard! We make custom size clothes. Please simply leave a comment to your order with additional measurement (arm length) and we will make the tunic perfectly fitting you. 

07 of October 2015

Where do the items ship from? Thank You

ArmStreet team

We have headquarter in Milwaukee, but our design studio, manufacture and support are located in Ukraine. All items are made here, and sent directly from Ukraine to the customer's country.

20 of May 2015

I'm not the best with historical clothing, but would the medieval under tunic be suitable for an anglo saxon type outfit. thank you.

ArmStreet team

This tunic can be used in the Anglo-Saxon costume; also pay attention to the Linen Viking Shirt Undertunic.

01 of November 2014

Hay there ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR Website !! I was hoping if you ever will do chain mail?

ArmStreet team

We don't produce chain mail for sale, sorry.

23 of January 2014

do you have pictures of what an "aged" white tunic would look like? thank you Joseph

ArmStreet team

"Artificially aged" look implies crumpled fabric with rust stains, holes, uneven ragged hem.

Alan McHarg
01 of October 2013

Hi, I am unable to get the system to accept (add to cart) once I have entered sizes, for some tunics I am interested in. It asks me to try again later. Any reason for that and is there an alternative way to order? Regards Alan

ArmStreet team

Please try any other browser or email us, we can send you an invoice via PayPal.

matt mitler
01 of July 2012

What fabric is the Knight Crusader Templar Medieval Shirt Undertunic?

ArmStreet team

Natural cotton.

Ben Perry
20 of May 2012

I have full this costume and its awesome

Dave Terry
11 of March 2012

Simple but very authentic part

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