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Necklace The Alchemist's Daughter

Fantasy brass and leather necklace

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mags myers
11 of July 2018

my fabulous and beautiful alchemists Daughter necklace came today that brass amazing cant wait to wear it

25 of November 2016

Could I get this necklace engraved to match the bird symbols from the Archeress costume?

ArmStreet team

We can`t change the etching on this necklace to the Archeress one because the plates have different dimensions. Etching patterns cannot be adjusted easily.

27 of December 2015

This is such an unusual necklace! Do the symbols actually mean anything, or just for looks? And is the necklace available with plain brass accents?

ArmStreet team

These are traditional planetary symbols of alchemy, which appeared in the days of antiquity. There is no mystical sense in these patterns. You can order the necklace w/o etching, simply add a comment to your order.

Candace House
23 of September 2014

Hello, I have a question about the manufacturing and shipping process. I am a procrastinator and am running behind on ordering accessories for my renaissance faire garb. Is there any way to pay a rush fee to get a few items before October 10? If not, I understand and thank you. -Candace

ArmStreet Team

Hi Candace, yes, we can rush your order for 10% extra. 

20 of September 2014

hello i like to say love this alchemist daughter necklace, also love the celtic design. i wear this everyday and thankyou it goes well with my alchemist daughter dress many more, very much love it

ArmStreet team

Happy to hear this! Enjoy!

Samantha Stokes
20 of January 2001

Love the necklace, perfect fit will buy from you again. Thanks

Agnes Curtis
20 of January 2001

Great site! Amazingly fast shipping and the necklace is stunning. Very pleased

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