Soft Armour for sale

Medieval combat enthusiasts often start their long journey to the full metal sets of armour with hockey and other sports safety equipment. This Soft equipment not only provides you a way better option, being a very close simulation of the true knight’s armour, but can be used independently as a separate format of sport and entertainment. But if you are already into SCA, HMB or other historical combat activities, with this set of armour you will be able to extend the time spent in training and make the process much less traumatic.

SCA training armor

If you are wondering how to fight better in SCA - this is the option you might want to consider. Soft equipment lets novices quickly get the combat experience, while experienced fighters will benefit from a way less exhausting training with an opportunity to focus on tactics, strategy and working as a team. As a result, one can master the tactics and principles of historical battle and become prepared for an armored combat.

Full armor set

It usually consists of the following components or at least of some of them:

  • Helmet
  • Body armour
  • Bracer
  • Legs harness

Historical Medieval Battles armor

Some of the best HMB teams have been using this equipment for quite a long time already to their advantage. Their training experience proved its effectiveness.

Now you can get it too!