Autumn Princess

A fresh, feminine collection that enhances the wearer with fine textiles, simple designs, and classic beauty.

The Autumn Princess collection is one of our classic lines of medieval clothing that has received countless amounts of love and praise from our customers. It all started with a long linen dress in a simple but flattering cut and premium fabric, which has been one of our bestselling designs for years. Perfect for Renaissance Fairs, LARP events, SCA events, and medieval festivals, it strikes the right balance between beauty and comfort.

This collection is about enhancing the natural attributes of the wearer instead of overshadowing them. You won’t find over-embellished patterns or pearl-encrusted sleeves here, just a simple, high-quality dress linen tunic dress that suits a variety of body types along with a brand new line of gorgeous accessories to compliment it.

The dress is loosely inspired by the XIII century, but includes modern modifications such as lacing for a more flattering fit and a more tailored approach to the arms. Simple contrasting trim has been used at the bottom of the sleeves, neck, and hem, which really frames the bright flax linen. The hoods are a XIV century design that compliments the spirit of the dress in a lovely way, along with simple leather shoes and fantasy inspired brass jewelry which has a pop of colorful enamel.

Overall, we feel that this collection has inspired femininity to it, as well as a powerful vein of simple, classic design that resonates with a number of different styles and costumes.

ArmStreet’s classic linen dress

Here at ArmStreet, we’re famous for making beautiful designs that are comfortable and well made! Great care goes into each and every item, and we always make sure to consider history as well as modern aesthetics to create items that are a wonderful blend of both. Our Autumn Princess collection contains one of our most popular linen dresses, as well as a newly added line of hoods and accessories to add to this wonderful garment and complete the outfit.

Our original green princess dress

Do you want to look like an understated princess? Our green flax linen is an absolutely stunning shade that compliments any complexion and fills you with a sense of calm. It’s amazing how a lovely color and a well-fitting dress can change your whole outlook on life! We want everyone who wears our dresses to feel confident, happy, and ready to rule the world… or go for a nice long walk through the peaceful woods, it's up to you.


How to clean a linen dress?

Caring for linen clothing is easy. We recommend hand washing your linen or putting in the machine on a gentle cycle with cold water and detergent. After washing, hang your linen to dry in the shade, and don’t put it in a hot dryer, as this will cause the linen to burn and color to fade.

Wear a picture-perfect blue linen dress

Have we bragged yet about our amazing array of colors? One of our most popular is the bright blue linen - it really stands out in photographs! It’s the kind of colour that draws attention and makes the wearer utterly radiant. Of course, we have tons of other colors available to you, but we can’t help but tell you about this amazing shade of blue.

The perfect breezy linen maxi dress

It’s not often that you find a dress that is comfortable, beautiful, and made to a high standard! It can be hard to find something that ticks all of the boxes, and we’re proud to offer that to you. All of our garments are designed in-house and expertly crafted in our own workshops here in Ukraine by seamstresses with decades of industry experience.

The best kind of dress for summer events

We have all attended sweaty festivals in the warmer seasons. The big issue with a lot of these types of events is that a lot of people aren’t properly dressed for it! Instead of wearing cotton, you’re going to want to look for a long sleeve linen dress. This kind of garment is still going to be breathable and breezy because of the flax linen, but also give you greater skin coverage for sun protection. Though many people wouldn’t consider linen dresses with sleeves for hot weather, they actually end up protecting you more in the long run!

Do you know what to wear under a linen dress?

You will wear a chemise under a linen dress. A chemise is a type of underclothes that will protect your outer dress from sweat, and give you a soft layer against your skin. Usually, a chemise is made from a slightly finer weave of linen than an outer dress.

We will say it again: so many colors of linen dresses for sale!

You have so many choices when it comes to color! At ArmStreet, we like to spoil our customers with choice and give them lots of options. I mean, sure, you could have a black linen dress…. But you could also have a red linen dress! Or blue? It's completely up to you and how you're feeling that day. Our most popular colors are:

  • Red flax linen
  • Blue linen
  • Green
  • Natural linen
  • Orange

… but those are just our most popular colours! Look at our full range to get an idea of the different options and pick your favorite.... or three


Worldwide express shipping, including Australia!

We have customers all over the world, and we love every single one of them! We have worked hard to find postage solutions to every corner of the globe, from the USA to the UK, to even New Zealand! We can offer regular shipping, or (recommended) tracked UPS, which only takes about a week.