Leather sword sheath for sale

Once the mankind invented large blade, the demand for reliable and lightweight tool to keep it safe and carry it without hurting oneself and one’s trusty steed arose immediately. That’s how medieval sword sheath appeared. Of course, one can wrap the sword in a cape or in a blanket or hide it in the arms cache, but such a solution cannot be compared with leather sword scabbard, attached with straps to the belt or hoisted over the shoulder.
Whichever type of weapon you choose for your persona, we have sheath to fit your:

  • dagger
  • sword
  • saber
  • falchion

Medieval sword scabbard was usually made of wood covered with leather, multilayered leather with inner metal reinforcement or entirely of metal (brass or steel).

Protect the sword protecting you

Even for a stainless steel sword sheath is a must have: it insures your weapon against moisture and scratches while preventing your armour and dress coat from any possible damage from the weapon at the same time.
Since 2015 every new armour by ArmStreet is accompanied by a complete set of accessories and armoury. Therethrough deciding to order a dagger or a sword suitable for your new harness you certainly have an excellent opportunity to buy medieval scabbard that fits perfectly in every dimension and matches aesthetically as style, patterns and materials used complement your appearance weapon to a fare-thee-well.

Medieval frogs for sale

More succinct option to carry weapons were medieval frogs. Usually they were made of leather straps or bars eventually decorated with metal accents. They are definitely more lightweight and less bulky than the scabbard, but gave zero protection to the weapon from environment and vice versa. Hence if you are living in the arid climate zone and do not mind scratches at your sword or dagger – you are welcome to buy medieval frog and reclaim some weight from your ammunition.

Glance at medieval frogs store by ArmStreet

As middle ages frog itself is rather ascetic and minimalistic accessory, we found few ways to adorn this humble helper:

  • Etched metal accents (brass or stainless steel)
  • Multiple counter straps
  • Cast brass rivets of flower shape

Each item has description that you can refer to while choosing the right one to fit your sword. However feel free to contact us due to custom medieval frogs either it is specific dimensions request or customised etching at the decorative accents.