Worldwide Shipping

ArmStreet is excited to offer worldwide shipping — when you order our amazing goods, they will be delivered no matter the distance. From the biggest metropolis to the smallest village, from countries of many millions to city states, continental parts or overseas territories, Republics or Kingdoms — as soon as you have a postal address, we take on the task! Medieval beauty knows no borders and will reach you much quicker than it would have in the middle ages. More than 10 years of evolution in our delivery facilities have brought us to the point where quite literally each and every order passes through quality control, careful wrapping and efficient dispatch, which means the shipping itself runs smoothly and is much faster than ever before.

Shipping rates and terms

Standard shipping is performed by the International Airmail, which means the order is despatched from us by the state postal service and is handed out to the national postal service of the destination country. Regular shipping on our site has flat rate — a standard shipping price that is the same for any destination country. Express shipping is carried out by UPS which means the order is taken from our delivery department by the UPS courier and is delivered to you by the UPS agent in your country. Express shipping prices vary depending on the destination country — please select the country near the “Express shipping” line on the product page to see the rate or at the shopping cart to get the final calculation for the whole order.

It’s easy to switch between Standard and Express delivery in the Shopping cart to compare the final shipping cost calculated for your particular set of products and destination country. Regular shipping (via international airmail) takes 16-21 calendar days, express shipping (via UPS express) takes 5 business days. If you need your order for a specific event or date, please specify in the comment section of your order. Trust us and our extensive experience and knowledge about the actual timelines for state posts in different countries.

Feel free to contact us if your deadline is drawing near - even when the manufacturing and shipping times stated for the chosen items aren't within your timeline, nine times out of ten we can find a tailored solution.

Combined shipping

When purchasing several items, the combined shipping is calculated automatically for your order. It takes the shipping price for the heaviest (and therefore the most expensive in terms of delivery) item and adds half of the shipping price of the other products in your shopping cart. Don’t be confused by the numbers near each product in your shopping cart — they show full price for the selected type of shipping, regular or express. The combined shipping is shown under the subtotal and is always considerably smaller than the plain sum.

How do I get the tracking number for my order?

With our Accounts functionality growing, we’re working hard to provide you with the opportunity to see the actual status of your order at every stage it passes (relevant for both production and shipping). As soon as this functionality is implemented, the tracking number for each of your orders will be shown in your profile. At the moment you are welcome to request the tracking information from our customer support team.

Where to track the parcel?

Standard delivery requires dealing with the website of your national post to track your highly anticipated order from ArmStreet. We assume you are acquainted with your local carrier but just in case here is the list of the most common services:

Still on a quest? Wikipedia has a thorough list of national postal services, we are sure you’ll find the required one there. And here is a small cheat — the Track-trace aggregates lots of the national postal services in one place.

All the orders subject to express delivery can be tracked on the UPS site. Just another argument for this type of shipping, huh?

Warranty and claims

Our shipping estimates come from our previous experience and statistics. International airmail delivers parcels within 16-21 days to the majority of countries, however slight delays can occur for Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Central America, South America, Africa and China. Also, the shipping time may increase because of unexpected incidents, such as strikes, natural disasters and accidents, as well as customs clearance. Also, please be aware that the prices at our site do not include any kind of taxes or customs fees. We are always ready to help you with customs clearance (i.e. provide invoices, papers, reduced price confirmation) but no claims of refund of such expenses will be met. Be sure to check the import restrictions and duty-free limitations applied in your country, assuming that the order will arrive from a European country, a non-member of EU. You are always welcome to read through the full version of Term and Conditions.

Advanced Shipping Protection Plan

While we strive for perfection and to provide you with the best possible experience, things can occasionally go wrong. Was your order damaged during transportation? We will replace it and cover the return shipping cost. Was your order lost or stolen and its total value less than $400? Skip the 6 week line required to launch a postal investigation, we’ll take care of it. Are you moving too fast and the order arrived at your previous place of residence? Or did you decide to extend your vacation and the order couldn’t wait for so long and was returned to us? No worries, we’ll send it again free of charge.

Sound like a Plan? Read more about Advanced Shipping Protection Plan.