Knee and elbow cops for SCA, HEMA and armoured combat

Medieval knee and elbow armor

Knee and elbow protection is extremely important for all types of swordplay and reenactment, whether we are talking about SCA heavy, cut and thrust, HEMA, or reenactment – in other words, for all kinds of swordsmanship.

ArmStreet is a reputable and well-established manufacturer of various armor and protective gear. Now, we can offer elbow and knee protective cops for most activities and disciplines.

Choose wisely what you need and what works best for you!

  • Medieval armor cops for all types of medieval armor kits;
  • Historically accurate armor pieces for reenactors;
  • SCA-oriented stainless steel cops with side joint protection;
  • Western Martial Arts spring lightweight elbows and knees;
  • HEMA plastic knee and elbow protective gear

Medieval armor cops are an integral part of our Western armor kits, but the most popular of them can be purchased separately. Such as our segmented armor knees that can be bought with greaves or separately, depending on your needs.

Designing elbows and knees for SCA fighters, we focused on practicality and reasonable weight for those who use armor in the simplest way, i.e., to protect their vitals for the swordplay while staying in character. Our line includes both classical Gothic and earlier period white armor, some Eastern pieces, and also straightforward designs that could work for many different personas and styles.

HEMA knee and elbow plastic protection

If you don't want to use steel armor for your fencing practice, we also designed a unique and expanding line of plastic gear that looks well, doesn't get destroyed easily, and protects you where you need it. Our HEMA plastic knees and elbows are super-comfy, EVA-padded, and have an anatomically reasonable shape to make your fencing practice nice and pleasant. Also, we paid attention to joint protection, making our plastic gear precisely to follow most HEMA tournament regulations and best practices.

Spring steel elbow and knee cops

For a few years, we've been working on expanding our range of technologies to spring steel hot forging and blackening. That's how our lightweight armor line was born to serve the needs of both Western Martial Arts sword-fighters and LARPers who want to enjoy high-quality and realistic gear while being able to spend hours running and hitting their opponents with foam swords. Also, this line of products works perfectly for the Renaissance period fencing, from longsword to rapier and dagger, from side sword to saber.