Medieval Armor suits

Suits of armor for sale

The natural way of development of the medieval fighting enthusiast goes from hockey safety gear through miscellaneous pieces of armour and to the full suit of armor at last. Depending on the battle format you prefer, the requirements for the protection vary. Some of them are put down as guidebooks and draw attention to the visual aesthetics and historical correspondence, some of them are dictated by the need to stay alive and healthy during heavy combat, some govern the materials used and technologies applied. The growth of technology allows the manufacture to take less time and to be more diverse followed by the ability to create the wide selection of products. We couldn’t miss the opportunity and here we are, exploiting to the utmost the imagination of our art director and the expertise of our chief blacksmith to create new suits of armour every season, surpassing even our own expectations every time.

Medieval suit of armor

Even the most expensive and top-grade knight suit in the Middle ages was heavy, clunky and extremely difficult to put on. Taking the liberty to flinch from the 100% historical accuracy, we significantly improve weight characteristics, flexibility and comfort of wearing the protective gear. Have you had a chance to try on the armour by Armstreet? Without mentioning the unbeatable appearance and hundreds of likes to your photos in social networks guaranteed, the real sense of pride is caused by the technical features of our products. It’s time for you to enjoy the medieval activities with the comfort provided by up-to-date engineering solutions.

Full suit of armor

It usually consists of the following components or at least of some of them:

  • Helmet
  • Body armour
  • Arms harness
  • Legs harness
  • Pauldrons, gorget, sabatons, gauntlets.

Years of experience in blacksmithing brought us to the stage where each and every element of our suits of armor is perfectly thought through, designed and richly decorated with etching, laser-cut ornaments and (soon to be announced) enamel! Or embossed, if you are into leather body armour and bracers within armor suits of early Viking style. Not to mention cast buckles on reliable leather straps and solid rivets as the litmus test of our attention to details.

Wearable suit of armor

As opposed to the decorative suit of armor, it is essential that the wearable protection is a good fit and allows the owner all the freedom of movements. In order to provide you the perfectly adjusted suit of armour we demand lots of measurement, but the time spent on taking them accurately will be generously repaid on the battlefield or during the practice time. We make a point of taking the measurements over your underarmour padding if you already have it or select one of our gambesons as the thickness of this layer factors into the actual dimensions of your future knight suit of armor. Not yet a knight? No matter your position in society, we have a corresponding suit of armor for sale that fits your persona and status perfectly.
Let us cover your back! As well as head, chest and all the other parts.