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“The Wayward Knight” Black Armor

Blackened steel full set of armour

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14 of October 2022

The armor looks incredible and fits perfectly. The weight is distributed evenly across the legs which makes it easy to wear for longer periods of time. The arms can be a little tricky to get on the first time however there was no problem afterwards. I would definitely recommend wearing padding around the ankles and wrists in order to avoid any chafing in those areas. Other than that, the armor offers excellent mobility and fits together nicely.

26 of August 2022

The kit looks excellent and provides decent protection. It required only a little modification when it arrived (arm guards too long - ended up biting into my hands. Thighs were exposed enough to pinch together, threatening to draw blood if the legs moved together and had to be rolled), and it feels light enough to move in easily. Be aware that the rondels on the pauldrons hang from loose leather and, if you raise your arms up to a high Tag, they can slip under the arms of the breastplate and risk driving into the flesh. Also note that the knee and calf metal will rub against each other and rub off the blackening effect of the armour, so if you're buying it to be an awesome looking black knight, be prepared to buy some blue-ing solution to repair the glaring damage at home.

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05 of March 2021

What gambeson do you recommend for wearing under this set?

ArmStreet Team

Hello Kyle, Dark Wolf gambeson will be perfect for this armor suit. 

02 of April 2020

Hello I was wondering how much it would cost if we added the bacsinet and everything else to make a complete set

ArmStreet Team

Hello Mason, Please find all the products from Wayward Knight collection here. Once you add all the products you like to one cart, total amount will be calculate automatically for you. 

30 of November 2019

You guys are AWESOME, the armor looks amazing and I love the attention to historical authenticity!

28 of November 2019

Oh, if it's in stainless steel what sort of color is it...is it silvery looking?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Zaid, yes stainless steel is silvery looking. 

Jacob M Eaton
08 of November 2019

Question if you do not sell the chain mail were can I buy something similar

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jacob, unfortunately, we cannot recommend anyone. We have created it for the photo shoot only. 

11 of September 2019

is the chain mail included or no

ArmStreet Team

The chainmaille is not included, but helmet comes with the aventail. 

04 of August 2019

Is the helmet included in the set?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Benjamin, the helmet is not included but can be purchased separately. 

21 of July 2019

Are the other finish options still blackened?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Cole, blackened steel can be either hammered or not. Satin and mirror polishing are possible for non blackened steel only. 

04 of July 2019

Out options of steel which one is shown in the photos?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Trinton, blackened hammered mild steel is shown on the pictures of the listing. 

Wardrick Eugene Roush
27 of June 2019

Where do I get the belt and sword?

ArmStreet Team

The belt is available in our store here. You are welcome to check our swords at dangerousknives.com

Alain St-amour
13 of June 2019

M’y questions is if the blackened mild steel version is available in 12 ga

ArmStreet Team

Hi Alain, yes we can make the armor in 12 ga mild steel for you. 

21 of March 2019

Does this come with the helm

ArmStreet Team

Hi Dustin, the helmet is not included because we offer 2 variants of the helmet for this set: Blackened klappvisor XIV century helmet and Blackened Sugarloaf Knightly Helmet

08 of March 2019

Is this set of armor traceable to any kind of era? For the Armored combat league, I need something base off of real armor.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Caleb, it is a fantasy style armor based on XV century. The Visby style coat of plates is slightly different to the original 1361 find.

Jacob M.
03 of March 2019

what are the dimensions of the eye slit openings?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jacob, eye slit is customized upon request. It can be made 1 inch high and as wide as needed. 

Jacob Mothershed
03 of March 2019

when measuring my self for this armor, should i measure myself with, or without my gambeson on?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jacob, please take the measurements with gambeson if you have one. In case if you would like to order a gambeson in our store along with the armor, then we need your measurements without any padding. 

14 of February 2019

What are the dimensions of the eyeslits?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Brian, the eyeslits' size is adjusted upon request (they can be made to meet SCA requirements, for example).

18 of January 2019

If i were to get this in the stainless mirror polish do you still leave to copper triming on it or do i have to make that a request?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Nick! Yes, brass borders will remain the same even for the stainless steel helmet. 

Jaco Barnard
13 of January 2019

Hi, could you please clarify which one of ArmStreet's gambesons would work best with the set? Also, should one wear padded chausses, or would hosen be sufficient as legwear?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jaco! Padded chausses provide better protection but armor can be used with hosen too. Any gambeson you like in our store will work, except for the Aisian type long gambeson

24 of August 2018

Can you make a full list of the other item on the photo. Like the gambeson , chainmail, the sword ect.


Hello, this listing includes:

  • Armor legs with cops and greaves;
  • Armor arms with cops;
  • Pauldrons; Gauntlets; Visby style coat of plates.

Here you may purchase the rest of the items: helmet, belt, boots

Our swords are available for purchase here

The chainmail is not for sale. 

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