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Medieval Helm “The Wayward Knight”

Blackened klappvisor bascinet circa XIV

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26 of August 2022

A beautifully snug fit, padded inside to the point where it's almost comfortable to wear a full helm. Breathing holes might be a smidge too small or too few, as you can easily end up breathing your own carbon dioxide back if you're fighting hard in it, but it's so easy to take off and put on that it's hardly an issue. If you're buying this for combat, be forewarned - the blackening effect, obviously, comes off easily when struck, dented or modified. Be prepared to re-apply it in some way if you want to maintain your "Black Knight" look.

Aidan Plogmann
27 of July 2022

Came a little later than anticipated but with everything going on in Ukraine i cannot say i'm suprised, Great quality bascinet, would definitely recommend for people who dont want to cheap out on a good quality piece of armor

21 of June 2022

The helmet looks great, but the size is a bit too small: 1 or 2 cm extra circumference would have been nice.

26 of February 2022

I received my Bascinet a Month a ago. I am truly impressed by the craftmanship and attention to details! Would highly recommend ArmStreet to anyone interested in quality buhurt armor. Stay safe in these trying times and I will definetly re-order when peace returns to Ukraine.

01 of January 2021

AWESOME! Excellent blacksmithing, where you immediately realize that every hammer blow was made with love and understanding! I'm super excited. This helmet (and probably the rest of the set as well) look simply excellent and perfect even unblackened (in my case with a matt polish)! Big praise to the whole team for the great work and the super service! If it wasn't for customs and sales tax, I would have ordered more ;)

28 of January 2019

The finished product exceeds the description and image presented on the site. The finishing touches are extremely meticulous, the helmet is very comfortable, and the mesh colletin is of impeccable quality. In short, this is a splendid item about which there's nothing but good things to say. And what's more, it's combat-ready! Can't wait to get the full set!

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02 of January 2023

the weigt for the helmet with a stainless avantail in stainless 12 ga? stainless 14 ga? stainless 16 ga? my head is a size 64cm

ArmStreet Team

Hello, the total weight of the helmet is about 5 - 5.5 kg. The weight varies on the thickness (gauge) for 10% approximately. 

29 of December 2022

can i get the aventail in stainless? how much cost that extra? Did you have some SCA visor there are made with same design?

ArmStreet Team

Hello, yes we can make it with butted stainless steel aventail. No extra cost. This visor is SCA legal. 

22 of January 2020

Is it possible to get this helmet without the visor?

ArmStreet Team

Yes, it is possible. The visor is removable so you may order it with visor and take it off when needed. 

27 of July 2019

Can you blacken the helmet but not have the hammerd finish on it

ArmStreet team

Hi Micah, yes it's possible. Please simply leave this request in the comment section at the checkout.

Tom L
25 of March 2019

ACL rules says mild steel needs to be 2.6mm. Can you do this?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Tom, yes it is possible. Please leave this request in the comment to your order. 

Tom L
24 of March 2019

Can you get the blackend finish in 12ga 2.5 thickness and add eye bars for ACL

ArmStreet Team

Hi Tom, yes we can make the helmet in 2.5 mm thick mild steel with blackened finish. Yes, we can make eye bars for ACL. Please simply leave this request in the comment to your order. 

Jacob M.
03 of March 2019

what are the dimensions of the eye slit openings?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jacob, the eye slits are customized upon request. On the picture you may see the eye slits of about 2 cm high and 6 cm wide.

25 of February 2019

Is the brass trim only on the blackened one? Would you be able to get a stainless 12 ga without the brass?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Patrick, the hemet can be made in 12 ga stainless steel with or without brass borders upon request. 

07 of January 2019

If I order the helmet in stainless steel will the aventail also be made out of stainless steel?

ArmStreet Team

Hi David! Riveted aventail can be made in mild steel only. We can make butted aventail in stainless steel upon request.

01 of January 2019

How much would this helm cost in stainless steel being 2.5 mm with the visor being 2 mm ? If possible, as with the visors on bacinets have a bad history of the eyes closing up after hits for me.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Tristan! There is no extra charge for this. Please simply leave this request in the comment to your order. 

25 of November 2018

Hello, can the torse/orle be purchased separately? thank you very much!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Pin, yes it is possible. Please contact our support team for details. 

William Forbes
09 of September 2018

Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to make some alterations to the shape of the helmet and aventail, as well as reducing the amount of padding (I don't need it to be SCA legal) Regards, William

ArmStreet Team

Hi William! Yes, customization is possible. Please specify alterations required. 

Nathaniel Wilson
06 of September 2018

Where does one find the cloth ring for the helmet? Does it come with the helmet yea or nah?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Nathaniel! It can be made upon request.

24 of August 2018

This is SCA legal, correct? As I see that there is nothing that would prevent it from being so.


Hi Tristan! Stainless steel version of this helmet is SCA legal

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