Fencing gloves with padding

Do you remember the gloves you were wearing many years ago? All the swordplay communities, from SCA to HEMA, from buhurt fighting to blossfechen, have made an incredible leap forward, designing and supplying thousands of sword-fighters with gear developed explicitly for their disciplines. ArmStreet is honored to be a part of this process and, on many occasions, an innovative leader, using our engineering and design skills and vast personal experience to deliver affordable and well-made products:

  • Padded mittens for armored clamshells;
  • Padded gloves for SCA and reenactment finger gauntlets;
  • HEMA padded gloves;
  • General use padded fencing gloves.

HEMA gloves

Our freshly designed Renaissance fencing gloves are one of the first products from our modern swordsmanship WMA collection, intended to reshape the look and provide a new level of comfort to our fellow HEMA fencers. So, our light weapon fencing HEMA gloves are the next step in terms of anatomical shape, well-thought-out padding, and quality. We offer them in two design lines, named "Heritage" and "Sport," and, accordingly, made to satisfy two different parts of the HEMA fencing community: history-inclined treaties-reading fencers and those who like the more modern, more sporty look. We offer them for rapier, small sword, and other lighter weapons now, and we are working on heavier and more protected versions for the longsword, arming, and side sword enthusiasts.

Padded mitten gloves

It all started here when the general quality of our armor and, specifically, reenactment and SCA-oriented gauntlets started to require something essentially better than pre-made work gloves. We needed inner gloves to go with our knight gauntlets, so we started making them, and obviously, simple but properly shaped and well-padded mittens became one of our first products in this category.

Padded inner gloves for armored gauntlets

Finger gauntlets are one of our signature products, so we needed finger gloves that would be an integral part of our hand armor. Thus, our line of products expanded with padded gloves. Now, fighters worldwide not only buy them as a part of their armor kits but also use them to rebuild their own older gauntlets with new, carefully designed for this specific use, inner padded gloves.

Fencing padded gloves

Well, even if armored combat is your thing, you don't always have your full gear and a heavy sword. Hence, many sword-fighters use lighter weapons or practice limited-contact sparring for training, so having sturdy gloves with a good grip and padding can save the day from an accidental hand hit.