Decorative weapons

We were asked over and over whether we are going to offer appearance weapon you can see on our photos at site. The answer always was “Yes, may be, one day down the road”. This day has come and now we are going to offer a limited selection of our exclusive appearance and replica weapons. All pieces in this category are not suitable for any type of sport usage but for appearance only so you are fully responsible for using these pieces strictly as a decoration. Most of them are made of stainless steel and decorated with our signature etching. Whether you want to be a viking, a king or a prince, a medieval warrior or a knight in shining armour you’ll find something interesting to complete your ancient clothing wardrobe and medieval armor to be in style at any SCA, medieval or fantasy event.

Here, at Armstreet, we love to invent things answering the questions like: “If elves had an axes, what would it be like?” So, this section is (and will be) a place for our fantasies realized in brass and steel.