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Small Viking Battle Axe

Old Norse style decorative axe head

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16 of May 2020

Small Viking Battle Axe I purchased this axe head to decorate my event tent. It is beautiful and well crafted. It hangs on my wall alongside my shield. Thank you for all of you gorgeous work.

15 of July 2016

I got your Small Viking Axe several weeks ago, and I think it's a fantastic product. Many festivals do not allow sharp weapons (for good reason), so having a good looking decorative weapon is a great alternative. Are you planning to make more weapons like this? Saxes, swords and knifes coming to mind. I really hope to see more of these!

ArmStreet team

We're proud to hear such kind words from our clients! We are doing our best at designing and producing more new beautiful pieces, and we are not going to stop :) So be sure, there will be more one day.

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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Emil Westenius
23 of August 2021

Is it strong enough to handle re-enactment combat while blunt or will it collapse due to being hollow?

ArmStreet Team

It is not suitable for any kind of combat, because it is a decorative piece. 

ArmStreet team
16 of July 2018

Some cool pictures from partner and model Mathieu Fattet with the Small Axe (and also Embossed leather viking boots and "Evening Star" Axe.

John King
31 of December 2017

Though I will be purchasing from you in the up coming year, in looking at your items, I would have to say that they look amazing and I look foreword to ordering from you.

23 of November 2016

If it's Stainless Steel, what is the reason the edge cannot be sharpened?

ArmStreet team

The axe is decorative, it is not supposed to be sharpened. It's hollow, so if you try to sharpen it will simply fall apart.

Alexander Clark
18 of July 2016

Do you have a resource for the axe handles you use?

ArmStreet team

We don`t sell the axe handles, sorry, but the axe head will easily fit most hammer or axe hafts available at your local hardware store.

03 of February 2016

What size handle would I need to purchase for this axe?

ArmStreet team

An approximate diameter of the handle for the small axe is 25 mm (about 1 inch), for the large axe - 32 mm (1 1/4 inch).

Einar Firebeard
14 of January 2016

Hello, What is the width (mm) of the front edge of this axe and what is it's overall weight (grams) please? Regards Firebeard

ArmStreet team

The small axe weights about 200 g or 0.4 lb, the large axe - 700 g or 1.5 lb.

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