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Since the beginning of time, human beings tended to ameliorate the personal appearance with accessories. Starting from raw materials, such as shells, stones and wood, through more labor-intensive extraction techniques of pearls, corals, ivory and leather to the most complicated in terms of manufacturing glass, metals and precious gems, people spare neither strength nor resources in their strive to outbid fellow tribesman or a neighbour. During the early Middle Ages jewelry was the most affordable mean to accentuate individuality of an ordinary person. Some categories of accessories were just an eye candy (earrings and rings, for example) while other had practical application: bracelets kept long and wide sleeves turned up and clasps fastened capes. However medieval jewelry played the ultimate role in proclaiming the social status of its owner and connection with people in the right places. Crowns showing the noble birth, rings with initials or with a family crest opening the most carefully secured doors and sparing someone's life, diamond studs barely starting the war if found in the wrong palace!

There are several product categories that require some extra mentioning due to their uniqueness and popularity

Circlets and medieval crowns are traditional parts of the noble men's and women's costumes and are also an essential part of the SCA tradition. We have a lot of different designs that will work for both historically inspired personas and fantasy characters

Bracelets, from fantasy elven bracelets to traditional Viking and medieval arm rings are also important parts of modern medievalism, LARP, and cosplay.

Cloak pins, also known as fibulas, are specific and beautiful pieces of medieval jewelry which is a rarity now but were a necessity centuries ago. We have simple brass cloak pins in our medieval shop, beautifully enameled fibulas, and a wide range of cloak clasps including a beautiful collection of "Keys & Symbols" based on our medieval-style alphabet.

Check the rest of our jewelry collection and find more rings, earrings and even fantasy tribal headpieces to enrich and complete your garb

Thanks to diversity of materials used for accessories throughout the history of mankind, many examples survived to the present day. Archeological findings and representational art provide contemporary medieval-era enthusiasts with clear and multifarious selection of shapes, types, styles and textures to choose from while creating more complex persona for Period festivals or themed events.

Medieval style jewellery for comers and goers

ArmStreet medieval jewelry store features thorough assortment of bijouterie and accessories:

  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Headbands
  • Circlets and crowns
  • Fibulas, clasps and cloak pins

The majority of accessories are made of metal (either brass or stainless steel) or leather. Or both. Add years of experience in craftsmanship, extremely talented designers, great passion for Middle Ages and fantasy worlds and voila – the most intricate and charismatic selection of eye-catching complements is ready for your attention.

It’s never been easier to buy medieval jewelry: explore exhaustive description and detailed photos online, pay with the preferred method and receive your treasures in UK, Australia, the USA or anywhere in the world. For those with deadline fast drawing near we have lots of pretty shinies waiting in stock – dispatched within three days and with express delivery option by UPS available on demand. If you are not in a hurry and looking for something really unique and reflecting your personality – discuss custom medieval jewelry with us by email, we are excited to work with new ideas and interpretations of period aesthetics.