Medieval Earrings

ArmStreet creates unique, custom medieval earrings.

ArmStreet’s earrings do more than just mimic ancient designs. Though inspired by historical items, most of them are from the minds of our talented jewelry designers, who have spent years refining their craft. They are inspired by everything from history to the world around them, meaning you will find lots of interesting and unconventional shapes among our designs.

Earrings are a beautiful piece of jewelry, which look amazing when your hair is tied up, creating a little art piece between your ears and shoulders. A variety of historical societies used earrings as a fashionable decoration, and they are still popular among men and women today in modern fashion! Our earrings have been used for LARP games, SCA, and even weddings. Our stainless steel earrings have a beautiful silver color to them, which makes them an ideal piece of wedding jewelry and the perfect finishing touch on your big day.

It is our goal to be your complete medieval earrings store, supplying you with a huge amount of choice. We mostly work with robust, rust-resistant materials such as stainless steel. Another beautiful material we use is brass, which has a fantastic luster to it. Most of our pieces are of the “drop earring” variety, which means they dangle gracefully from your ears and are easy to put in and take out again. Some of our earrings are modern and shiny, whereas others have a more aged, vintage effect, making our collection very versatile to a number of different styles.

Creative use of new technologies make for beautiful earrings!

We have a few different types of medieval earrings for sale. Some are created using laser cutting technology, while others feature beautiful etching. Laser cutting allows for thin, beautiful lines and graceful shapes that are much easier to create with the assistance of technology. The shapes of the jewelry and the etching patterns found on it come from a number of different inspirations, including:

  • medieval trim
  • manuscripts
  • ancient art
  • nature
  • modern design

Here at ArmStreet we are always experimenting with new techniques to ensure we’re on the cutting edge of fashion. If your costume requires some middles ages earrings to complete it, you have come to the right place. We are creating new designs and updating our shop as often as possible, meaning you will always have new and interesting shapes to choose from whenever you need to put the finishing touch on your amazing costume.