Why should you wear medieval headpieces?

Let’s face it - not every situation calls for a hat. There are times when we wish to show off our nice hair designs, or simply don’t want the weight or heat of a hat on top of our heads. That’s where headpieces come in - they still offer you the option to have something on your head to add visual interest with slightly less bulk. There are lots of different materials that can be used for these kind of pieces - such as leather, brass and stainless steel.

Finish your look with medieval leather headband

A leather headband is a great option for a headpiece. It can keep your hair positioned back and out of your face in a very stylish and beautiful way. Most of our fantasy headbands also include gorgeous brass or steel accents, which really bring them to another level. Another aspect that makes our headbands stand out is that the leather has been expertly braided and crafted to make a braided pattern and strike the right balance of texture

Find your designer medieval Celtic headpiece

All of the headpieces we have are created by our designers here at our head office. After historical research and a little bit of creative thinking, they come up with gorgeous designs that you won’t find anywhere else. Even when they’re based on historical examples, they still have a certain special ArmStreet specialty to them that you won’t be able to find from any other shop. It’s the perfect place to find a leather headpiece for a photoshoot or event.

Medieval inspired wedding haircomb

If you need something to hold in your veil at your wedding or an extra little bit of jewelry and sparkle, a Medieval hair comb could be a great option. They are a gorgeous and understated way to compliment your outfit and make it the perfect day. Simply have a friend on loved one place it in your hair in a secure place, and it will sit there shining proudly while you walk down the aisle.

Hair ornaments and head jewellery for your handfasting

We have seen our headpieces used all over the world for weddings and rituals! A fantasy headband is unique, and people will remember it for years to come as something special you did. You can also use it for other events after your weddings, such as renaissance fairs, LARP, the SCA, and more, as all of our items are well made from high-quality materials and built to last.

Headpieces shipping to the USA, Canada, Australia, and all over!

No matter where you live, including UK, Europe or New Zealand, we can still use regular mail or UPS to get your fantasy headband to you quickly and efficiently. With UPS, tracking is available so you can watch your item travel from our workshop to your doorstep.