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Headband The Alchemist's Daughter

Fantasy leather and brass headpiece

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Lady Michelle
19 of April 2023

For my birthday I got a grand amount of goodies. For the Alchemist Head Band, this was probably the only thing I didn't love as much as the others. The piece itself is beautifully crafted and a fun idea. I wear glasses though and found that it by itself felt a little strange for me but layered with a headscarf draped just right is really cool! So it's just something a little different to consider if you're not used to extra things around your head, it does jingle a bit.

21 of December 2022

Really loved this piece and it combined great with my last-minute thrown togerther Mid Winter outfit. Got a good couple of compliments and even one who recognized it from your hands, so I guess you guys are famous in the Netherlands haha :D Loved it with the necklace as well.

Elizabeth Russell
24 of October 2021

The Alchemists dress, necklace and headpiece is beautiful! I wore it to the Carolina Renaissance Festival this weekend and I had endless compliments on the outfit and even people asking to take pictures! The craftsmanship is perfect, I know I will be able to wear the outfit to many different festivals. Thank you for such a beautiful dress!

21 of July 2021

Very nice leather cap, very good quality, like all the products bought on this site. (except for size problems with some other custom-made products).

23 of May 2020

Magnificent set, not easy to wear, but very stylish!

mags myers
11 of July 2018

my beautiful amazing fabulous alchemists Daughter headband came today im very shocked at how brilliant it is on me cause a very small part in my mind i thought it wouldn't suite me but it does how do you do this and its a perfect fit cant wait to wear it im thinking of ordering the brass one now they're so beautiful from another world i am very happy with my order

Troy Waters
20 of January 2015

Awesome headpiece, fits great. Excellent quality. A pleasure to deal with.

ArmStreet team

Thank you, Troy!

05 of December 2014

thank you for the amazing headpiece perfect fit and i have the whole collection set almost. now i can wear this as set. to toms comment above.. hehe im one of them wear all armstreet clothing everyday thats mee. thankyou armstreet making something so perfect and beautifully designed for us people whom is us.. thank you again

ArmStreet team

Thanks for your review! Always welcome to ArmStreet!

Agnes Vaughn
20 of January 2001

Super fast delivery. Exactly as described. Will do business with in future.

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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mags myers
04 of September 2018

the fabulous and beautiful alchemists Daughter headdress came on Saturday getting the brass version is a brilliant idea i love the colour, its great on me looks as it does in the pictures, fantasy become realty i'm very happy with both stainless and brass, perfect quality, fantasy fashion from the world of gelflings fairies and trolls and i love them. i wander if you'll soon do that gauntlet the woman wears in the other pictures?

ArmStreet Team

Hello Mags, thank you for your feedback! The bracelet won't be available for purchase, unfortunately. 

22 of September 2014

Love this. If I ordered a headpiece now (22nd October) could it get to me in the UK for our Samhain ritual (Nov 1st)?

ArmStreet team

We need at least 17 days for manufacturing, plus shipping takes 16-21 days, sorry.

Tom Schaefer
19 of December 2013
Why don't women dress this way all the time? With all our apparel industrial efficiency, we choose not to be adorned by our clothing. Your products are works of art. Your models are goddesses. Your web site is the beauty-polar opposite of peopleofwalmart. When I think of the Ukraine, I don't first think of political turmoil, I think of beauty ARMSTREET creates.
ArmStreet team

Hi Tom!
Thank you for this sincere comment - we are touched to the depths, really. Such feedbacks very inspire us!
Always welcome to ArmStreet!