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Dress “The Alchemist's Daughter”

Fantasy dress with detachable sleeves

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26 of March 2023

I absolutely love this dress !! Shipping was quick and the dress fit wonderfully. It really made my fist festival a memory I will cherish forever.

16 of May 2020

I am absolutely in love with this dress... especially the skirt! So much skirt, it moves so wonderfully as I walk around. And it is so comfortable to wear too- if I had the choice, I'd wear it constantly as my daywear! I purchased the Armstreet stock size 4, and it's pretty much perfect for me who is roughly a US 8-10, with a small chest. Thank you so much!

13 of May 2020

Beautiful dress, the red and green play off each other perfectly. Tight fit across the chest, so go big on sizing, particularly if you intend pairing it with a chemise underneath

Tasha Pinckney
12 of May 2020

Love this dress. It’s perfect length and flows lovely. I like that it’s linen and breathable. The only negative is the fabric that holds the D rings for the lacing in the front is starting to fray. It hasn’t broke yet and hopefully won’t but I might have to fix it. It is snug in the chest so that’s why it might be fraying from a little extra pressure. Regardless I love it!

12 of May 2020

das Kleid ist der Hammer es passt perfekt der Rock hat sehr viel Stoff und fällt dadurch sehr schön Die Farben sind wie auf den Bildern

Gina Hayward
26 of January 2020

We received this dress for my daughter and have been so impressed with the quality and fit of the Dress. It is really well made out of proper linen, I would definitely recommend Armstreet if you are after authentic well made dresses.

12 of September 2019

I cannot recommend Armstreet enough. Ordering this dress was one of the best online purchasing experiences of my life. After a catastrophic costume fail just over a week before an event I went in on the Alchemist's Daughter Dress and matching Medieval Chemise. I did not regret it at all. The customer service was first class. Their team reached out to me fast to answer my questions and I was really touched by the care they put in to make sure the garments would fit. The expedited shipping was incredible, shipping over a weekend and reached me within 4 days (I live in Australia so shipping is normally measured in weeks, occasionally months). I was gobsmacked. The dress arrived and it was wonderful. The material was of such a fantastic quality and the dress was beutifully finished. I wore it for the two days of the medieval fair and it was the most comfortable I have ever been in a costume. I felt like a princess for the first time in my life, and did not want to take it off. It also weathered beautiful, surviving rain, sun, mud, bits of burning dragon, being washed and then worn again. So my advice is this: Buy the dress you've been staring at for the past year. You won't be disappointed.

04 of February 2018

I waffled over colors for days but in the end chose Midnight Blue and Burgundy. I like it! It’s hard to tell from some photos, but the burgundy is a nice rich hue tending towards the cooler end of the spectrum (more purple than orange). The fit is great, nicely tailored but leaves room for movement. Lovely full skirt with four gores. Very well made. FYI shipping took a month - not complaining, just a note for those who might get anxious like me! Well worth the wait!

02 of August 2017

winter came to london and my dress and bag got admired by a lot of people including some of the game of thrones stars that i can remember so many other people loved it, i wore it on Sunday Margaery Tyrell/Natalie Dormer from game of thrones she loved my dress and she even touched the bag she asked if i made the dress i said no i got it all from you guys 1 of the staff when i was getting my ticket out off the bag loved the bag said oh thats mad, another staff member said she would wear it as normal a man at a stall was wearing clothes from you too the eric the scoul viking tunic? and trousers plus belts and a woman wore the Ingrid dress they liked my dress i liked what they wore its interesting to meet other armstreet costumers, i wish i could remember the others who like it but there were so many Well done again Armstreet you are BRILLIANT!

Maddie Currie
11 of July 2017

I received this dress as a birthday present, and I highly recommend it! I'm a performer in a Medieval Fair in Oklahoma, and wearing 2+ layers gets very hot during fair, so I am ecstatic about how light this dress is. It is very well made, looks great both with and without the sleeves, and the skirt fans out wonderfully when spinning, so it's perfect for dancing. It's going to be fantastic for performing, and I can't wait to put it to use! Kudos to you for making a wonderful dress!

14 of June 2017

hello Armstreet my beautiful alchemists daughter dress came today it is very beautiful i knew the blue and green colours would suit it and it is brilliant on me too, its is out of this world thank you for the hard work it is very appreciated and artistic and Narnian cant wait to go out in it the necklace, belt and bag. i have 2 of these beautiful amazing dresses now 1 red 1 blue i love them both hope to shop here again thank you again Armstreet im so glad i found this amazing site from another world

Madison Holland
15 of October 2016

It's perfect! Can't wait for Ren Faire this year :) it also came in way quicker than I thought it would! Will buy from armstreet again for sure.

31 of August 2016

another world another time in the age of wonder a girl discovered an interesting and unique site know as armstreet in the enchanted Forrest were beautiful clothes are made so she had to buy some more. yes my alchemists daughter dress and chemise came today the dress is such unusual beauty both perfect quality as usual the dress colours are so perfect in real life im gonna have to turn my dress in a bit round the torso part because ive lost a little wait since i ordered them. the dress is very beautiful on with the chemise and im very happy im glad i also have the necklace to wear with it also very beautiful. these absolutely amazing clothes are straight from all fantasy adventures Narnia, middle earth, labyrinth all of them at the same time. i look forward to adventures in them i look forward to doing more middle earth shopping here thank you so much armstreet xemags

ArmStreet team

Thank you for such a wonderful feedback! We are happy to carry out the atmosphere of the magical worlds into the real life. :) You are always welcome in ArmStreet!

22 of September 2015

i just showed this to my mum and she asked me what film is it from? i said its not from a film its a normal fantasy dress to wear when you want and wear to haloween party but i wouldn't affront these beautiful clothes by wearing them to a halloween party. i don't even celebrate haloween this dress and others like it are too fabulous to be worn just as a costume let alone a haloween party if i ever go to hobbiton or any adventure like it i would wear my clothes i got from here and some westwood. i would have this dress in burgundy red and green, brown and green, green with brown does the white one underneath it come seperately.

ArmStreet team

Super, many thanks for such a great review! The white chemise is not included, but available separately in our store -

10 of October 2014

Hello again my whole Alchemist daughter dress set and jewellery absolutely love. wear it often as so many armstreet clothing from you It goes perfect with the corset. So many compliments i get. A must for the same dress in different color Next. Thankyou armstreet is absolutely amazing craftsmanship the whole team.

ArmStreet team

Many thanks for your feedback! Always very welcome back to ArmStreet!

10 of September 2014

I would like to thank you for the amazing work you've been doing out there.I received my dress a few months ago and I was speechless with the highest possible quality and simply how beautiful it was in reality. Actually it is even more stunning than in the pictures! Besides, it fits me absolutely perfect. I am a singer of a band and the dress served me as an outfit for two performances (both played at medieval castles). I've attached a few photos to see your great work in action:) Wish you all the best with present and future projects. Your contribution to preserving and keeping the memory of Medieval Ages alive is outstanding!


Thank you very much for your feedback. Enjoy your dress!

18 of August 2014

i like to thankyou so much for this amazing dress, fits perfectly goes well along with belt and matching necklace thankyou armstreet for making clothes like these

ArmStreet team

Thank you! We're happy that you liked "The Alchemist's daughter" collection!

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27 of June 2019

Do you have a photo of a garment showing what the burgundy color in linen looks like? The swatch makes it appear like a dark reddish color, but in photos of clothing made in the burgundy cotton it looks more like a pink color.

ArmStreet Team

Dear Orsola, this dress is made of burgundy linen (not cotton), which is a dark red linen color. 

18 of May 2019

Does the dress come with the chemise ??

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jez, the chemise is available for purchase separately here

27 of January 2019

Hi there I was wondering how much this dress would be in size 0 or 2 in red burgundy but with greensleeves narrow trim. Thank you

ArmStreet Team

Dear Georgette, such customization costs $25 extra. Please simply select custom size option for the dress and leave this request in the comment to your order. 

24 of August 2018

I’m planning to purchase the fixed size/ready to ship dress now. However, I also love the longer “lady of the lake” style sleeves. If I ordered a fixed size “alchemist’s daughter” with the standard detachable sleeves (so that I could have it shipped express right away), would it be possible to also order a set of custom sleeves with the lady of the lake sleeves that would lace onto the existing short sleeves part of the alchemist’s daughter dress? If so, I could order both the ready to ship dress today and the additional set of sleeves

ArmStreet Team

Hi Alexandra, unfortunately, it is not possible to make Lady of the Lake sleeves separately from the dress. It might be possible to make this dress with such sleeves, but they won't be detachable. 

05 of July 2018

Does the Dress “The Alchemist's Daughter” fit the same as the Forget Me Not dress?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Willow, yes they fit similar. 

12 of January 2018

Hello, I really like the option of the detachable sleeves and the design of the sleeves with this dress in comparison to the Archeress dress. However, would this dress work with the Archeress chemise? I'm not sure from the pictures if or how far up you could undo the bottom half of the sleeves. I'm torn because I love the sleeves and look of that Chemise.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Lauren, this dress can be worn with Archeress chemise but without the sleeves then.

29 of September 2017

How tall is the woman modelling this dress? I notice that it sweeps the ground -- I'm just under 5'10" (and size 4 according to your size charts) and while I love the look of the dress, I'm used to very few clothing items "sweeping the ground" on me. (Your 58" chemise hits my ankles, which is perfect.) I would not be too disappointed if my hem wound up being just an inch or two higher on me than on the model (but if it wound up being mid calf or something, I'd have to look for solutions. :D I know you do custom, but if we're talking just an inch or two, I think there would be no need. Many thanks!

ArmStreet Team

Dear Camille, the dress was made in custom size for the model. Our pre-made dresses are 148 cm long so we recommend to order custom size dress in your case. The dress can be made ankle length upon request. 

Caroline Ilardi
02 of August 2017

I understand this dress (Alchemist's Daughter) can be made with regular that correct? Can you please tell me how the dress fastens. I don't see lacing or such. Thank you.

ArmStreet Team

Dear Caroline, the dress is fastened in front with a hidden lacing. We do not make this dress with long sleeves, unfortunately. 

05 of July 2017

Hi there! Is it possible to order the sleeves separately? I would like to mix and match with the sleeves to have some variation. I'm interested in the wine red most of all, but also possibly the green and blue. Thanks!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Mindy, yes, it is possible. 

07 of November 2016

Can The Alchemists Daughter Dress Be Made To Measure Thank you.

ArmStreet team

Yes, sure, just switch to the "Custom size" tab, choose the colors and
enter all the measurements required.

23 of September 2016

I am planning on custom ordering my dress, Can I order this dress/bodice with the longer Lady of the Lake type sleeves on it?

ArmStreet team

Yes, it can be made with the long bell sleeves trimmed with the bias binding of the contrast color or with the narrow trim for $45.00 extra.

Jackie Harrington
15 of August 2016

Hi there I appreciate this might not be possible (!) but is there any chance at all that if I were to purchase the Alchemist's Daughter dress (in one of the set sizes, i.e. not made to measure!), the chemise and probably the matching belt, necklace and headdress, there is any chance at all that it might get to the UK by Friday 26th August?! I realise this is a huge ask so please don't feel bad if you think it is impossible (I imagine it may very well be so) but thought I'd ask just in case! Many thanks Jackie Harrington

ArmStreet team

If you order the dress and the chemise from stock, it can be delivered by August 26 using UPS express shipping which takes up to 5 business days to deliver.

The accessories need to be manufactured and it will take at least 3 weeks, so it`s not possible to manufacture and deliver the belt, necklace and headpiece by your deadline unfortunately.

06 of August 2016

Hello Which colour chemise is the model wearing?

ArmStreet team

Model's wearing Natural color chemise. Welcome!

15 of July 2016

Would it be possible to order a custom of this dress and receive it by the end of September?

ArmStreet team

Yes, it`s absolutely possible. :) Manufacturing of this dress takes 25-29 days, shipping time is 16-21 days, so it should arrive by the middle of September or earlier.

23 of February 2016

Hey, I was wondering if you might be able  to show me a sample of the violet linen, like a picture or something. I am trying to figure out how purple your purple is. Much appreciated, Randi

ArmStreet Team

Hi Randi, yes, of course, you may check all linen colors here

17 of November 2015

Hello! Could this dress be ordered in stock size but with the accents of the same color as the dress, or should be done by ordering a custom size? Thanks! :)

ArmStreet team

In-stock dresses come with green accents by default. To get this dress with the accents of different color, please order it in custom size.

18 of October 2015

Is it possible to have this dress made with the same trim as "Ingrid the Hearthkeeper"?

ArmStreet team

“The Alchemist's Daughter” dress cannot be made with the Ingrid trim, sorry.

Andrea Marcinkus
24 of September 2015

Im looking at the alchemist's daughter gown in the pre-made styles. There are two colorways, one more red, the other burgundy. Do they both have the green sleeves? Can you let me know which sleeve and contrast colors are on the red and the burgundy gown?

ArmStreet team

Both Wine red and Red burgundy pre-made dresses have Green sleeves and accents.

17 of September 2015

Hi I've been searching for dress to wear under my wedding coat and I finally found it "the Alchemist's Daughter. Is it possible to have it costume made and shipped by mid October? I would so very much appreciate your help :)

ArmStreet team

Yes, this is possible. We can use EMS express delivery for guaranteed arrival in time, it takes 10 business days and costs $69 for this dress. If this works for you, please order via the site and add a comment to your order.

Susan King
03 of September 2015

Could you wear the Archeress chemise with this dress with out the sleeves?

ArmStreet team

Yes, technically the Archeress chemise can be worn underneath The Alchemist's Daughter dress without sleeves. Welcome!

04 of August 2015

hello what specific chemise is the model wearing under the dress so i know what to get if i order the dress. do you have a picture of the dress being worn without the belt and necklace please? thank you sarah

ArmStreet team

Model wears Medieval Exclusive XIV Century Style Chemise Underdress.
Unfortunately we don't have such pictures, sorry.

Kerry Dunn
02 of June 2015

Hi - I have just purchased this dress and the chemise and was wondering what are your recommended washing/cleaning instructions?

ArmStreet team

It's machine washable, use 40°C (104°F) water for wash in gentle mode. Use color safe laundry detergent. Extraction (spinning) in delicate mode to simplify the ironing. Please don't use hot drying and do not pre-soak linen clothes.

Alexandria Neilson
27 of May 2015

Hello again, I was originally thinking of ordering the Archress dress but then seen this one today after getting all of my measurements... alchemist daughter dress seems like it may be more versatile having the sleeves as options. Are the sleeves and the trim options the only difference between the two dresses? Would this be a better option as a first dress? I apologize for all the questions, the dresses just look so similar besides those two points.

ArmStreet team

Patterns of these dresses are similar, the main differences are the finishing (trim or linen contrasting accents) and the length of the sleeves. “The Alchemist's Daughter” dress is more versatile due to the detachable sleeves.

Flavia Garza
13 of May 2015

Hi! Is the chemise necessary or will the dress look strange with out it? Thanks!

ArmStreet team

We recommend wearing this dress with the chemise, as it has slits on the sleeves and lace along the torso.

15 of December 2014

hello i have the alchemist daughter dress in wine red with green sleeves, i will be purchasing another in diffrent color very shortly what color would you recommend that will blend well as iam not sure what colors to pick from.

ArmStreet team

Here are some good color combinations for this dress from our designer:

  • violet dress + black / midnight sleeves
  • yellow dress + wine red sleeves
  • brown dress + violet sleeves
  • orange dress + brown sleeves
  • green dress + midnight / burgundy sleeves
  • burgundy dress + green / black sleeves
  • midnight dress + wine red sleeves
Laura Meese
18 of August 2014

Dear Sir or Madam, How long is the fixed size gown from shoulder to hemline? I am 5'10", so I am trying to determine if it would be best for me order custom or fixed size. Thank you, Laura

ArmStreet Team

Hi Laura, Our dresses are 148 long so it might be better for you to select custom size option for the dress. 

Honjo Misa
21 of July 2014

I have a question. Can you send it to Japan?

ArmStreet Team

Hello, yes we ship to Japan. 

Aloha Hutton
03 of May 2014

I just received my dress from you. I love it!!How do I wash and dry it? Thank-you!

ArmStreet team

It's machine washable, use 40°C (104°F) water for wash in gentle mode. To prevent tarnish an alkaline solution or color safe laundry detergent should be be used. Extraction (spinning) in delicate mode to simplify the ironing. Please don't use hot drying and do not pre-soak linen clothes.

06 of April 2014

Hello. Can you please tell me if these dresses are custom made to size, or if they are simply standard sizes? Measurements are asked for, but I am not sure if they are used to determine which stock size you will best fit into, or if they are actually used to make the garment. I am not a standard size, so I typically do not properly fit into non custom garments like this. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks!


We have both options: "In stock" dresses which comes in regular sizes in accordance to our size chart and "custom size" option for those who need a true tailor sizing. There is price difference but it's not too large

14 of December 2013
Is it possible to have this beautiful dress with normal long sleeves in the colour of the dress instead of the sleeves you can put off. and how much will that cost?
ArmStreet team

Yes, this is doable. Price will be the same as listed, simply email us at after purchasing.

Andrea Wingold
13 of October 2013

Hi there, Can I make my order in cm instead of inches? Thanks Andrea


Sure, simply choose the preferred system just above the fields for the measurements.

03 of October 2013

Your dresses are fabulous. What kind of red is this? Is it a cold red or a warm red? On my screen it looks cold, but this can be incorrect as I found out on numerous occasions. Thanks in advance.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Andrea, it is our wine red linen

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