Medieval basket hilts

SCA heavy and HEMA fencing

For many generations of sword fighters and fencers, a wooden stick was a gateway weapon to start this fascinating experience, and for many generations of swordsmen before that, fighting with a stick was a first step to learning how to protect themself. Long story short, it still works, and many communities all around the globe use a stick either as a primary weapon or as one of them. SCA heavy is all about rattan swords and armor; the HEMA community keeps stick fencing as one of the most uniting disciplines, and several generations of LARPers used sticks, protected and unprotected, as a reasonable and relatively safe replacement for the sword.

If you ever tried to play with a stick, hand protection is the major problem and the main difference between a stick and a steel sword. Interestingly, the basket hilt was designed and became a thing relatively late. Most likely, it wasn't necessary for armored combat for apparent reasons; therefore, covering a hand became an issue when armored combat and steel gauntlets became less common. So, whether we are talking armored rattan combat, mostly known as SCA Heavy, or single-stick fencing in HEMA, hand protection is the most important thing, especially considering that it allows way simpler gloves or gauntlets to be used with it.

By now, you are welcome to choose the material of your next basket hilt by ArmStreet from:

  • stainless steel;
  • two-component plastic;
  • natural leather.

We offer a full range of products for both disciplines, from simple SCA basket hilts to more sophisticated baskets, from fancy leather HEMA baskets to simple and practical plastic ones. Choose what you need, enjoy your every fight, and stay protected!