Medieval Bracelets For Sale

Browsing historical series screenshots, one may find jeweled ropes shining along women’s decollete and half a dozen trinkets dangling from each of their porcelain forearms. Meanwhile, real medieval bracelets were much simpler than modern designers’ works of art. Shop our vast medieval-style jewelry collection, based on the decorative solutions on real historical finds and artifacts, for an instant upgrade to your outfit.

Early medieval jewelry

Early Middle Ages bracelets were characterized by massiveness, symbolism, and brutality of shape. Delicacy and sophistication of the silhouettes came later, with the development of jewelry craftsmanship. Spectacular ornaments of bellicose tribes came in place of the Roman style: the Saxons, Goths, Franks, Alans armlets and bracelets were permeated with pagan images, symbols of power and fertility. By the time the Vikings began to transform the map of Europe, it experienced a severe shortage of gold. Most jewelry was made of basic materials: leather bracelets with brass and steel accents.

Medieval bracelets were worn at the wrist to complement shortened sleeves of the tunic, at forearm or upper arm to accentuate flared sleeves. Rigid bracelets referred as bangles and cuffs were often worn stacked.

After the 10th century, jewelry ceased to be rare; old techniques of casting, engraving and filigree revived from the Islamic world westward up to England. Gold was quickly restored and replaced silver in the monometallic monetary system. High medieval style combined majestic splendor of color with a strict architectonic composition. Rare species of wood, rock crystals, gemstones, pearls, and corals with nacre served as material for creating beautiful jewelry. Inspired by masterpieces of antiquity, it was marked with meticulous attention to finishing. The initial properties of precious metals receded into the background to emphasize the refinement processing.

How to choose a proper medieval bracelet?

  • consider the sleeves shape
  • include your measurements
  • decide between available materials and colors
  • select your shipping country – we deliver worldwide!

Our medieval bracelets store offers a rich assortment of ready-made and unique jewelry, such as custom medieval bracelets, previously available only to a narrow circle of elite people. To buy medieval bracelet from ArmStreet is to be transported back to the world where these small shiny accents were used for signs of identification, rank, and authority.