Made to Measure

ArmStreet probably is the biggest firm in the industry which still have a made-to-measure option for most of its product. From the beginning of our business, when we had been making on demand products only, we actively acquired and improved our understanding of how to make perfectly fitted products remotely.

Made-to-measure orders, often combined with specific requests and design variations from our customers are an important part of our business and also a part of our value for customers. We are proud that we design, make and sell all our products in-house and it gives us and our customers this unique possibility to get tailor-made products.

Making custom-sized clothing and armor is the big responsibility for us but it is also a big responsibility for our customers. We often request a lot of measurement, providing all necessary information, pictures, and even video guides how to make it properly, and at the same time we need really good information from our customers, as there is no magical way to know how your body, or feet look except measurement you sent us. Please, make sure you follow our guide.

When you provide us your actual measurements along with regular size information, please make sure your size was chosen in accordance with our size charts:

Our size charts are most likely different in comparison to those you use in your country, we serve customers all around the globe and our size charts are different to US or European size charts, for example, our women's sizes are larger that same sizes in the US.