Leather and metal armor bracers

Medieval bracers for sale

The Middle Ages bracers can be referred to as a conterminous element merging safeguard and adornment functions. Wearing them on the battlefield provides warriors fighting at close quarters with an unburdensome and reliable instrument to redirect enemy blows and protect one of the most important joints for the half-sword – the wrist. However, arranging security for carpus one has incentives to keep it as flexible and as free for the movements as possible. So it is usually a combination of arm bracers and gauntlets that ensures protection for the wrist and thus should be well thought through and perfectly fit together. ArmStreet is known for package proposal and “find everything you need for the battle in one place” approach, so you’ll definitely find matching gauntlets (and all the other armor elements) in our medieval bracers store.

In the rare but still occurring peaceful life of a common person in the Middle Ages, wrist bracers can be used in various cases. They can be used as a status symbol for a noble person – richly decorated with embossing at leather parts, complimentary pattern etching at the brass accents, and cast buckles. A seamstress can use a cute ornate bracer made of soft leather to keep needles and pins at hand.

Plate armor vambraces

A Knight in shining armor is a popular archetype in medieval and modern culture and one of the most recognizable characters of the Middle Ages. ArmStreet provides a perfect selection of plate armour vambraces for all types of armor, including classic metal vambraces with elbow cops which were a part of the full armor kits and also were often used separately in combination with other pieces of armor by lower-class medieval men-at-arms and soldiers. We offer a wide class of forearm metal protection made of stainless steel and tempered spring steel as well as transitional splint and chain forearm metal armor

Leather bracers: from LARP to Viking vambraces

Leather is a perfect material for armor building, less rigid than metal but also protective and relatively lightweight. We know essentially less about leather armor than we know about plate armor, as almost all historical leather pieces didn't make it to our times, but any modern swordsman from SCA to LARP to other Historical European Martial Arts disciplines knows that protecting sword-fighter's forearm is one of the priority tasks. So, we offer a wide selection of vambraces, from simple LARP and historical splint bracers to fantasy leather LARP bracers and Early medieval forearm vambraces with or without elbow cops reinforced with steel elements.

What are bazubands?

Bazuband armor is a type of arm guard that was commonly used in the Middle East and South Asia during medieval times. It wasn't widely spread in Medieval Europe but became popular in modern Western Martial Arts for the simplicity of construction that covers the sword-fighter's elbows without complex separated parts.

Chose your medieval bracers

We appreciate the freedom of selection, so we created a range of options to satisfy all the possible requests:

  • Embossed leather vambraces
  • Plate armour vambraces
  • Splinted vambraces (available with Western or Celtic etched motifs)
  • Viking leather bracers
  • Bazubands (plain or with etching)
  • Bazubands
  • Elbow cops fitted with matching bracers
  • Roman armor bracers
  • LARP lightweight leather bracers

However, such an extensive product offering sometimes leads our customers to purchase two or even more sets instead of the intended “I need one pair of reliable bracers, that’s it” – one just can’t resist the combination of experienced craftsmanship, trustworthy engineering solutions, high-quality materials and elegancy of decorative elements.

We use high-quality materials at all stages of production. By default, all metal armor pieces are made of stainless steel or tempered spring steel  (see description of every particular item concerning the thickness of the steel used and other technical details). Thick and viable 100% natural leather lasts for ages under proper care and maintenance. Fittings, buckles, rivets, and other tiny details are always under our undiverted control – positive emotions of satisfied customers are the best motivation to develop new products.
Get the most conclusive consultation from our customer support and buy medieval bracers ideal for your personal purpose and intent. Some of the models can be made with your personal design for etched motifs – feel free to contact us by email on this matter.