Early Middle East Bracers

Functional steel bracers with chain mail

Standard shipping: $36
Standard shipping time:16-21 Days
Express shipping: $51 to
Express shipping time: 5-8 Days
Manufacturing time: 30-33 Days

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J Walker
26 of June 2016

I plan to order a et of these but had questions: - does the price above refer to a single bracer or a pair of them? - are the bracers strictly 'sided' (ie, right form only fits right side of body) or can they be reversed? (I'm may need to re-strap them so the straps are not between the arm & body) - Is t possible to get the bracers on a slightly heavier gauge (14)? Hope yo can get back to me soon... Also, probably best of your site didn't bombard people with pop=ups to become a member (especially those of us who've signed up)... JW

ArmStreet team

This listing is for the pair of bracers - left and right, they are "sided" and cannot be reversed. Can be made of 14 ga (mild or stainless steel) for 50% extra.