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Houndskull Bascinet Helmet

14 ga stainless helmet with bargrill

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James Sherman
20 of January 2001

Incredible helmet-a work of art and fully functional!!! Outstanding helmet. Much, much better than picture. Great crafters. Thanks !!

ArmStreet team

Thank you, James!

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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16 of December 2019

Would a padded arming coif be necessary for this helmet?

ArmStreet Team

The helmet has padding already, but you may wear it with arming coif if you wish. 

20 of March 2019

is the pig face visor only available for this helmet only?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Matthew, it is also availbale on the King's Guard bascinet. Please let us know which helmet you would like to have with this visor so we could check with our production team if it is possible. 

05 of October 2018

Could this helmet be made with mild steel on request?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Isaac! Yes, it is possible.

04 of June 2015

Could I get this without the bargill visor?

ArmStreet team

Yes, bascinet w/o bargrill visor costs $110 less. Please email us at contact@armstreet.com to get the discount.

28 of May 2015

could the houndskull helm be etched the same way as the helm worn in the picture of the paladin knight armor set?

ArmStreet team

This helmet cannot be made with Paladin-style etching, sorry.

18 of December 2012

Can I get this with the visor shown and the removable bargrill visor but without chainmail drape? I have my own riveted chainmail drape. If yes, how much would it cost.

ArmStreet team

You'll save $80 on stainless aventail.

Necosa Rock
26 of September 2012

Hi, This is Necosa Rock again I have another question, pertaningr to the armor I want. I was wondering if this Store — Medieval armor — Medieval Heavy Bascinet Helm Hounskull Armor Sca 14 Ga is one of the helmets I could use to replace the helmet for this suit of armor Store — Medieval armor — Medieval Knight Amor Sca Functional Suit and also... Does the chainmail on the helmet can it go under or over the armor? Thank You Again, Necosa Rock

ArmStreet team

Change on Hounskull helmet will cost $50 extra.
Aventail can go over and under the cuirass.

24 of May 2012

what sort of chainmail is the aventail made out of?

ArmStreet team

Aventail is made of butted rings.

10 of March 2012

Is this beautiful bascinet based on a specific museum piece or document ?

ArmStreet team

It's not based on a particular museum piece. Just the classic and most common model of bascinet helmet.

20 of January 2011

Oh my god. Some one finally made one of these. It looks great!

ArmStreet team

:) Thank you!

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