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Medieval Clothing for Sale

Do you love medieval fashion as we do? Then the right place to buy medieval clothes! Our online store features more than 150 items made of natural materials. You can order women’s and men’s costumes of any size, sewn in accordance with your measurements.

Types of Medieval Clothes:

  1. Underwear: chemises, corsets, tunics and undertunics;
  2. Women's costumes, dresses, skirts, aprons, bodices;
  3. Men’s shirts, jackets, pants, choses, jackets;
  4. Outerwear: coats, surcoats, tabards, cloaks, kaftans;
  5. Accessories: shawls, veils, gloves, hats, belts etc.

Middle Ages Clothing is Our Vocation

At the very first time, we faced with the beauty of traditional medieval clothes in childhood, staring at the amazing princesses’ dresses in the picture books. Then we plunged into the maelstrom of LARPing, creating the costumes out of materials on hand, but we dreamed of sewing them out of silk and velvet. We were charmed with tales and history and inspired by couturiers and reenactors at the same time. Learning the art of sewing, we've created a bunch of festive outfits in medieval style and casual clothes for ourselves and loved ones.

In search, we found our way: we have sought to share our passion for Middle Ages with others, so we came up with an idea of medieval clothing store, where one could acquire everything to create their own stories, unique and charming, from any spot of the Earth - whether they're from the US, UK or Australia. Here we have collected all the things that you may need to create an all-medieval look, but clothes is our favorite point. Now is fourteen years old, and all these years we share our knowledge and skills with you.

What's Medieval Clothing for?

  • LARP - many adults are addicted to games, which allow them to forget about their problems, to relieve stress and tension. Role-playing games are impossible to arrange without special costumes, which help to become a fairy-tale character or a hero of a favorite book.
  • Reenactment - ArmStreet shop offers clothes for enthusiastic medieval reenactors too. We have a plenty of authentic early and medieval costumes, Renaissance dresses and accessories in our medieval clothing shop.
  • Cosplay is a subculture emerged in Japan, which gets new fans every day. The suits are needed to reproduce the look of the anime, movies, and comic books characters.
  • Theatre - theatrical costumes should be recognizable and understandable. Correctly chosen attire will help to create the right impression, and that's easy to implement with the help of historical clothes.
  • Wedding - our shop will delight the brides, who are away from stereotypes and eager to make their wedding unique. Medieval wedding dresses are elegant and graceful, they are perfect for ladies of different shapes.
  • Graduation - avoid meeting someone who's wearing the same prom dress! Medieval prom dresses are one-of-a-kind. This is an original choice for girls wanting to stand out.
  • Carnival and masquerade are invariably associated with bright performances and emotions! Unusual medieval or fantasy costumes help to hide behind the veil of mystery and to stay incognito.
  • The photoshoot is a great excuse to try on a new look! Buying historical costumes will give you a unique opportunity to recreate the spirit of bygone times on a shooting stage.
  • Office party - сorporate costume parties allow seeing the colleagues in a new perspective. The diversity of our range leaves no doubt that everyone will find an appropriate attire.
  • Casual clothes - the experience of our customers confirms that medieval clothing fits perfectly into the twenty-first-century wardrobe. In an age of gadgets and machines, the desire of adding a bit of romance to your everyday style becomes irresistible.

Quality And Service

All our clothes are unique, designed from the scratch by us and protected by copyright, which gives the opportunity to get your own, exclusive and unique outfit. Each garment is carefully made by hands of experienced masters: creators, pattern designers, cutters, seamstresses, embroiderers, and quality controllers. Workmanship is our major priority, we pay close attention to every step of production, starting from the selection and procurement of materials to make sure they're perfect. Thus, each outfit looks luxurious, which distinguishes it from the disposable replicas.

Now you don’t need to worry about where to get your size - each garment can be custom made or about where to buy medieval clothes because we offer international delivery of our products. Ordering a unique garment for your special events has never been so convenient!