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Dress “Lady of the Lake”

Medieval style noble beaded dress

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30 of October 2023

I am dearly in love with this dress! It’s so Elvish! I was in tears when I opened it. I know it’s going to make a fantastic wedding dress one day! Thank you, Armstreet! You’ve made me one happy Elf!

Kathryn MacQueen
23 of July 2023

Such beautiful work of the absolute highest quality!

21 of May 2023

This dress is a DREAM!! I got this dress specifically for my wedding and I LOVED it. I looked (and felt) so wonderful in it. It was so comfortable, even in the blazing sun. I didn't feel constricted, I wasn't suffocating, I was COMFORTABLE. I got so many compliments. I cannot overstate how happy I am I ordered my dream dress from here!! I 100% plan on ordering SEVERAL more dresses!!!

03 of August 2022

Absolutely love the dress!

19 of March 2022

Perfect! I love this dress!

13 of September 2021

I’ll keep this short and sweet, but oh. my. word. This dress is an absolute dream. For years I’ve longingly waited to buy a dress such as this, and it lived up to my every expectation. A million thanks!!!!

23 of August 2021

I represent Eleanor of Brittany at a local event in my area, and I bought this dress in order to have a nicer costume for the roll. This dress is so gorgeous!! It's well made, and fits the character perfectly!!

27 of July 2021

I've owned this dress for several years now and love it every time I put it on. It feels heavenly and looks incredible! Here are some recent pics courtesy of Kennedy Film & Photo. The only complaint I have is the lacing material feels cheap - it is fraying and I'm afraid will break soon. Other than that, it is utterly gorgeous, sturdy, heavy and stunning. I am so excited to get my next Armstreet dress!

06 of July 2021

Thank you for the gorgeous costumes! We made an EPIC wedding and it wouldn't be so without these! That was our very first purchase from Armstreet. We were certain that you will make it perfect for our very special day, but you still managed to exceed our high expectations! On the photos: Lady of the lake in white with "water flowers" trim, fabric belt and pin, Men's Eastern Europe costume and Princess Medieval Circlet. We LOVE Armstreet!

29 of May 2021

I purchased the custom violet lady of the lake dress with the violet pomegranate trim as my wedding dress, along with a brass Accolade belt for my recent medieval wedding. Both the dress and the belt are extremely well made and I am so glad I picked them. I had many compliments through the day on how great I looked in my outfit. And wow, those sleeves, I felt like I could fly if I wanted to. Thanks so much for creating such wonderful items/outfits. Customer service following purchase was also excellent, with regular email updates. My husband, man of honour and father also all purchased Armstreet outfits to wear that they were very happy with.

Armstreet team

Thank you! :)

02 of February 2021

Beautiful dress, custom order with green Celtic trim. Will be perfect for my LARP character and is really easy to move in. All the customer service staff were fantastic and answered my questions regarding trim promptly. Looking forward to events starting again and I can get a picture of this beautiful gown and my character to do the full nature of it justice. My first purchase, and certainly won't be my last! Thank you, armstreet.

28 of November 2020

Amazing dress, extremely well made. I ordered it custom with green Celtic trim, and I love it so much I might have to get a second one in another colour. The staff were fantastic and helped answer all my questions. I have just ordered a custom belt in the matching trim and can't wait to wear it all together!

16 of May 2020

I got this dress a couple years back, in a rose-magenta color that’s no longer available, and goodness am I glad I did! Not only is the unique color really special and adds to the elegance of this already beautiful dress, but the beaded detailing, trim, and voluminous sleeves are just gorgeous. Excellent quality and sturdy construction are a given with anything from Armstreet. (As well as really helpful, gracious staff if you ever have questions!) This dress definitely benefits from wearing a lightweight chemise or similar layer underneath, and also looks great over the Secret Garden Corset.

15 of May 2020

This is a dress fit for a queen! I love mine in midnight blue. It's the ultimate combination of elegance and comfort - the cords on the sides allow for perfect adjustment. And it's so flattering. The beaded details on the front appear so delicate you might be afraid they'd come off, but I'll admit I've washed mine in a machine (on DELICATE, in COLD) and it remains unscathed. (Personally, I hate being *afraid* to wear something because I might damage it - no worries here!) Five stars all the way.

14 of May 2020

Ordered this for a Medieval Festival last year and it turned out perfect! Staff were very helpful in the beginning answering my questions for a couple of minor changes. The dress itself is very comfortable to wear despite the voluptuous sleeves and being able to get it custom created for my measurements meant that even though I am of a larger size, it still looked and fit great!!!

14 of May 2020

I'm in love with this dress! Got quite a few outfits from Armstreet over the years, but Lady of the Lake will always be my favorite. It fits perfectly and the craftsmanship is outstanding. Perfect for an event or a themed photoshoot.

12 of May 2020

The dress is absolutely well tailored and of great quality. I always receive a lot of positive feedback. The only tiny thing that I didn't like was the material of the ribbon used for the shirring on the sides, But I just added another one with a (in my opinion better) material.

12 of May 2020

Oh, boy did we discuss this one back and forth. You said it wouldn't look good with blue trim but silver soutache, I insisted. You agreed to do it despite your better judgement and while I apologise for how obstinate and pigheaded I was, I maintain that I wasn't wrong. I apologise for the off brand cloak in the pictures but here goes: Lady of the lake in Dark blue cotton, blue trim and silver accents (well mostly, I even bullied you into scattering a hint of gold into the otherwise silver beading ^^') ... and I got it custom sized of course, because quality custom sizing is one of the main reasons to choose Armstreet over other makers. I did order the set with the matching corset belt in black with a plain black twill for trim (I had elaborate embroidery plans for it that never happened) but when I tried it on with the dress I was so afraid of damaging the beautiful beading in the front while tightening it that I ended up never wearing them together. I have gotten quite a bit use out of that one as well however, since paired with hose and your "Eastern European warrior" tunic in different colours it makes for an excellent rogue and bard getup.

01 of March 2020

This dress is absolutely gorgeous! I had to wait several months to receive it - but it was worth the wait. Fits like a glove and makes me feel like a medieval noblewoman. Will be wearing it for my handfasting in June. Many thanks Armstreet!

29 of October 2019

I own this magnificent dress in purple linen, and honestly, I feel so blessed to own it because it's the medieval dress of my dreams! I'm absolutely in love with it. It fits so well (I had mine custom made) and the level of detail is impressive. It's truly professional like a dress out of a medieval movie or tv series. The talent of the Ukrainian artisans who made it is unparalleled. I'm just so happy!

18 of October 2017

I ordered this dress and corset for my vow renewal this Oct. I had a small issue with the corset and Armstreet was great abt promptly answering any questions I had and resolving the issues VERY quickly. Great company you won't regret ordering from them!! I also ordered my husband's boots, tunic and pants through Armstreet. Everything was very well made and we loved all our items. I'd love to share a photo but how?


Thank you for such a kind review, Danielle! 

14 of January 2017

I ordered this dress after a lot of thought and I'm glad I did. It is incredible and whoever designed it did an excellent job with the sleeves. It adds even more volume to the silhouette and is slimming at the same time. I hesitated between the violet and the blue. It's no secret the blue one is vibrant, and eye-catching. But I went with the violet one with silver trim and I absolutely love it. The violet is darker than I expected ( in a good way ) and the silver accents and purple-peachy trim made this piece very regal and majestic without being too 'loud'. I always order custom size and without fail the Armstreet seamstresses made it a perfect fit. The customer service is also amazing. I've ordered from Armstreet before many years ago and have seen only great improvements since then.

ArmStreet team

Thank you so much for your wonderful review! Feedbacks like yours always inspire us and make us move forward and achieve new horizons! :)

Dawn Hall
04 of August 2016

Wow. First of all, it has only been 23 days since I ordered this dress and I already got it! I didn't expect to get it so early! I just now tried it on - and I am so, so glad I decided to order this custom made from you guys. :) It. Is. Amazing. The measurements are absolutely perfect, especially considering I'm so petite, and on the shorter side. This dress is especially lovely to dance around in, the way everything flows about, and the way the sleeves lay against the gown when simply standing is beautiful. Amazing work - thank you so much! I'll send photos in a couple of months when my local Renn Faire starts. :)

ArmStreet team

Thank you for an amazing feedback, Dawn! We are so glad the dress fits and you like it!

We`ll be looking forward to seeing your photos! :)

Terri Pour-Rastegar
28 of September 2015

This is probably one of the most lovely things I've ever worn. I was very nervous about ordering it, even with the custom sizing, as I am 5'10", nearly 240 lbs, with a pretty big belly, breasts, and hips (I'm basically apple shaped and a little short-waisted). I am happy to say that this fit me like a glove, with just enough extra room to be comfortable and allow freedom of movement. What's more, it made me look 2 sizes smaller than I am! It has such a lovely shape, that it forgave all of my lumps and bumps and just slimmed me down. I received my dress in just one month from ordering, even though the site indicates manufacturing time is up to 33 days and shipping takes up to 21 days. Thanks!!! My only complaint is the fabric is not super soft--it's serious linen, which is always a tiny bit scratchy for me. Then again, I'm super-sensitive to anything even slightly scratchy (I cannot even wear cashmere). Perhaps a gentle wash with liquid fabric softener will help. I'm also a little concerned that the side lacing may not hold up--it seems a little lightweight/flimsy. I'll be packing an extra set of laces just in case. Bottom line: I absolutely love this and am so very glad I took a leap of faith and bought it. I cannot wait to wear it to my events. PS: Because I love this so much, I'm also ordering the "Wanderer" Fantasy Dress/Robe.

ArmStreet team

Many thanks for such a detailed and honest review, Terri! Surely it will help our customers to make their choice!
Linen does have the advantage of getting softer with use and washing. Also, you may use a conditioner for natural fabrics for fabric softening.
Always welcome back to ArmStreet!

11 of June 2015

Thanx you so much for the quick delivery to The Netherlands. And it fits very well! I am so happy with my Lady of the lake dress. I will wear it to a thematic wedding next weekend.

ArmStreet team

Happy to hear this, thanks for your feedback, Annelies! It would be great if you share some photos!

17 of October 2014

Thanks for the quick shipping! The pieces were exceptional and I'm so glad I got to wear them at the faire! I'm so happy I found your company. Your work is amazing and there are so many things on your site that I want! I have attached some pictures of me in the dress & corset at the local Renaissance Faire.

ArmStreet team

Thank you so much for the picture, it's so beautiful! And your hair are completely magical!!

10 of June 2014

Dear Armstreet-team, here I send you some pictures of me in the Dress "Lady of the Lake" in dark blue. I love that dress so much!

ArmStreet team

Amazing, thank you soooo much! Warmest regards from all of us!

30 of May 2014

I really love my "Lady of the Lake" dress! Thank you!

ArmStreet team

Thanks to beautiful model Savra and Steve Reynolds photography we obtained a possibility to illustrate this description with green version photo

Green Medieval Dress "Lady of the Lake"

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19 of February 2024

Buonasera, è possibile averlo in bianco con finiture celtiche oro e con la scollatura a v?

ArmStreet Team

Hello, yes we can make it with Celtic trim, but it is not possible to make the V-shape neckline. 

21 of November 2023

Hello, I have this dress in bright blue with the blue pomegranate trim. I thought it would be nice to have extra wide trim to wrap around as a belt. Perhaps 8 feet? Would that be possible and if so, how much would it cost? Thank you!

ArmStreet Team

Dear Ariel, we do not sell our materials, but we can make a belt for you like this one:

31 of October 2023

Hello, do you have photos of models wearing any of the other colors? I’d like to see them all if so, as I am contemplating buying this beautiful dress and I’m not entirely sure what color to choose. Thanks

ArmStreet Team


Yes, we do have some pictures of the dress in other colors. I have sent them to your email address. Kindly, ArmStreet Team

09 of May 2023

I was wondering, would it be possible to get this dress in midnight blue but with the Blue Autumn Princess Trim?

ArmStreet Team

That is unfortunately not possible, because here we have 2 widths of the trim and the Autumn Princess Trim has only one width.

30 of November 2022

I'm so excited, I just ordered this for my wedding in May, and while it does say the shipping for my whole order may take up to 92 days, I can (try!) To wait Patiently, because this is my first armstreet dress and have DREAMED of owning a dress just like this one! I'm so excited!

03 of July 2020

Is it recommended to wear a shift/chemise under this dress, or it is better to wear it as is? If it should be worn with a chemise, which one would be the best?

ArmStreet Team

Hello, this dress should be worn without any chemise. 

02 of March 2020

I'm 5'10" can I get this dress(or any) made longer?

ArmStreet Team

Yes, all dresses have custom size option (over the title of each product). Please select custom size option and the dress will be made according to your personal measurements. 

24 of February 2020

Can you make this dress with the "greensleeves trim"?

ArmStreet Team

Yes, please leave this request in the comment section to your order. 

Surina-Marie Brewer
02 of December 2019

I'm 5' when I hem the dress I will lose all the trim on the bottom. Is there a way I can have the length customized?

ArmStreet Team

Yes, of course, please select custom size option for the dress (over the title of the dress) and it will made according to your measurements.

27 of May 2019

Hello, do you have photos of models wearing any of the other colors? I’d like to see them all if so, as I am contemplating buying this beautiful dress and I’m not entirely sure what color to choose. Thanks

ArmStreet Team

Hi Novaknight, yes we have several pics of the dress in different colors. Our support manager will send you all the pictures. 

14 of May 2019

I think this dress is stunning, but I want to ask if it possible to order this dress without the beading rays on the front of the dress, and instead have the front solid with no beading?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Angela, yes we can make it without beading, but there will be uncovered seams in front. If it works for you, please simply leave this request in the comment to your order. 

10 of April 2019

Is it possible to order this dress in black linen or cotton, with the Lady Hunter trim, and keep the beautiful stitching details over the bust? Perhaps in red to match the trim? Perhaps red lacing as well?

ArmStreet Team

Hello, yes we can make this dress in black linen with Lady Hunter trim with gold beading and gold or red lacing. Please simply select custom size option for the dress and leave this request in the comment to your order. 

21 of March 2019

Hi Armstreet team, thanks for your response! What trim would you recommend (that isn't the red pomegranate trim) for wine red linen? I would just like trim that is gold-based and not silver-based. Thanks!

ArmStreet Team

Dear Maria, you may select any other trim for the dress that has wide and narrow version. For example, it can be made with gold celtic trim

21 of March 2019

Thank you, can I have this in Green Sleeves trim then, with wine red linen? If so, how would I order it? (Since I cannot choose that variation from what's currently on the site). Thank you!

ArmStreet Team

Yes, it will will look very nice, please simply leave this request in the comment to your order. 

20 of March 2019

Hi! Are you able to make this in wine linen with Accolade trim? Would that mean the laces would be gold as well? Thank you!

ArmStreet Team

Dear Maria, we can make this dress in wine red linen, but Accolade trim cannot be used for it, unfortunately. There should be wide and narrow trim on this dress and Accolade trim does not have a narrow pair trim, sorry. 

02 of March 2019

Is the necklace available to purchase? Thank you

ArmStreet Team

Hi Rachel! The necklace is not available for purchase, unfortunately. It was made once for the photo shoot only. 

Willow Ross
22 of January 2019

I will be ordering this dress just as soon as I get myself measured. If I go with green linen,black and silver Celtic trim, and black lacing...what color would the beading be? Im open to any suggestions, this will be my wedding dress and I want to get it just right:)

ArmStreet Team

Hi Willow! The beading will be silver to match the trim. 

18 of January 2019

Oh its so hard to choose! I am thinking of this dress in green with forest princess silver trim, black stitching and laces....can it be done?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Willow, Forest Princess trim is too narow for this dress and won't look as good as Celtic or Rowena trim, for example. 

Charity Olynyk
08 of January 2019

Can this be made with white trim and lacing?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Charity, we do not have white trim, unfortunately, but we can make it with Rowena trim and silver lacing. Rowena trim is very light. 

26 of November 2018

Is it possible to have this dress made in white with green celtic trim? 

ArmStreet Team

Hi Liz! Yes, please simply leave this comment to your order. 

23 of September 2018

Would the Rowena blue trim work with the blue linen? If not, are there any other blue-based trims that you recommend?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jackie, yes blue Rowena trim will work with blue linen. 

04 of September 2018

Is it possible to have this dress made in black? I'd be happy to keep the pomegrante trim, although if there's another that would work better please let me know!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Holly! Yes, it is possible. You may select another trim for the dress but it should have both wide and narrow version. 

Katherine Bothwell
27 of August 2018

Could this dress be made in a cream color with gold accents?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Katherine! We do not have cream linen, unfortunately, but we can offer you natural linen instead (please simply leave a request for natural color to your order).

Carissa Hoffmann
24 of August 2018

I love the design of this dress but it would be for a wedding gown. Is there anyway that this dress could be made with the same white cotton that the white swan dress is made in. But keep the blue pomegranate trim?


Hi Carissa! Yes, of course! Please simply leave this comment to your order and we will make the dress in white cotton for you. 

Michelle Call
13 of August 2018

Would it be possible to change shipping on my order to express? Thank you

ArmStreet Team

Hi Michelle, yes shipping can be upgraded if the order is not sent yet. 

Tiffany Keith
13 of June 2018

If I were to do the sleeves more like "White Swan" could it be made with a white chiffon? I'm looking at this for my wedding dress so I would have it in the milk white cotton.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Tiffany, yes we can make it with the chiffon sleeves like on the Swan dress. 

Melanie Karner
26 of March 2018

Can this dress be made in white cotton with the blue pomegranate trim and would the side ribbons be gold?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Melanie, yes it can be made in white cotton with the blue pomegranate trim and the side ribbons will be gold.

27 of February 2018

Is this dress ready to wear as is or does it require a chemise?

ArmStreet Team

Hi William, this dress can be worn without any chemise. 

31 of January 2018

Can this dress be made in burgundy red linen?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Yukiko, yes it is possible. 

10 of January 2018

I was wondering for the fixed sizes/instock dress if there was the same trim along the neck and sleeve as for the custom dress.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Melissa, yes the trim is the same. 

04 of December 2017

Are any of these available ready made? Event is 12/20. Thank you

ArmStreet Team

Hi Patti, yes the dress is available in fixed sizes. 

22 of November 2017

Is it possible to get this is in green with the silver Celtic trim instead of the pomegranate?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Bonnie, yes please simply leave this request in the comment to your order. 

18 of October 2017

Would the dress be made of deep blue linen?


The dress can be made in Midnight blue in custom size. :)

25 of June 2017

Can this be made in black with the silver Celtic trim?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Emma, yes it is possible. 

19 of June 2017

Is it possible to custom order this in a brighter red?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Melissa, yes it is possible. 

Brittany Myers
19 of June 2017

I am looking at wearing this dress for my wedding and I have a question: I plan on wearing a corset under my dress that day and I was wondering if I should send my natural measurements or my measurements while wearing the corset.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Brittany, please send us your measurements taken over the corset. 

16 of June 2017

Could you make this or one of the other dresses so that you could ride in it? I know its probably more authentic to ride sidesaddle, but that would really challenge my riding skills xD Regards

ArmStreet Team

Hi Verdande, yes we can. 

Serena Ho
19 of April 2017

Just wondering, in the comments there's a photo of the dress in green. What trim does that use and is it possible to order it in that variation?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Serena, it is the same blue trim that is shown on the pictures of the listing (on the blue dress).

12 of February 2017

Would this dress be available in a cream/off-white colour with gold trim? What about in silk?

ArmStreet team

The only option we can offer at the moment is milk white cotton with Accolade trim.
Though, the trim doesn`t have a narrow version, so we cannot use it on the sleeves, but the designer suggests making the sleeves of thin marquisette like on the White Swan dress. That should look really pretty. All the changes will cost $50.00 extra.

11 of December 2016

I am very much considering this dress for my wedding. I read in comments it can be made in white cotton with button sleeves and using the blue trim from the "White Swan" dress, which would be perfect. Would the bodice stitching be in silver with that combination? Also are the bell sleeves much larger than the White Swan" sleeves? They look similar size.

ArmStreet team

Thanks for choosing our dress for such a day!
The Lady of the Lake dress can be made of white cotton and with the blue White Swan trim, the the stitching can be made of silver beads. Also, we can make the batiste sleeves with buttons like on the White Swan dress. All the modifications will cost $40.00 extra.

Jenny Sabato
07 of November 2016

I don't know how old these comments are. Can you still create your Lady of the Lake dress in the wine red fabric? I would love it for my wedding in March 2017!

ArmStreet team

The dress can be made of Wine red flax linen, please note that the original Pomegranate trim is available in blue and purple-peachy colors only.
We can make the dress with one of our other trims which have wide and narrow variations, for example Gold Celtic trim.

Carrie Anne
25 of October 2016

Hello! I'm looking at ordering your Lady of the Lake gown in a fixed size and paying for the expedited shipping. I live in Atlanta and will be flying out very early on November 4th to Maryland for Faerie Con. 8 days from tomorrow (Wednesday) is November 2nd, so if it took the full 8 days, I'd still get it before I left. Too risky? I hope not! I've been coveting this dress for about two years. I wanted to do a custom size because I'm 5'4, but I don't have the time to, so I figured I could just possibly wear heels or just hold it up when I walk. Thanks!

ArmStreet team

If you order today or tomorrow, there will be enough time to deliver the dress by November 2. Please mention your deadline in the comments to your order and we`ll send your dress immediately after we receive your order.

24 of October 2016

Hello I've been an admirer of your dresses for years. Now I'm needing one for an event next year and was wondering if you'd be able to make the "Lady of the Lake" dress in the Wine Red Faux Linen along with a different gold trim without blue. Thank you for your time.

ArmStreet team

It is nice to hear from you, always a pleasure to hear that there are people who really enjoy our products! :)
The Lady of the Lake dress can be made in Wine Red with our Celtic Gold trim, Forest Gold trim or Accolade Gold trim.

26 of September 2016

I know that the ribbon needs to be a certain width, but is there a different ribbon that I could pair with the gold stitching? I like the color of the green fabric but am not particularly fond of the blue ribbon paired with it.

ArmStreet team

The green dress with gold stitches should look great with our Celtic green&gold trim.
If you like this option, just mention it in the comments to your order, the change of the trim will be no extra.

01 of May 2016

Is it possible to have a black and gold trim on a green version of this,or is it just the blue and gold?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Kate, this trim is available in blue/gold and violet/silver color combinations only. 

23 of April 2016

I hate to ask this because I love the sleeves so much but would consider and would you be able to make this dress sleeveless? Or possibly with sleeves that tie and detach at the shoulder? I'd like the thin trim around the bicep or at the hem on the tying end of the sleeve if able to.

ArmStreet team

It cannot be made w/o the sleeves or with detachable sleeves, but we can make it with short sleeves - the lower edge of the sleeve will be just on the wide trim on biceps. If this works for you, please order via the site and mention the short sleeves in a comment to your order.

18 of April 2016

Hello, Is it possible to order this dress in a red or Violet colour? Or something along those lines that will go with the trim. Thanks.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jazz, yes it is possible and we have violet trim. 

20 of March 2016

I have two questions: 1. Is it possible to purchase a little bit of trim separetely? I'm thinking about ordering this for my wedding and it would be nice to make a bow of it that my bridesmaids could wear. 2. From which country are the products shipped? I need to know this to get it through customs.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Nora, yes we can sell some trim along with the dress. Your order will be sent from Ukraine as we have our production team located there. 

Julie Veronica
13 of March 2016

Hello :) I´ve decided now that I want to buy this dress - have been looking at some others too, I love them all, but this one is absolutely the most beautiful and perfect. :) I have some questions concerning size. I am 173 cm tall, otherwise I fit a size 2 perfectly (chest 86, waist 70). I read that your dresses are made to fit women at 165-170 cm, but I also read that your dresses are 148 cm long in a size 2. I am precisely 148 cm long from shoulder to toe, so would a size 2 fit me? I know that custom made would be a more secure option, but the premade is both cheaper and easier. Kind regards, Julie

ArmStreet Team

Hi Julie, yes it seems that size 2 should work. 

27 of February 2016

Do you have any photos of the purple with silver trim

ArmStreet Team

Hi Candy, yes please find the picture below:

Common - violet_with_silver_dress.jpg

18 of November 2015

With the lady of the Lake dress, If I choose the green fabric will the trim be green with gold?

ArmStreet team

Green dress comes with standard trim, it's blue with gold threads, as shown in the photo in one of the previous comments.

07 of October 2015

Is the violet with silver trim still available?

ArmStreet team

To date the “Lady of the Lake” dress can be made in violet color with silver accents and special purple-peachy trim, but the lacing will be violet color (not silver). If this works for you, please order via the site and mention your color preferences in a comment to your order.

Jess Farler
05 of October 2015

Hello, I was curious if you had the Lady of the Lake pre-made, if so what sizes are available? Thank you so much, best wishes.

ArmStreet team

To date we have this dress in blue color (as pictured) in size 10 and size 12 only. Please check our size chart here.

22 of September 2015

Would I be able to order swatches of several fabrics in which you offer the Lady of the Lake and Green Sleeves dresses? It would really help me if I could see how they look in person. Thank you!

ArmStreet team

Yes, we make physical fabric samples for free, but we kindly ask you to pay the minimal shipping rate, it's $12.00 (or free with any other purchase). Let us know which colors you'd like to get (up to five colors), and we'll send an invoice for the shipping to your PayPal email.

Susan King
10 of September 2015

I ordered this dress in a size 6 but was wondering since I also ordered the Lady Hunter in size 4 if I should change my order for Lady of the Lake to size 4 too. Looking at the sizes I think it might work for me as I continue to loose weight. :)

ArmStreet team

Ok, no problems. To exchange the “Lady of the Lake” dress size 6 with size 4 - confirmed and corrected.

kaye knoll
04 of September 2015

does the lady of the lake dress come in different colors? Or is it being discontinued?

ArmStreet team

This dress is available for order, it can be made in blue, midnight blue, green, violet color.

30 of August 2015

Hello. are these dresses pre-made? if so is it possible to ship and have it by next Saturday? is there a possible rush fee?

ArmStreet team

We have this dress in stock in regular size 4, size 6 and size 8, please check the size chart here - Please note, they are made for full height 5' 6" (168 cm), should fit fine to the growth 5' 5" - 5' 7" (165-170 cm).

They can be shipped via UPS express for $89 per one item. If this works for you, please order via the site and add a comment to your order. We'll send an invoice for the extra charge for express delivery to your PayPal email. For sending via express mail please provide your cell number (phone # is required for UPS express mail).

15 of August 2015

I love this dress and unfortunately missed the in stock size I need. I am looking at this for my son's wedding on October 10th, 2015. Would it be possible to get this in time?

ArmStreet team

Yes, you can order the dress in custom size. Please add a comment with the deadline to your order.

Emma Miller
11 of July 2015

Is this dress historically accurate?

ArmStreet team

This dress combines late XIV silhouette and heavy sleeves with decorated folds typical for the end of XV century.

Savannah Marlow
01 of July 2015

I love the Lady of the Lake dress. Would it be possible to have it made in white for an extra fee?

ArmStreet team

We recommend to use white Italian cotton instead of white linen for this dress, as on the "Chess Queen" dress, it looks more elegantly. To order this dress in white cotton, please add a comment to your order, no extra for this.

10 of June 2015

Hello: Os possible the Lady of the Lake dress in orange colour?

ArmStreet team

Technically it's possible, simply add a comment to your order. But please note that matching trim is available in blue and purple-peachy colors only.

Jessica Gilbert
05 of June 2015

Is the Violet/Silver option still available? I'm thinking of getting this dress this fall.

ArmStreet team

Yes, violet color version with silver accents is still available, you're welcome!

28 of May 2015

Would any of the following changes be doable for this dress: Thin trim around the biceps? Button down sleeves? Possibly short sleeves? Blue or Violet dress with white sleeves?

ArmStreet team

Can be made with narrow trim on the biceps upon request, with short sleeves - the sleeve will end in the trim on the biceps. Color of the flared sleeves (below the biceps) may differ from the main color of the dress; these options are free of charge. With buttoned sleeves (as on the “Forest Princess” dress) - $20 extra.

Natalie cleton
02 of May 2015

I was wondering if i could order this dress with forest trim and silver stitching to go with a Brown corset in same style (see previous email on corset). Thank you, Natalie

ArmStreet team

Cannot be made with the Forest trim, it's too narrow, sorry. We can offer silver Celtic trim instead.

Allison Hall
10 of March 2015

Would it be possible to get this dress in white with silver stitching?

ArmStreet team

We recommend white Italian cotton instead of white linen for this dress, as on Chess Queen dress. To order this dress in white cotton, please add a comment to your order, no extra.

Silver rope and stitching come with purple trim only. Original blue trim has golden threads, thus it cannot be combined with silver rope and stitches. Optionally silver stitching can be combined with some other trims: silver Celtic trim (as here), Lady Rowena red trim, White Swan blue trim.

06 of November 2014

Hi. Can I get the trim and stiches in silver insted of gold?

ArmStreet team

Silver rope and stitches come with purple trim only.
Blue trim has golden threads, thus it cannot be combined with silver rope and stitches.

Kirsten Thomsen
30 of September 2014

I am thinking of buying this dress for one of my concerts… is there any possibility that it can be made in black? :) Thank you!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Kirsten, yes it is possible. 

27 of August 2014

"Please note - dress is available in this "violet" linen color but in this color it comes with silver accents and violet trim. No other options available for the violet linen dress" with that, is it possible to order the green dress with silver accents?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Spirit, yes it is possible, but trim should be changed in this case to some other trim that has silver net (like silver celtic trim, for example).

13 of August 2014

Can I get this in White?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Natasja, yes we can make it in white upon request. 

Torunn Meyer
08 of August 2014

Is this dress possible to get in silk or velvet.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Torunn, yes we can make this dress in velvet, but the price will be $899. 

Jeanette H
07 of August 2014

Hi Is it possible to get this dress in natural flax color? Thinking of using this as a wedding dress. Or would you recommend another color?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jeanette, we recommend to have it in white cotton as natural flax linen can be a bit transparent. 

21 of July 2014

Hello! Would it be possible for the dress to be made with sleeves of a different colour? Thank you!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Georgiana, yes it is possible. 

Ana Matias
30 of June 2014

Hello Is it possible to choose a cotton fabric for this dress? Thank you Ana

ArmStreet Team

Hi Ana, this dress can be made in cotton upon request (please simply leave it in the comment to your order).

Laura Wallace
18 of June 2014

Would it be possible to get this same style dress in a different fabric? My daughter is interested in wearing the style for a wintertime Madrigal production. So, we'd prefer a slightly heavier fabric that would not wrinkle so easily. Ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Laura, it can be made in velvet. 

15 of May 2014

Would it be possible to order this dress with the Gold Forest Trim available on the Forest Princess dress?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Kasey, yes it is possible but we do not recommend Forest Princess trim for this dress as it is narrow and won't look good, unfortunately. 

Polina Kuptsova
12 of May 2014
I've just got the dress and it's absolutely amazing. Fit perfectly too. Totally worth the money
ArmStreet team

Great, thanks for letting us know! And many thanks for your feedback, Polina!

23 of April 2014
I got the dress today, and WOW, I'm still unable to get over how incredibly gorgeous it is!! <3 I love how well-made and how comfy and flattering it is. Easily the most beautiful dress I've ever owned. It's also so perfect for my Lúthien cosplay, from the blue shade to all the beautiful golden flower trims. 100% happy with this purchase, thank you so much, Armstreet!
ArmStreet team

We're very pleased that you liked the dress, thanks for your feedback!

Karen Hatten
28 of March 2014
How long is the dress? Is it available without the bodice stitching? Is it available without the trim? Thanks! Karen
ArmStreet team

All our dresses are floor-length, exact length depends on your growth.

It's not available without the bodice stitching or without the trim.

26 of March 2014

I would like to know if this dress could be done with detachable sleeves, like Sansa or Alchemist Daughter´s dress...

Thank you!
ArmStreet team

This dress cannot be made with detachable sleeves, sorry.

26 of March 2014
Just got this dress today and I am SO pleased with this purchase! Everything was extremely well-made and well-finished, and it fits like a glove! I'm wearing it for my brother's wedding and my only concern is that it will be prettier than the bride's dress!
ArmStreet team

Happy to hear this, thanks for your feedback!

14 of March 2014
I received the dress this week. I is absolutely stunning - thank you very much for the excellent workmanship and competitive price. I will definitely be a repeat customer and will refer others.
ArmStreet team

Many thanks for your feedback, Lydia! Always welcome to ArmStreet back!

12 of March 2014

My daughter has a Lady of the Lake but we were unable to find washing instructions for it. What do you recommend for cleaning this dress?

ArmStreet team

The dresses embroidered with beads and tiny pearls can be washed only manually in a very delicate way and without any extraction. After laundry let the water drain off, then lay out the dress and let it dry in horizontal position.

Jessica Hatch
09 of January 2014

I'm interested in the dragonfly necklace shown with the Lady of the Lake dress.

ArmStreet team

The necklace is not available for order, sorry.

Erika Graham
14 of December 2013

I was wondering if you would recommend for/against wearing this dress with a chemise - I like the look of having tighter sleeves underneath, but don't know how the two layers would interact. Thanks!

ArmStreet team

This dress has enough oversizes for the chemise. You can wear any shirt underneath, as all medieval women did (model's hands are bare in the photos just for appearance).

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