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Medieval Dress “Lady Rowena”

Renaissance embroidered velvet dress

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03 of January 2022

Hello, is this dress able to be made using white velvet for the main body?

ArmStreet Team

Hello Virginia, yes, we have white velvet for this dress. You are welcome to place the order for any color available and leave a comment to your order that white color is required. 

Jessica Matyas
30 of March 2019

My dress is absolutely beautiful and it fits perfectly. When I ordered it, I requested custom sleeves. They came up with the perfect sleeve design to compliment the dress. The detailing on the dress is amazing. I am so pleased with my purchase.

Diana McCaffrey
12 of January 2019

I have purchased several items from Armstreet, including gowns, chemises, bodices, jewelry, belts, men’s shirts and tunics. Every single item was artfully made with wonderful quality materials, including linen, velvets, brass and leather. The photos of Armstreet attire are works of art. How delightful to be able to say that the clothing appears just as beautiful in reality. Olga at Armstreet was extraordinarily helpful with any questions, and answered my queries within a day. As a member of a Medieval troubadour group, I know we will look amazing, and hope our ballads sound as good as we look! I will be ordering from Armstreet in the future. Thank you to everyone there. Your devotion to real clothing that evokes another time shines bright.

25 of August 2017

In short- PERFECT. It's difficult to write a concise review when I'm so pleased with everything. First off, incredible customer service. I was able to get all the information I needed quickly, and all my questions (there were many) were answered in clear and helpful terms. The actual process went exactly as long as they told me it would (which was awesome because I had a very short timeframe I could work with!) and honestly came a few days early. The dress itself is gorgeous, I don't know enough industry terms to explain how great the quality is. The fit was perfect as well. My friend and I were nervous to spend the money but the dress and the process were worth every penny! It should be noted that we also purchased the matching chemise/underdress. Thank you so much, ArmStreet! <3

Alpine Price
05 of January 2017

Custom made to PERFECTION!!!!! Extremely high quality work. Arrived sooner than expected. Customer Service delightful to work with. Look forward to whatever my next custom order may be.

Ana Silva
29 of May 2014

The dress is gorgeous, and well worth the price -- I bought mine on impulse but forgo any regret when I got my hands on it. The detail is incredible, the sewing amazing, and the design beautiful. It arrived incredibly fast, and I will definitely buy from this shop again.

07 of December 2013

Ordered in red velvet. I was very surprised when I opened the package - it is made from proper velvet thus has some weight. Everything is very well sewn, including trims and furs. I cannot wait till I wear to Christmas costume party! Just amazing

Christine en Erwin Gijzen
01 of October 2013

The blue was darker than expected, but that made it look even more regal. The dress was stunning, the craftsmanship superb and the customer support beyond awesome. Thanks to all people at Armstreet!

Belinda Park
11 of May 2012

it's so gorgeous! You have a fantastic team of designers! Great work!

Gina Carson
13 of January 2012

Love that side lacing!! And those beautiful SLEEVES!

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11 of March 2024

No more purple velvet to choose ?

ArmStreet France
Sorry, no more purple velvet for this dress.
30 of October 2023

Hello! Is it possible to get this in White Natural Velvet? Like the fabric that is seen in "The Accolade”.Or just any other white velvet

ArmStreet Team

Hello, it should be possible, but we need to know your measurements first, because white velvet does not stretch like the velvet that we use for the Rowena dress. Kindly send us your measurements required in the listing description so we can confirm it is possible. 

Shawna Watson
18 of April 2021

Is it possible to get a comparison of the original pale orchid color vs. the lavender pink. They seem very similar. I want to make sure I love the pink lavender as much as the color in the photos. I am interested in having this as my wedding dress.

ArmStreet Team

Hello Shawna, we do not have Pale Orchid velvet anymore, unfortunately, but we can tell that pink lavender velvet is a pink color fabric that almost has no grey shade in it. 

05 of August 2019

Hello, are payment plans possible for your pieces?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Iman, yes of course. Please contact our support team with the list of the products you would like to order so we could create a personal invoice for you. 

18 of June 2019

Is underwear included in it?

ArmStreet Team

Hi, Lady Rowena chemise can be purchased separately in our store.  

18 of June 2019

Q1:Does the price include dress and underwear together?Q2:I'm in China,What language should I use to describe my address?Chinese or English? Thanks

ArmStreet Team

Hi, Lady Rowena chemise can be purchased separately in our store. Please enter your address in English and leave a comment to your order with the address in Chinese. 

13 of September 2018

Is it the current pale lavender that has that lovely green shift to it, or is that the original pale orchid?

ArmStreet Team

Hi! Pale Orchid velvet is shown on the pics of the listing. Pink lavander color is more "pinkish". 

Lorraine seviere
08 of August 2018

Hi, could you make the flax underdress any darker colour than white? I would like to wear this for my daughters wedding but white would be inappropriate - very many thanks


Hi, Lorraine! Yes, we can make it in natural color upon request. Please simply leave this comment to your order at the checkout.

22 of October 2017

What colour is on the Photo Light Grey or Pink Lavendel?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Natalia, Pale Orchid is shown on the pictures of the listing, but it is not available anymore, unfortunately. 

14 of October 2017

Pleas can you tell me if it is possible to order the headdress worn with this dress? Thank you.


No, sorry, the headpiece is not produced.

21 of May 2017

Is it possible to get the Lady Rowena dress made without the trim?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Samantha, it is not possible, unfortunately. 

28 of February 2017

Hi! I see that this dress can be made out of natural velvet rather than stretch - how much would a custom sized dress in natural velvet, f.ex. blue, cost?

ArmStreet team

The dress can be made of natural velvet for $115.00 extra. If that works for you, you can just place an order through the website and mention in the comments that you`d like the dress to be made of natural velvet. Once we receive the order, we`ll send you a PayPal invoice for the extra.
Natural velvet is available in deep blue and burgundy, other colours need to be confirmed.

Ellen Tarr
31 of December 2016

Is it likely they light grey velvet will be available again?

ArmStreet team

At the moment we cannot tell if the fabric will be available again at all, sorry. It is not supplied any more, unfortunately.

Lisa Plug
17 of November 2016

Do you still make the head piece this model is wearing?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Lisa, it was made once for the photo shoot only. 

13 of November 2016

Hi! I've just seen you have added the "pink lavender" as custom choice of velvet... It's possible to see somewhere the fabric with natural and artificial light? I was in love with the pale orchid - It's this choice a little close to it? I would like also know if it's possible to order the dress without trims and fur. Thank you!

ArmStreet team

The Pink Lavender velvet is similar to the Pale Orchid, but it doesn`t have the grey shade.
The dress can be made w/o fur, but it is not possible to make it w/o trim due to some technical reasons.


08 of October 2016

Is it possible to be made in a less heavy fabric? I live in a very hot area.

ArmStreet team

The dress is available in velvet only, sorry.
Please check our linen dresses, you`ll find there a lot of interesting items!

Denise Boewe
26 of September 2016

Hello, Can this dress be made in wool? Thank you! Denise

ArmStreet team

The dress cannot be made of wool, sorry.

Vikki Merritt
15 of July 2016

I am looking at your Lady Rowena dress in the pale orchid color. It states that it is not available in that color any longer. I would love to have that color or something close to it. What options would I have other then what I see on this page? I need it for my daughters wedding on March 11 2017.

ArmStreet team

Unfortunately now we can offer you only those colors which you can see on our webpage. Grey velvet looks as delicate as Pale Orchid one and Burgundy velvet looks very noble too!

10 of June 2016

Is it possible to make this dress in a shorter length (knee length)?

ArmStreet team

Sorry, unfortunately this dress cannot be made of knee length.

Deidre arzy
21 of January 2016

I love this dress but don't care for off the shoulder. Can this be made to sit on the shoulder enough to cover bra straps?

ArmStreet team

Yes, to prevent falling off the shoulders, we recommend to measure the length of your shoulder (shoulder length from neck to external point of the shoulder, #3 in our chart) and shoulders breadth from the back, and add these measurements in a comment to your order.

09 of November 2015

Hi there could this be done in blue, with blue trim and blue on chemise but without the fur ?

ArmStreet team

This dress can be made in blue with blue trim and without fur. The chemise cannot be made in blue, white is the only option, sorry.

09 of November 2015

Also could it be done in time for wedding on feb 1st ?

ArmStreet team

Of course, we have enought time for manufacturing and shipping. Please be sure to mention your deadline in a comment to your order.

07 of June 2015

Is it possible to do a custom trim rather than blue or red?

ArmStreet team

Optionally can be made with silver, gold or green-gold Celtic trim, “Green Sleeves” trim, “Lady Hunter” trim, blue or purple-peachy “Lady of the Lake” trim for some extra.

21 of May 2015

Hi there! I was wondering if the Rowena gown can be made from flax linen instead of velvet. Thank you!

ArmStreet team

Sorry, this dress cannot be made of flax linen.

Jessica Beck
12 of February 2015

Hello. I am interested in your pieces. My fiance and I would love to order from you for our Renaissance Faire wedding. I have 2 questions: 1) For the “Knight of the West” men's tunic, I see that you are currently out of stock on the black with gold trim. When will you have more in stock? 2) For the Lady Rowena dress, the pale orchid velvet is not available, but will you have it available in the future? If not, is there a color similar to that which I can order? I certainly wouldn't mind paying extra for the custom order, as long as it is reasonable. Thank you, and I look forward to your response. Kind Regards, Jessica Beck

ArmStreet team

Unfortunately there is no information whether the gold brocade will be available ever again. Production of the "pale orchid" color velvet is stopped, sorry. To date the dress is available in three colors only: grey, burgundy and blue.

Kirsten Thomsen
08 of October 2014

I am totally crazy about your dresses, and will be ordering soon. :) Just wanted to ask: is it possible to order this dress in white velvet, so that I can get married in it? It is so beautiful, and I am so happy that I found your webste!! Thank you!

ArmStreet team

Thanks! Yes, this dress can be made out of natural velvet in white color for some extra. Please contact us at contact@armstreet.com for more details.

Torunn Meyer
07 of August 2014

Will you get the dress avaliable in pale orchid later. IT would be perfekt for a my wedding .

ArmStreet team

Pale Orchid velvet is no longer produced, sorry. We keep making this model, but in other colors which are available at the moment.

30 of May 2014

Is it possible, to have it in white or ecru colour ?

ArmStreet team

Can be made out of natural velvet in white color for some extra. Please contact us at contact@armstreet.com for more details.

26 of January 2014

Hello, I'm contemplating this dress for my wedding. Could it be made in white silk with a red silk underdress? Thank you.

ArmStreet team

Can be made out of high quality Italian satin for $200 extra per one item ($400 extra per dress and chemise). Natural silk is too thin, it's rather shrinkable and doesn't keep the shape. Thus, it's not the best choice for a wedding.

24 of November 2013

This is absolutely stunning, but I have a question about the small fur details. Is it real, and if so, from what type of animal? Thanks in advance.

ArmStreet team

Sleeves are trimmed with dyed polar fox fur.

Tèa Clark
18 of July 2013

When will it become availible in the original colour?

ArmStreet team

Unfortunately there is no information if we'll get stretchy velvet in "pale orchid" color again.

17 of March 2012

Hi there, is it possible that you could make it in green velvet?

ArmStreet team

Can be made out of natural velvet in green color for some extra. Please contact us at contact@armstreet.com for more details.

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