Medieval aprons for sale

Let’s be honest: hardly any Medieval Ages enthusiast starts working on the character’s appearance with aprons. So one should work the way up to these garment pieces, to become ready to buy medieval aprons.
This simple item made of rectangular (or more complicated shape) fabric with straps to be tied behind the back was even used as an indicator of status or profession of the wearer. Colour, design and material can tell us a lot about the owner. Add this affordable though highly-charged nuance to your medieval outfit!

Aprons from ancient times to nowadays

Aprons were worn by cobblers, tradesmen, fishmongers, clock makers, jewelers, gardeners, cooks, housewives and others. They were made of leather and linen, could be short or long. Protected from dust, stains, wax, heat and extra laundry. Variety of versions spreads from thick leather sturdy “bodyguard” at blacksmith to lightweight fashionable accessory, embroidered and adorned with lacing.
Apron goes deeper in history layers than any other category at our site: even goddesses of fertility and the ancient Egyptians were captured wearing ceremonial aprons. Imagine a line in medieval apron store regardless of time and space: you will meet characters from all the periods and from all the locations here. And what a wide range of items it should be! Some were just a piece of fabric to clean the hands, some almost grew into a complete dress. To keep safe the main dress from stains or to decorate the simple robe with a contrasting accessory, the Middle Ages apron is a must-have piece for any character’s wardrobe.

Here at Armstreet you can find all the basic types of medieval aprons:

  • Viking apron dress
  • medieval apron
  • skirt apron

Don’t beware of soiling your hands in a medieval camp – get a bunch of aprons and replace them as often as you want!