Welcome the wooden stands family to accommodate your armor and armoury: European weapon holders and the traditional design of the German armor stand. As often happens with new lines of products in ArmStreet, we try to find existing solutions of sufficient quality in the market, fail and create our own.

How to store swords and armour?

With care and dignity, for sure. Or in your "ANT" weapon bag in the garage, for example. The lucky blades got shelves in the training room and armour suits – plastic boxes in the basement. Definitely more care, but not much feast for the eyes of a passionate fencer. Simple wooden stands for one or two blades do not require much space in your home office. In return, you receive the pleasure of observing your favourite practice sword or unique collectible European weapon you've inherited.

The sword stands for one and for many

The compact holder for one blade to put on the desk in your office, two blades stand for the living room at home and multiple blades floor stand for you and your fellows in the fencing club. Add the German armor stand with hinges to display your favourite armour suit or to ventilate your HEMA fencing jacket on the balcony – and you are all set.

Wall hanger or real practice weapon

From shorted blades to longswords, from your favourite practice weapon to the European style wall hanger – the simple construction of the holder allows you to use it the way you like. The variety of blades you can place to rest on one or two swords stands is only limited by the minimum length – be sure to check it up prior to placing the order.