Custom medieval necklaces available only at ArmStreet

You’ll be proud of your purchase knowing that every single design we have is either a museum quality historical replica, or created in-house by one of our talented designers. Nothing about our work is mass-produced or outsourced, as we have a complete jewelry workshop full of expert craftspeople working hard to make some of the most beautiful medieval necklaces you will ever see.

Viking Inspired historical replicas

The Vikings have inspired some of our most stunning pieces. An age of opulent silks, expert embroidery and show-stopping jewelry and beads, we couldn’t help but try to re-create some of our favorite pieces we’ve seen in museums. These specific pieces are created using the method of casting where create a mold and then cast from the mold with molten metal. They are then carefully hand finished by our jewelers with care to make sure they have the maximum luster and are free from unnecessary imperfections. This is similar to how they would have actually been made in the dark ages, and we are very proud to be reconstructing medieval pendants with such techniques!

You haven’t seen Middle Ages Pendants and Necklaces like this since the Dark Ages…

Here at ArmStreet, we take pride in creating beautiful designer pieces that stand out from the crowd. We feel that we have truly forged the perfect harmony between historic inspiration and modern style to create a medieval necklace store like no other. So, while we feel that some of our creations are historical replicas, others have sprung forth from our creative minds. There is no end to sources in the medieval world that inspire us to create new and amazing things: -XV century tapestries -Viking knot-work -Pagan symbols -Celtic designs. These are just a few of the fantastic things that have inspired us to create the custom medieval pendants that so many people wear and love every day.

No shortage of unique medieval pendants and necklaces for sale.

Over the years we have developed an eclectic display of necklaces in different styles and materials. Constant experimentation as pushed us to create new and unique offerings from materials we never thought would go together. This has created a line that make excellent LARP necklaces, suitable for elves, orcs, witches, wizards, and anyone else who needs to add a finishing touch to their costume. Some of the interesting materials and methods we have used include:

  • Laser cut filigree effects
  • Leather in combination with metals
  • Cut-through brass with leather backing
  • Choker-style necklaces with metal accents
  • Laser cut brass
  • Russian silver

We also have many different styles of necklaces, which can be used in a variety of different settings. We have seen them worn all around the world, for every kind of event, such a birthday parties, weddings, reenactment, live action roleplay (LARP), SCA, and even with modern clothing! These styles include close fitting but confortable choker necklaces, long pendants on leather thonging and cast necklaces on woven wire chains. We are always updating our collection with more creations, so check back often for more beautiful things from our jewelry workshops!