Medieval socks for sale

Let's have a look down. What do you see there? Bare feet or modern socks hidden shyly inside your period leather shoes? We are happy to offer you better solution! Similar to what we are doing in shoes category with great success for many years already, here again you can benefit from the blend of medieval appearance with modern comfort. Yes, exactly – period looking socks and no need to use garters, can you believe this? However, no one can stop you from using those if you are looking for a more historically accurate look.

Archeological findings made it possible for us to discover several stages of socks evolution:

  • earliest models, made from animal skins gathered up and tied around the ankles;
  • piloi made from matted animal hair;
  • udones, first fitted socks made of fabrics;
  • puttees, the legwraps made of a long narrow piece of cloth;
  • socks as we know them, knitted of woolen thread.

It's alright, it'sock

Not only your feet want to be warm at chilly events early in the spring or late in the autumn. But they want to be as nicely dressed as the rest of the body, no doubt. So you are very welcome to get your pair of bright coloured medieval looking socks here, at ArmStreet online shop.