Medieval Leg armour

Medieval leg armor for sale

Assuming that helmet, sword and goblet are already on hand, what is the next part of the equipment to obtain for a future legendary hero and the lead character of epic songs to be composed? What supports his or her ability to get into the thick of things in time and follow the warlord to the end of the world? Uninjured legs and intact joints.

Step out of your comfort zone straightway into the battlefield! Want to keep your legs safe while retaining freedom of movement and looking sharp – buy leg armor from one of the most experienced and well-known merchants at the market! We use high quality materials and fittings, we continuously improve designs and pay careful attention to the performance criteria.

Where there's demand, there's supply

Our medieval leg armor store offers the most popular styles of legs protection:

  • Splinted greaves and cuisses
  • European plate leg armour
  • Eastern style greaves with cops
  • Rus style medieval greaves

In range of splinted limb protection we’ve created vast variety of implementations: metal plates can be placed over the natural thick leather, under it or even in a staggered arrangement. The plates can be plain stainless or mild steel in severe and ascetic models or covered with etched western or celtic motifs and with snake skin texture. For articles with steel splints hidden on the inner side, the leather surface can be decorated with solid rivets or stylish embossing. Plate medieval leg armor features simple design circa XIV century, Gothic ribbed three-parts sets and western style richly decorated with etching and brass bordering. To make selection area even extensive, let us mention the chain mail segments at Rus style greaves and skillfully fluted poleyns from the late XV century set.

As a counterbalance to such a diversity of styles, middle ages leg armor by ArmStreet has features in common: elaborate design, high-grade polishing, exclusively developed decorative patterns and precise quality control at every stage of production. Such armour provides you with impressive flexibility and confidence in reliable level of protection not to mention astonishing appearance.