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Leg Armor: 3 in 1 Fighting Set

Thigh plates, knee demi-leg and greaves

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Scott Bryant
06 of July 2022

The armor fits perfectly, true to size and the pieces connect and articulate like a dream. The armour was polished to a high gleam for those who like a polished finish, otherwise a piece of 600 grit will finish it fine.

Justin Exner
04 of May 2021

Didn't end up getting any pics of me in full kit, but these legs are very well made, easy to put on and look incredible! The steel was made perfectly to my dimensions, however I docked a star for the leather straps. Even though I had given my leg circumferences all of the straps were WAAAAYYYYY too long and didn't seem to have holes in appropriate spots to tighten them properly. I had to punch new holes and cut the straps short so they weren't sticking out and flopping around. They work great for IMCF longsword duels, the steel is mild and deforms easily in some areas, but the knee caps are sturdy and that's where it counts. However my thighs have received some bruising from blows denting the armor.

Mark Bowen
19 of June 2012

Dealing with this merchant was great and the product and service was outstanding

Marvin Gibbs
15 of April 2012

Handled the sale very professionally and delivered as described! Thank you!

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04 of October 2018

Hello! It is a question. Is the hinge stainless steel? Is rivet and washer stainless steel? Is the lever of the joint stainless steel? I hate rust. best regards.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Tom, they are all made of mild steel, unfortunately.

10 of February 2018

What type of pants should be worn under the "3 in 1 Fighting Set". Would I also need to get Chausses?

ArmStreet Team

Hello Sam, any comfortable classic pants. Yes, of course, it is better to wear leg armor with chausses

Anthony Pongratz
19 of July 2016

I am interested in purchasing a pair of your "Medieval Functional Leg Armor 3 in 1 fighting set"; however, I was wondering if the outside of the knee cop coup be a simple butterfly shape and not coming to a point.

ArmStreet team

Yes, it's absolutely possible. No extra, simply mention this in the comments to your order and we`ll consider it while manufacturing.

Kinya Akiyama
07 of June 2015

Hello. I have request about this product. "Store -- Medieval armor -- Medieval Functional Leg Armor: 3 in 1 Fighting Set" I'd like to make Lower Leg Armour of this product Full - round type. And I'd like to make it stainless steel. Is it possible?

ArmStreet team

It's quite difficult to make them with full-round greaves, such modification will cost about $200 extra. Upgrade to 16 ga stainless steel costs $75 extra, simply add a comment to your order.

Matthew Lambert
26 of January 2015

Would it be possible to get the Medieval Functional Leg Armor: 3 in 1 Fighting Set as a 2 in 1 set instead, leaving out the thigh sections?

ArmStreet team

Yes, you'll save $80. Simply contact us at contact@armstreet.com, we can send an invoice to your PayPal email.

John Smart
03 of March 2013

Hi, What is the difference between this and the "Medieval Legs Armor Set: Knee Cops With Greaves And Cuisses"? Thanks, John.

ArmStreet team

These legs have unique movable joints, you can use their separate parts, removing unnecessary at any time. And the back part of the thigh is partially covered in this model.

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