Medieval Western Arm Armor SCA

Functional European combat arm armour

Standard shipping: $66
Standard shipping time:16-21 Days
Express shipping: $83 to
Express shipping time: 5-8 Days
Manufacturing time: 30-33 Days

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Bailey Thomas Ford
13 of January 2019

Which gauntlets which would go best with this?

ArmStreet Team
14 of January 2019

Hi Bailey! You may select any gauntlets you like and we can make them without etching and with satin finish to match the arms.

29 of December 2014

Is it possible to order for 1 arm? If so, how much would a single arm cost?

ArmStreet team
29 of December 2014

Sure, one armour arm costs $125 + $46 (shipping), price includes current discount. Please contact us at

13 of May 2014

HI Measure myself include clothes and padding? Or just measure body,thank you

ArmStreet team

Please take measurements over the padding clothes/gambeson.

Tomoo Hamasita
06 of November 2011

Hello! I purchased the armor of this arm. It is very satisfying armor. A fit is good for an arm and a motion is also good. It was good to buy it. Thank you.

ArmStreet team

Thank you, Tomoo! Always welcome back!

19 of September 2011

Does this set of armor match Medieval Legs Armor Set: Knee Cops With Greaves And Cuisses?

ArmStreet team

Matching legs armour set is here - Medieval Combat Leg Legs Armor With Cuisses.

David Mesimer
14 of April 2011
The forearm measurement is like biceps, circumference correct?
ArmStreet team
15 of April 2011

How  measure yourself you can check  here -

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