Stainless Sabatons “Paladin”

Knight's armour sabatons, 15th c.

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05 of February 2017

Hello, in your reply to, Robert's, question about good shoes for these sabatons you said that the High Boots "Forest" or Pirate Boots are the only ones that are comfortable enough to wear. I was wandering if the "Medieval Fantasy High Field Shoes Paladin" would be comfortable since they are the shoes that are modeled in the picture with the sabatons? I just prefer the way that the shorter boot/shoe looks. That's why I'm asking. Thank you for your time.

ArmStreet team

Sorry, for misleading you in that comment, sure, the Paladin shoes should work great with the sabatons as well.

02 of June 2015

what boots/shoes do you recommend I wear with sabatons.

ArmStreet team

Only high boots “Forest” or Pirate boots provide the necessary level of comfort when wearing with the sabatons.

Clifford Morton
20 of March 2015

Absolutely beautiful armor! Wonderful fit. High quality, great workmanship!

Jessie Hall
11 of February 2014

Item arrived in great condition and looks awesome. Thank you.

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