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Knight Armor Kit “Paladin”

Medieval stainless steel armour, 15th c.

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22 of March 2023

this stuff be yummy in me tummy ahhhh

26 of November 2022

Nice armour. Needs a little modification for jousting but a great base.

N r
21 of March 2022

Thos is riley cool

05 of June 2020

A truly wonderful set of functional art. I can't wait for our next medieval event to show it off! 10/10 would buy again.

Bruce Webb
04 of November 2015

High quality breastplate. Good workmanship. Will deal with again. Very pleased.

ArmStreet team

Thank you for the review, Bruce! Always welcome back to ArmStreet!

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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14 of May 2023

Is it possible to make this in 18ga steel?


Hi James, sorry, it's not possible to make this armour completely in 18 ga steel. The knees, elbows, cuirass must be made at least 1.2 mm thick. Otherwise we can manufacture it in spring steel, it will be thinner, lighter but more expensive.

08 of August 2022

is it available without etching?

ArmStreet Team

Yes, please simply leave a comment to your order that no etching required. 

29 of July 2021

Your craftsmanship is unparalleled, I look forward to putting together a full Paladin set in the days to come. I have found answers to every piece listed In regards to the Paladin armor set including alternate items for the Helm, Gloves, Enclosed Shins, Padding sets, Boots and even clothing minus one piece. Which cloak are you using in your photos?

ArmStreet Team

Thank you for your feedback. The cloak was created for the photo shoot only. You may select any other cloak in our store here

07 of February 2020

can you wear this armor set for knight fights

ArmStreet Team

Yes, of course. 

27 of January 2020

Im looking to buy this armor piece by piece instead all at once how do i go by measuring for the armor do i measure for it with or without armor padding because i have armor padding to go with the armor

ArmStreet Team

Please send us your measurements with padding that will be worn with the armor. 

30 of December 2019

Would it be possible to get this in a gold color?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Amelie, it is not possible, unfortunately. 

15 of December 2019

So approximately how many millimeters thick is it?

ArmStreet Team

It is 1.5 mm thick. 

28 of November 2019

Can I get the armor in 14 gauge steel

ArmStreet Team

Hi Zaid, unfortunately, it is not possible, because overlapping plates won't fit and look nice. Besides, it will become a lot heavier. 

25 of November 2019


25 of November 2019

Question, do the sabatons come with special shoes....if not where can I get them

ArmStreet Team

Hi Zaid, the sabatons can be made for any boots (the ones that you own or purchased in our store).

24 of October 2019

Been staring at this piece for a while now, definitely intending to get it, some day. Quick question, however. If this were to be purchased without the etching, and replacing certain parts from other sets (specifically the pauldrons and arm harness with the Errant Squire II parts and the gauntlets from Kingmaker), how would such adjustments affect the overall price of the set? Or are there compatibility issues when trying to mix-and-match a little bit like that?

ArmStreet team

Hi Joseph! This mix-and-match is possible. For pricing please contact our support team. 

28 of June 2019

Hi, I think this armour is absolutely gorgeous, but can it be made to fit female measurements as well? Or are my only options the explicitly female armour?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Tristenne, yes it should be possible. Kindly send us your measurements so we could confirm it with our production team (full height, bust circumferene, waist circumference, bicep circumference). 

Ivan L
05 of March 2019

Are the pauldrons using arming points or buckles to hold them in place? I know arming points and laces are more historically accurate but would prefer buckles and straps attached to the gorget.

ArmStreet Team

Dear Ivan, the laces are used to attach the pauldrons to the gorget. We can make the clasps like on the Bird of Prey gorget upon request.

15 of December 2018

Out of curiosity, about how much does this weigh? I'm 5'6".

ArmStreet Team

Dear Michael, each armor set is made individually in custom size, plus it can be made in thicker/thinner steel so the weight varies. However, the average weight of this armor set without helmet is 28-30 kg. 

Eli Hollis
18 of November 2018

Hi guys! I'm very interested in this set, but I do have a question. If I wanted this set, without the sabatons or gauntlets, would it lower the price?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Eli, yes of course, please contact our support team for the price. 

05 of November 2018

I'm interested in purchasing this set of armour for HMB, but I will like to know if it can be brought unetched and if that will save money?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Owen, yes we can make it without etching and the price will be lower. Please contact our support team for details. 

18 of March 2018

Does all the armor attach together or will I need the attach each to a gambeson and chausses?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jack, the armor parts are attached together and to the gambeson and chausses. 

07 of March 2018

I will definitely be buying this in the next few months or so! be expecting me ahaha, one question however, is there only one etching pattern?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Brice, custom etching might be possible. Please contact our support team with your design so we could discuss it with our production team and calculate the price for you. 

30 of November 2017

Is it possible to have this set formed for more of a female shape? I know you have the female sets of armor but I'm much more interested in the full body sets like this one. However I, As a female, have a few extra curves that men do not and I was just wondering if it is possible to make this armor set accordingly? Thank you so much.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Cassandra, yes it should be possible. Please contact our support team with your measurements for further assistance. 

22 of October 2017

Perfect armour! but I have a question, it's possible this armour without decoration? I mean, only polishing, really I'm very interested, thanks!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Juan, yes we can make it withour etching with a satin or mirror polishing. 

Patrick Anderson
17 of September 2017

Does the armor come with the Gambeson and cape?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Patrick, gambeson and cape are not included in price. 

15 of March 2017

I'm very interested in purchasing a set of armour here but I have a few questions. First is there any payment systems in place since buying a set of armour is quite alot and having smaller payments over time while the set is being made would definitely help! And also what are the different pieces of garments you would recommend getting for whereing with this set of armour? I.e shoes, pants, padded cloths and such. Any help would be very appreciative!

ArmStreet team

We can split the payment, for example you pay a half now and the other half when the armour is ready. We have a lot of great gambesons, pants: Medieval Arming Pants Chausses “Paladin”Medieval Hosen “Hound Of War”, and the shoes.

Ivan L
06 of February 2017

Can this be upgraded to 14 ga stainless steel? If so how much extra?

ArmStreet team

By default the armour mostly is made of 16 ga stainless steel (some small details are 18 ga). Theoretically, can be made of 14 ga stainless steel (small details - 16 ga or 18 ga), but please note that the kit will be very heavy.
Such an upgrade will cost about + 50% of the cost.

Adam Smith
11 of December 2016

just wondering if it was possible to swap the mitten gauntlets for hourglass just curious

ArmStreet team

The armour kit originally goes with these gauntlets. Please let us know which gauntlets you`d like as a replacement.

Ian Haggerty
19 of August 2016

Hi what sort of upkeep is required for this suit of armour? If i Damage it can a black Smith repair it easily? thanks

ArmStreet team

The armor made of stainless steel doesn't require any special care. You can clean and polish the armor with a dry soft cloth and any sort of oil (for example, waste engine oil). Do not polish the surface with the abrasive materials. Water ingress is permissible, but not desirable (do not wipe the product with a damp cloth, do not immerse in water, do not wash in the washing machine). After each use, the armor should be cleaned and wiped dry. Keep the armor in dry ventilated area, sudden temperature changes must be excluded. Before the long-term storage, make sure that all parts of the armor are clean, dry and completely covered with oil. If the damage can be repaired or not actually depends on the seriousness of the damage.

Marco Aurelio Rocca
08 of August 2016

Hi there, This is a wish-list top! What is written all over the suit, in latin? Can it really sustain charge from mad guys at HMB combats? I mean, without going to trash afterwards? Congratulations for the beautiful work! Marco, Brazil

ArmStreet team

Speaking about inscriptions, do you mean this armor kit? On this one there is decorative etching, but it`s just a pattern, nothing is written there.

Many of our customers are taking part at HMB combats, so most of our armor meets SCA, BOTN and some other`s leagues` standarts.

fabio bari
25 of July 2016

dear sir how much the mild (cold-rolled) steel version of Paladin Knight Armor Kit for reenactment? And do you send a invoice? Please send me a reponse. Best Regards Fabio Bari

ArmStreet team

The price of the mild steel armor kit is the same, you can order it via our website and just mention in the comments to your order that you would like it to be made of mild steel. Please note, mild steel stains fast enough and reguires much more maintenance than stainless steel.

23 of July 2016

Does this armor meet the standards be used in the ACL (Armored Combat Leauge)? Also, what is the average time it takes to ship once ordered? Thanks.

ArmStreet team

Basically any of our stainless armor meet standarts of ACL and SCA, but we recommend to consult with your local representative of AC league on this matter if there is one. Most of our helmets can be upgrated to 2.5 mm, it will cost +30% of the price. For the Paladin kit we'd recommend to upgrate the bascinet.

Natalie de Clare
18 of July 2016

Is this functionally battle ready? Can it be used for Battle of Nations and Historical Medieval Combat tournaments?

ArmStreet team

Yes, it's battle ready and meets all the Battle of the Nation's standards. Many of our customers take part in this event, so we focus on these rules while producing the armor.

21 of June 2016

In regard to the cape and the etching, would it be possible to get a family crest put on it

ArmStreet Team

Hi Ryan, yes it is possible. Please contact our support team with your design. 

Luke milbourne
05 of March 2016

hey i was wondering if this was available without the etching

ArmStreet Team

Hi Luke, yes we can make it without etching. 

20 of January 2016

I was wondering is it possible to get this armor with a Nordic Knot work etched into the armor instead?

ArmStreet team

Of course, you can make and send the illustrations directly to armstreet.com@gmail.com. Please specify where each image should be placed, and we will discuss this with our designer.

05 of December 2015

can you make the gauntlets fingered instead of clam shell style and keep the etching on them

ArmStreet team

Yes, these gauntlets with fingers will cost $99 extra.

Simply order via the site and add a comment about the upgrade to your order, we'll send an invoice for the extra charge to your PayPal email.

07 of April 2015

I love the suit of armor, it is one of the most beautiful suits that I've ever seen and I intend on saving the money and purchasing it. The only thing that I would ever change about it is that the back of my calves were to be covered in plate; I intend on wearing chainmail chausses.

ArmStreet team

Thanks!! These greaves can not be modified into full-round, sorry. Optionally we can make Full-round Lower Leg Armour with etching, brass rivets and buckles to match the Paladin set. Such greaves will cost about $470 + $56 (shipping).

Douglas T
25 of March 2015

Would this kit actually have been worn with Mail on under it and on top of the gambeson, with an arming cap and a coif to be more "historically accurate"? Do you have arming caps?

ArmStreet team

With regard to historical accuracy the chain mail is not required, but can be used together with this set. Padding clothing, such as gambeson and choses, is required.
All our helms come with padded arming caps by default, arming coif is also available in the store.

21 of March 2015

How did you make it look so pale? I love mithril colors.

ArmStreet team

This is the original color of stainless steel that we use. Also etched parts of the armor have darker gray color and fine-grained structure.

16 of December 2014

what all comes with this deal everything in the photos or no?

ArmStreet team

Included: cuirass, gorget, pauldrons, arms, gauntlets, tassets, legs, greaves, sabatons.
Not included: helmet, sword, cloak and other clothes, belt, grilled chicken ;)

16 of December 2014

Is this armor capable of being worn into a medieval tournament or not?I would appreciate it.

ArmStreet team

Sure, the armor is absolutely functional and suitable for tournaments. It's intended for full contact reenactment fighting.

20 of November 2014

Can this armor be made in a female version? I'm small but this armor set is my absolute favorite!

ArmStreet team

Yes, simply add a comment to your order (the shape of the cuirass should be slightly changed).

18 of October 2014

i am in sca an i need a new suit of armor mine has been beat to death lol. my sca knight said it has to be 12g steel of 14g stainless steel. can you make the Paladin Kit in 12g steel of 14g stainless steel and if not which full suit of armor could you do that in. thank you

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jonathan, yes we can make it in 12 ga steel. Please contact our support team for the price. 

22 of September 2014

Does the red under suit also come with the pants or not?

ArmStreet team

Gambeson and choses are not included, they can be purchased separately.

22 of September 2014

Could you fight in this armor or is it more a costume?

ArmStreet team

All our armor is absolutely functional, we make it specially for SCA, HMB and reenactment fighters. You can watch some video with our armor here.

21 of September 2014

Where can i get the helm in the photo?

ArmStreet team
Devin O'Neill
11 of August 2014

I see that there is an option for mild steel, I was wondering if there was a difference in price, and if there were any pictures available. I do combat reenactment, and am highly interested in your armour set.

ArmStreet team

This kit in mild steel will cost the same. Please note that we don't recommend ordering etched pieces in mild steel, as mild steel rusts.

19 of June 2014

I love this set! Is the cape included too?

ArmStreet team

Cape is not included, it's available for $140.00 extra.

David Evans
04 of March 2014

do you offer payment plans on the armor suits?

ArmStreet team

We can split total value of your order into two payments, simply contact us.

05 of November 2013

So saving up for the etched paladin armor!! Just wondering though would it be better to measure after putting on the under armor?

ArmStreet team

Please measure yourself wearing padding and other underarmor gear (like chainmail etc).

24 of July 2013

Can you upload a video when the guy in clothes is armoring up the guy? pppppppllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, I never seen a video like that ppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz

ArmStreet team

You're welcome to watch this video.

13 of June 2013

Is it possible to purchase the bracers from this set separately?

ArmStreet Team

Hi James, yes it is possible. 

09 of June 2013

Wow, this kit would be fantastic to joust in! Great work!

ArmStreet team

Thanks for your comment! We really like this kit too:)

25 of May 2013

Beautiful armor. How much would it cost if there was no etching ?

ArmStreet team

You'll save $400 approximately. Simply contact us and we'll discuss all the details.

17 of May 2013

I like everything about this suit except the pauldrons. could they be swapped for the older style "paladin" pauldrons. For clarification, your "Armor Pauldrons Spaulders Medieval SCA Etched". if so, what's the price difference. thank you

ArmStreet team

Can be made with older Paladin pauldrons, you'll save $80.00.

14 of May 2013

i really want to buy this suit but i need know how heavy, how many many kilos is this one ? and if i want to buy this should i just fill up the measurment boxes with my body's measurment and do the payment or what ?

ArmStreet team

Its weight is about 36-38 kg (79-84 lbs), depending on the measurements. Please note, that this is the weight without any helmet.

Yazeed M.
22 of April 2013

Does this set of armour come with the red undershirt?

ArmStreet team

The gambeson is not included, but you can order it here.

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