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Klappvisor Bascinet “Paladin”

Functional fighting helmet

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Lucas Johnson
09 of December 2015

Just received my helm, it fits perfect. It is by far the most comfortable medieval helm I have ever tried. The interior lining keeps your head safe during head shots and does not leave your head ringing. I could not have asked for a better helmet, thank you Armstreet.

ArmStreet team

We are pleased to get such a great feedback! I will be sure to share your feedback with the armorer.

It would be great if you share some photos!

Luis Bush
20 of January 2014

Arrived in great condition. Sweet helm!!! Thanks. Highly recommend.

ArmStreet team

Thanks for your great feedback!

Sam Anderson
09 of December 2013

5 star site this helmet is a work of art have already purchased again.

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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06 of January 2019

Could you get this helm with the knight of fortune style of etching?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Tristan! Yes, it should be possible. Please contact our support team for the price.

03 of August 2018

Is this visor SCA legal?

ArmStreet Team

Yes, it is. 

28 of September 2017

Hello-- is this visor 14 gauge by default or is that an upgrade?

ArmStreet Team

The visor is 14 ga by default. 

21 of February 2017

Is it possible to get this without etching and could it have a discount?

ArmStreet team

The helmet can be made with no etching, you`ll save about 15% from the original price. Since now the helmet is already discounted, the price will be as listed, just mention in the comments to your order is you need etching or not.

Ben Mackie
20 of August 2016

Hello, I was looking at your prince of the east armor, and was wondering if it also comes with the chain mail curass it says it comes with a curass, and it says that it wont come with the helmet, but it doesnt say anything else about it. I will buy the armor if it also includes the chainmail but I probably wont otherwise. Please let me know what the armor includes. Thanks so much sincerely -Ben M

ArmStreet team

The chainmail is not included to the armor kit Prince of the East. The helmet is available separately.

14 of May 2016

How think is the steel in these suits of armor?

ArmStreet team

This helmet is made of 14 ga (2 mm) stainless steel. Most of our armor is made of mild or stainless steel 1.5-2.5 mm, usually steel thickness is specified in the description of the item.

Kelly Way
30 of March 2016

Can this be done without etching?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Kelly, yes we can make it without etching. 

Brandon Riddell
17 of March 2016

Hey team do you guys have a rivited aventail option available for this helm?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Brandon, yes we can make riveted aventail for $70 extra. Please simply leave this request in the comment to your order. 

randall courtney
25 of June 2015

can you make this in 3 mil ss? I am concerned sca fighting will dent this a lot also is there a picture of your bar grill for this helm.

ArmStreet team

Cannot be made of 3 mm steel due to the technical reasons, sorry. This helm can only be made of 14 ga (2 mm) stainless or mild steel.

Bar grill for this helmet is the same as pictured here.

09 of June 2015

Could I get this without the aventail so I can add my own riveted one?

ArmStreet team

Yes, you'll save $50 on the aventail. Just email us at contact@armstreet.com to get the discount.

29 of May 2015

i Wear glasses. Would this helm be comfortable while wearing glasses?

ArmStreet team

According to the SCA rules, ordinary glass lenses are prohibited. We recommend replacing them with contact lenses, or wearing motorcycle goggles over the glasses. Then measure your head 1. as usual, along the eyebrows and 2. along the most exposed points of the goggles. Also please mention this detail in the comments to your order.

20 of May 2015

I was looking at your armor and some of them say that it is made of stainless steel but when you go into the order form it is only available in steel. Can you tell me which armors are available in stainless steel that meet SCA fighting standards? Thanks

ArmStreet team

If the description says that armor can be made of stainless steel upon request - just add a comment to your order. We'll send an invoice for the extra charge to your PayPal email.

26 of April 2015

I was wondering if you considered having more alternative Elf armor, nowadays, there's an absurd amount of stuff and taking some inspiration from Weta (wink wink) couldn't hurt.

ArmStreet team

We produce only uniquely designed models; we don't copy the designs of the other authors/movie costumiers/game developers etc, since it can be regarded as a violation of intellectual property rights.

Elijah Yager
05 of March 2014

I was curious as to if the heavy klappvisor bascinet etched functional SCA armor paladin came with a chin strap. Thank you, Elijah Yager

ArmStreet team

Yes, chin strap is included.

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