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Eastern Europe Medieval Helmet

Functional combat helm, Ukrainian origin

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Manufacturing time: 28-42 Days
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Thomas Stoller
10 of August 2021

Great helmet. The fit is amazing and I absolutely love wearing it. the padding is nice and cozy even in the summer heat and it actually feels lighter on my head than carrying it in my hands. I wore it at my local Renaissance Faire and everyone I met thought it looked amazing.

Brian Anderson
17 of May 2014

I received my amazing helmet in the mail! I couldn't resist and put it on as soon as I unwrapped it! You guys did a GREAT job, and your customer service was absolutely AMAZING! I will continue to recommend your company to my friends, and I wish you all the best!


Thank you for your order and permission to post your picture here!

Medieval Slavic Fighting Helmet

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20 of September 2018

Is it possible to have the spike removed?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Tristan! Yes, it is possible. However, there will be an arming cap instead of the spike.

05 of September 2018

Is there an upgrade option for a stainless aventail? I live in Florida and everything rusts quickly here in the humidity. Thanks!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Holly! Stainless steel butted aventail is made for this helm by default. We can upgrade it to riveted aventail for extra charge upon request. 

16 of May 2018

Hey is that butted chainmail for the aventail?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Christopher, yes it is butted chainmail but can be riveted upon request and extra cost.

17 of March 2018

Hello, I was wondering if I could make a few alterations to the helm, first the nose guard to be squared off. Then with the SCA protection underneath the aventail. Lastly, the aventail being riveted instead of butted mail. Thank-you for your time in reading this and respond whenever convenient as I am just brainstorming rather than in dire need of a helm.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Tristan, yes all alterations are possible. 

Tracy Kendall-jones
09 of December 2016

Hi Do you ship to New Zealand? If so, please could you advise shipping cost. Many thanks, Tracy

ArmStreet team

Yes, we ship to New Zealand. Regular shipping is $64.00, express shipping is $110.00.
You can choose the shipping kind in your cart.

cheryl doyle
31 of August 2016

hello! if I order this helmet, are the eye-holes going to be slanted like the one in the picture above? thanks

ArmStreet team

Yes, the eye-holes will be placed as on the photos. Please note that the helmet you`ll get can slightly differ from the one on the photos as all the helmets are handmade and no two helmets are absolutely the same.

Matthew Craven
23 of May 2016

Can you make the following helmet from 12 ga Stainless steel with Chainmail aventail, hidden protection (front, side and back hidden plates)? 

ArmStreet Team

Hi Matthew, yes it is possible, but costs a bit extra. Please contact our support team for the price. 

09 of February 2016

Is the SCA protection apparent or is it all hidden under the aventail?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Nick, the SCA protection is hidden and it is made upon request (no extra cost).

20 of September 2013

Is it possible to have the spike shortened? And is this helmet able to be made to meet SCA qualifications?

ArmStreet team

Shorter spike - yes, simply add a comment to your order.
For SCA you can order it with hidden protection for $50 extra.

05 of February 2011

Hi...will the internal face mask and neck guard make this helm meet SCA regulations.

ArmStreet team

Yes, that's why we offer this option ))

Now you can learn more about our SCA-adjusted helmets!

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