Arm Armor “Paladin”

Medieval arms with etching, 15th c.

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Manufacturing time: 18-21 Days

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Massimiliano Latini
07 of July 2014

hi, I want to know if you can buy only one arm for the moment. liquidity problems of money. I await your kind response and if it is possible at that price thank you

ArmStreet Team

Hi Massimiliano, yes it is possible. We can also offer you a payment plan if you wish. 

Alex Ferguson
10 of March 2012

I was wondering if the creation of your wonderful armor takes into consideration under armor, such as a padded shirt or chainmail or is that something the customer needs to supply when giving measurements? Thanks in advance.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Alex, measurements should be taken over the padding/chainmaille unless you order it in our store along with the armor. 

Tommy Boone
05 of September 2011

Item is gorgeous!! Well made! Great Vendor! I'll be back!! Thanx so much!

Gilbert Perry
20 of February 2011

Always a pleasure to purchase and receive. Ranks among the finest creators. Thanks

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