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Apron “Ingrid the Hearthkeeper”

Viking linen apron with exclusive trim

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22 of November 2023

I orderd an extra apron dress and it fit well.

Mandy Smith
31 of January 2023

The most beautiful apron, really well made and fits perfectly. Service was fantastic, thank you so much - cannot wait to order again xx

Deanna Beck
03 of February 2022

I love my innkeeper dress I have already have gotten turtle brooches and made a 3 strand they look gorgeous together. It is a little tight because they were sold out of the next size up but it still works. The one thing tho is that the sizes are in fixed lengths and I am 5'4" so all my pieces have to be shorten quite a bit. But I look at it as extra fabric in case I need to fix something. I will certainly will buy from them again have 3 pieces already. By the way I love your videos.

23 of August 2021

I will be ordering this in yellow byrequest however can i still do this on fixed sizes ?

ArmStreet Team

Custom color is only possible for the custom size option. 

11 of August 2021

The Ingrid dress isn't complete without the apron. It truly pulls the look together. The embroidery is stunning and the full skirt fits the dress's full skirt perfectly. The green matches what the photos show it to be. The straps can be a little hard to get right the first few tries, so do make sure you have some sort of pins or fibulas to hold it up...literally!

21 of June 2021

Always superior quality!!! Beautiful trim work !!! The most authentic apron dress I’ve found! This will definitely stand the test of time!!! , heirloom quality for sure!

Sasha Halvorsen
19 of July 2020

This piece is absolutely stunning. I ordered the pre-made in size 2, and it fits well, just a smidge too large in the chest (we're talking no more than an inch or two). For reference in case anyone is questioning sizes/measurements, I am about 5'4", 120lbs, with a 34in bust. Shipping to the US was a bit wonky, but armstreet was wonderfully communicative and replied quickly each time I messaged, and my order arrived in just under four weeks. I 100% recommend this apron dress for anyone looking for a comfortable and mostly authentic Viking piece!

15 of May 2020

This is the perfect top layer for my Viking costume. There's something about the extra fabric of a full-skirted apron over the Ingrid dress that just makes it magical to move around in. I'm not sure why the thin shoulder straps were chosen, but they're comfortable and they work. I had to sew one of mine back on after it became detached in the wash, but that was my own fault for not hand-washing, and it fixed up just fine. Even though the adjustable lacing in the back isn't really historical, I really like it - makes it easier to slip in & out of, and makes for a more flattering silhouette. I like this so much I'm thinking about getting a second one in a different color. ;)

12 of May 2020

One of my friends bought it for me as a gift and I simply ADORE IT!

12 of May 2020

This was my first purchase from Armstreet, and the dress is GORGEOUS. Unfortunately I didn't measure myself and guessed on the sizing (a tip: DON'T DO THAT! Measure yourself and pay attention to the size chart!) and received an item that was too large for me to wear, and too beautiful for me to alter. Since then its found a home that fits it better. But even if I didn't get to wear it, it's a gorgeous dress. The skirt is SO BIG and spinning around in it really made me feel more like a princess than a viking.

12 of May 2020

I bought this apron to go with my tunics I also bought from here for an historical educational reenactment group I am part of to wear. I did get this apron custom because I am a very tall person. This apron not only fit perfectly it was very comfortable. The event was during the summer and since it was made from linen I didnt overheat. I also was working in it over an open fire... It did get very dirty with food and other dirt. I would use it as it states... an apron.. I would use it to take food off the fire and wipe my hands in it. I had to wash it after every weekend and even after that it held up well.. I have owned this for over 3 years now and still going mostly strong.. The only complaint that I had was that the where the cords are in the back to lace it up the holes are starting to get really destroyed.. also the straps that go over the shoulder had to be resewed on because it frayed off. I got the blue apron with the brown trim

12 of May 2020

Ingrid's Apron Dress was the first purchase I made with Armstreet and I loved it so much I got a second one in another color! Originally, I purchase an in-stock size and I went with a larger size making an adjustment for my odd hip-to-chest ratio. When I received the dress, it was way too big! I contacted customer service and the lady who assisted me was absolutely amazing! They allowed me to return the dress and offered to custom make one to my measurements! I was astounded by Armstreet's customer service and I'm happy to give them our business! This dress has a beautiful cut with a full skirt to twirl around and form-fitting top that ties in the back. I purchased the green one in April 2016 for our friend's themed wedding that we catered. I returned for the brown one last year so that I now have multiple outfits with the different colors.

Esther Bristol
30 of October 2019

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Armstreet since I have fallen for websites claiming to sell medieval clothing and then never coming through with what they promised. Still, I figured I would give Armstreet a try because all the reviews I read seemed so positive and now I know why. They do beautiful, durable, quality work. This apron is my favorite item I bought from them! I feel so beautiful when I wear it that I don’t want to take it off. I will be ordering from Armstreet again.

08 of September 2019

Absolutely beautiful. Wonderful quality linen, bright colors, falls perfectly. Just a smidge larger than I expected for the size I bought, but since its not supposed to be form fitting it's perfect. Thank you!! Also fantastic customer service, very attentive to questions and concerns. Worth the investment, I'll be back for all my garb needs!

Maryanne Lopus
11 of May 2018

Love love love the quality! Fits perfect! Can't wait to wear it for my event! ❤

16 of April 2018

My apron and tunic arrived today. It is absolutely stunning. Thank you wery much.

20 of March 2018

Fits beautifully! Bought premade size for faster shipping and I am very pleased. Beautiful sewing and trim.

Brandi Mitchell
15 of November 2017

Lovely item! Soft, comfortable, well-made. Love the adjustable straps. Shipping was fast and safe. Item as pictured. Would purchase from again.

03 of November 2017
I just received my "Ingrid the Hearthkeeper" apron and tunic. Looooooooove it!!! Thanks a lot!
That`s great! Thank you for your feedback! Always welcome to ArmStreet!
Claire Almquist
26 of September 2016

I love my dress! Fits perfectly, well made, high quality fabric that will likely last a long time. I could not be happier! Highly recommend!!

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03 of May 2023

Dear Armstreet, I have fallen in love with this apron and I would like to order one, but I’m having a bit of an issue with the color. I want to have the apron made with Red burgundy linen, but I see this color is crossed over in every item of the shop, for what I assume you currently don’t have enough fabric of it. I would very much like to know if you’re planning on having burgundy linen back on stock and, if that’s the case, if it will be available with this specific apron. Many thanks, Vian

ArmStreet France

Hi Vian, thanks for being interested in our products. We really don't have burgundy linen for the moment but it should arrive shortly. Just follow the update on the website.

Josephine Fanton
15 of June 2022

Will the custom order option for this dress be available anytime soon? I would like to order a color combination that is not offered on here. (Also it might be a good idea to give y'all my measurements so I know for sure it will fit me). Thanks very much.

ArmStreet Team

Dear Josephine, the very moment PUTIN stops the attack on us, we will be able to get back to work. Unfortunately, we cannot take custom orders under the war conditions here. 

Elyta Agustin
23 of October 2019

This is my first time purchasing my medieval dresses here (Thanks to Etsy website I found this Company).Very good quality materials and well made dress. It will last for a long time with good care. The shieldmaiden collection (Apron and tunic dress) was ready to ship. I'm 5'4" tall. I ordered size 6 was a little bigger. So I need to altered 1 or 2 inches it fit me better.Sizing chart/ US sometime it didn't work for each individual.Very good service and professional costumer service. Thanks to Olga. The waiting time is worthy. And here I am,I'm waiting for my second,third,.....seventh parcel i'd ordered from Armstreet in the past 3 weeks. This is my best investment for medieval costumes.

14 of June 2019

Hi! In some of the pins I've seen this in a mixed fabric, as in here: Will this fabric be made available for purchase at any point?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Hayley, yes we are prepearing a limited edition for you, stay tuned :) 

21 of March 2019

Hello! Is it possible to have this apron made in brown linen with the same trim from the tunic of "Eydis The Shieldmaiden"? Possibly with burgundy accents as well...

ArmStreet Team

Hi Johanne, yes it is possible. Please simply leave this comment to your order. 

22 of January 2019

Hello, I received my Ingrid the Hearth Keeper apron and chemise that was made to match the Sheildmaiden Tunic and it fits perfectly and the burgundy colour is beautiful. My only question is how to adjust the straps and do you specifically need a pair of Fibulas to fasten the straps of the apron. Thank you Kendra

ArmStreet Team

Thank you, Kendra, for your feedback! Please find small loops on the apron to tie the straps. Fibulas are needed to cover the knots.  

23 of December 2018

The pair of etched brass are together whit the apron ?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Giulia! The clasps are not included but can be purchased separately here

Charlotte Olsson
17 of December 2018

Is this a whole dress with arms as well? Or is it a chemise underneath?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Charlotte! This is the listing for the apron only. The tunic and chemise can be purchased separately. 

30 of October 2018

Could this apron ever be made in wool, and with possibly with the blue Viking trim?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Elena! Unfortunately, it is not possible to make this apron of wool, sorry. 

05 of September 2018

Would it be possible to order both the Ingrid dress and apron in the undyed linen?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Kate! Yes, we can make both items in natural color linen. Please simpy leave this comment to your order.

30 of July 2018

omg absoutley love it in brown i must have ordering soon soo beautiful the brown and yellow accents defentily i have the apron in green but the brown is outstanding

28 of May 2018

Is it possible to get this outfit (Ingrid the Hearthkeeper, dress and apron) made in toddler sizes? Our daughter is 33 inches long.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Brooke! We can make this outfit for a child only if she is taller than 44 inches. 

26 of May 2018

Can you tell me where this dress usually falls on the body. I would want it to reach just below my knee but in the pictures it seems longer.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Lotte! Custom length is possible. Please contact our support team for details. 

07 of May 2018

Can this still be made to match the Eydis dress/tunic? I saw in a past reply it could be but I don't see the colors stated in that reply in the custom options? So I am no sure how to go about ordering it to match, or is currently the colors are not available?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Mikaela! Yes, it is possible. Please simply leave this request in the comment section to your order. 

04 of December 2017

Can the apron be made without the trim? :)

ArmStreet Team

Hi Malin! Yes, it is possible. 

14 of September 2017

Is this outfit durable for larping use?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Emy! Yes, of course

Alicia Zigay
21 of May 2017

Is there any chance this apron comes in a darker green? I would love to have it with the Bjorn the Woodman blue and green trim.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Alicia! Unfortunately, we do not have dark green linen. The only green linen color that we have it shown on the pictures of the listing. 

18 of March 2017

Good Evening- Where would I see an example of your "Dragon" trim, which you mentioned was available in red or blue? Many Thanks- Bríghid

ArmStreet team

You can check our trims here, the Vikings' trims are at the very bottom of the page.

Melanie Grenier
25 of December 2016

Has the Ingrid dress been discontinued? I no longer see it in the custom option, or even in the size 12, which I am.

ArmStreet team

The dress and apron were unavailable in custom size as we were out of the Ingrid trim. Now they are back, you are welcome to order!

28 of October 2016

I see that the "Ingrid" apron is available in black linen, if one orders in the Custom category. Which of your trims would be most compatible with this colour choice? Many Thanks.

ArmStreet team

I would recommend going with an original Ingrid trim and choosing Blue or Green color for the accents. Also, our Dragon trim should look great, can be chosen in Blue or Red.

24 of October 2016

I've been watching this for a while and it's been available only in size 0 for some time. Are more sizes coming?

ArmStreet team

The apron is available in stock in other sizes in Blue color at the moment. We can`t provide any accurate info when the apron in green will be in stock in other sizes.
Also, while we have the great autumn sale, you have a good chance to order a custom made apron for a lower price.

17 of July 2016

Do you make custom sizes for plus size women?

ArmStreet team

Yes, we do work with custom size for most of our models. Just switch to the tab "Custom size" and enter the needed measurements to the special fields. Please check how to measure yourself in a proper way.

22 of June 2016

Can the apron be made in green with the green and black trim from autumn princess linen dress?

ArmStreet team

Yes, can be made in green with green Autumn Princess trim upon request (in custom size only, all fixed size aprons come with standard trim), please mention preferable trim in a comment to your order.

paulette gehrke
06 of April 2016

With the linen viking apron - I understand the fibula's are not included and I have found them on your site to purchase. However - do you carry the necklace also?

ArmStreet team

The strings of beads are not included, they are not available for order, sorry.

05 of January 2016

Hello! I was wondering, can I custom-order this apron dress and the dress tunic under it with the silver Celtic trim from the "Chess Queen" dress? Thanks!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Shannon! Yes, it is possible

Deborah Wood
29 of October 2015

I like the apron dress in green but is it possible to order Viking tunic dress in white? Are prices in US $?

ArmStreet team

The dress cannot be made in White color, sorry. But we can make it in Natural color, it's light and looks more authentic.
Prices on the site are shown in US dollars. Your currency is converted to US dollars automatically when paying via PayPal.

sharyn buss
18 of October 2015

hi there, i have been commissioned to make a wedding dress and the bride really loves the trim on the apron, particularly the birds on the top. please could you advise me where i can get it, or could i get it through you? many thanks sharyn

ArmStreet team

All of our trims are one of a kind, we've designed and made them ourselves. So we do not sell them separately, even for non-commercial use, sorry. Thank you for your understanding.

09 of October 2015

Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to have the apron made using the trims from the 'Eydis the Shieldmaiden' linen dress?

ArmStreet team

Can be made with the Eydis trims, but only in midnight blue (main color) with burgundy accents or in burgundy (main color) with midnight blue accents. Simply mention preferable colors and trim in a comment to your order, no extra for this.

31 of July 2015

Morning, I was wondering if you had pics of your viking line in the other colours and trim accent colours. I am interested in the dress and the apron dress. Was thinking green underdress with brown apron dress but unsure of the accent colours.

ArmStreet team

Such combination is possible, no extra. Then the accents can be made in blue or black. Please mention the colors in a comment to your order.

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