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Viking Oval Fibulas “Ingrid”

Pair of etched brass apron brooches

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Dawn Barker
26 of February 2019

I am interested in these fibulas for my costume but they are shown with two strands of beautiful beads. Can these be purchased also?

ArmStreet Team
27 of February 2019

Hi Dawn, the beads are not for sale, unfortunately. They were made once for the photo shoot only. 

Jeremy Rogers
29 of November 2016

Are these Brass and blackened as stated in the title? or Stainless Steel as in the note?

ArmStreet team

By default the fibulas are Brass, but can be order in Stainless steel as well, just switch to a "Custom size" tab and choose the material.

15 of September 2016

Hi! I'm hoping to use these fibulas with a linen outfit. Do you have any advice on how to pin these on without damaging the cloth? I was thinking of adding buttonholes but would like your input.

ArmStreet team

The idea with the buttonholes is good, as the fibula pin is approx. 2-2.5 mm wide. On the Ingrid the Hearthkeeper costume it is also kept on the buttonholes which are on the apron.

Kelley McCutcheon
30 of June 2016

Can you attach a chain to these to use as a cloak clasp? Thanks!

ArmStreet team

Yes, the chain will cost $15.00 extra. If this works for you, please order via the site and mention the chain in a comment to your order, and we'll send a PayPal invoice for the extra charge to your email.

Kaitlin Bissett
11 of April 2016

I would need these for a Viking Festival I will be reenacting at on May 1st. Is there an option for expedited shipping? I would just hate to get them right after I actually would need them...

ArmStreet Team
04 of January 2019

Hi Kaitlin! Please simply select express shipping option at the checkout and leave a comment to your order with the date when you need the order at hand.

04 of September 2015

Is the string of beads included with the fibulas?

ArmStreet team

The string of beads is not included, this listing is for two clasps only.

04 of August 2015

What kind of clasp is on the back? Please show image of back.

ArmStreet team
05 of August 2015

Pinback button. Back view, welcome! 

Ken Rankin
20 of July 2015

That's a good price!

Rhein Maiden
20 of July 2015

You have some beautiful things!

ArmStreet team

A lot of :)

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