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Chemise “Eydis the Springdancer”

Viking natural linen undertunic

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Flax color

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11 of April 2018

Is this the undertunic shown under the Ingrid outfit?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Laura! Yes, this is the one.

05 of January 2018

Очень доволен покупкой и качеством пошива туники"Эйдис". Жене в самый раз.

Stefanie Cunningham
24 of September 2017

Greetings! Could the Eydis chemise be worn under the Alchemist's Daughter dress? And which chemise has more room in the biceps, Eydis or the Medieval Exclusive XIV Century Style? Thank you! :)

ArmStreet Team

Hi Stefanie! Yes, of course, this chemise will work with Alchemist's Daughter dress. Medieval Exclusive XIV Century Style chemise has more room in the biceps due to the lacing on the sleeves.

Sue Chiarello
26 of May 2017

a question is the dress see through

ArmStreet Team

Hi Sue! Natural linen can be a little bit transparent. However, it is less transparent than white linen that is used for this chemise.

Mona Sophie Kling
01 of November 2016

Hello, when will the undertunic Eydis be available in size 4 again, please? Thank you

ArmStreet team

Restocking frames may vary, at the moment we can`t provide any accurate info when the size 4 is back in stock.
You are always welcome to order a custom-made tunic, please note, now we are offering free regular shipping so it is a great chance to order the custom tunic and get it shipped for free. :)

03 of October 2016

So how would one breastfeed in this? I would have imagined feminine undergarments for a cold climate culture would allow them to stay as covered as possible while feeding their little children.

ArmStreet team

If you`d like to order the chemise, we can make the slit as long as you need, just let us know how long it should be from the neckline in inches or cm. You can add this in the comments to your order.

14 of September 2016

Is this available in any other colors? Thank you

ArmStreet team

The chemise is made of thin fine linen, which is produced specially for base layer clothing. It's available in Natural, White and Black colors, other colors and fabrics are not available for the chemises.

April Casler
28 of July 2016

Is the linen of Viking Linen Undertunic Chemise “Eydis the Springdancer” dye-able?

ArmStreet team

Basically dyeing is acceptable, we dye linen ourselves sometimes, but we can not provide any recommendations or guarantees, sorry. Please note, our clothing is a finished product, and we're not responsible for the outcome of any subsequent manipulations, such as dyeing. You may dye it only at your own risk.

Annika Malmø
22 of April 2016

Question: I'm assuming you use slightly different types of linnen for your chemises. Which (of the open-necked versions) would you say has the softest/lightest/least stiff fabric? I'm looking for a simple chemise to double as a LARP nightgown (for sleeping), and the only one I have is made of a slightly stiffer/thicker fabric that crinkles and can get too hot. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you in advance, Annika

ArmStreet Team

Hi Annika, all our chemises are made of a light thin linen that differs from the one that we use for our dresses. We can also offer you Found Princess and Snow White chemises that are made of marquisette. Marquisette is a very light and transparent fabric that is made of silk and cotton. 

Edie Locke
09 of December 2015

Hello, Can the chemises be made in other colors? If so, are those fabrics also linen? Thank you.

ArmStreet team

Most of the chemises are made of thin fine linen, which is produced specially for base layer clothing. It's available in Natural, White and Black colors, other colors and fabrics are not available for the chemises.

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