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Dress “Ingrid the Hearthkeeper”

Viking linen tunic with unique trim

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Kimberly Johnston
25 of April 2023

This is a beautiful dress. It is extremely well made with great attention to every detail. I will be ordering from Armstreet again.

11 of November 2022

This dress will undoubtedly be one of the most beautiful pieces of my medieval wardrobe! Even with a simple leather belt it looks fantastic, the cut is perfectly neat and comfortable, nowhere too baggy or too tight (though I didn't choose the custom version), the colours are wonderful, and I don't think anyone has ever created a more beautiful trim than the wide green(blue-yellow-brown) "wild duck trim". A real masterpiece!

Kayleigh Pivonka
24 of October 2022

Great product and great customer service!

12 of August 2022

I absolutely love this dress. The quality is exceptional and it looks and feels fantastic. I will be purchasing more!

12 of November 2021

LOVE LOVE LOVE all these wonderful linen dresses! Have purchased multiples in various lengths and colors. Launder beautifully and feel great! Can't buy linen like this anywhere!

11 of August 2021

This dress is so lovely. The linen is breathable, and the detailed trim adds an amazing weight behind it. The full skirt is so much fun to move in. It is true to size, so do make sure you size yourself before ordering . I have the full set (chemise, apron, boots, and belt) and all together it is gorgeous. Highly recommend this (or practically anything from Armstreet)! (I got the Ingrid in natural linen with yellow trim, paired with the green apron.)

02 of November 2020

This tunic is amazing! And the Armstreet customer service is wonderful as well. I had my bridesmaids order their dresses here (since it's a Christmas wedding, they wanted long sleeves), and we asked for blue with red as the contrast and the gold Celtic knot trim. The first dress just arrived, and wow is it beautiful! Before we'd ordered, Armstreet sent me small samples of several colors to compare, and they were wonderful helping me get the dresses ordered in the correct colors and so that they arrive in plenty of time. Thank you, Armstreet!

19 of June 2020
Beautiful Dress! I just received my Ingrid dress and it is beautifully constructed. The details are better than anticipated, and the fit is great. The blue is a bright royal, exactly what I was looking for.
16 of May 2020

Dress “Ingrid the Hearthkeeper” Yet another amazing dress in my Armstreet collection. I purchased this in a size up (in green and brown) so that I could layer a few chemises underneath, for winter events. The construction is fantastic as always, I wore it to four winter camps and (while it is broken in) still looks fantastic and is one of my favorite garments. I love it so much that it has sneaked its way into my daily clothing rotation. I generally wear a size 8 in Armstreet's standard sizes and I ordered a size 10. I will say that I prefer the length of the 10 to the 8 (since I am 5'9"), so I may start ordering custom measurements from now on. I highly recommend this garment. Thank you.

15 of May 2020

The natural linen looks and feels so authentic. The way it's cut, this is one of the most comfortable dresses I own. My only nitpick is the sleeves were a little bit tight even in a custom size, so if you plan on moving around a ton or swinging axes you might want to take that into consideration when providing your measurements. Otherwise I absolutely adore my Ingrid. The full skirt is fun to dance in & the trim is top notch.

12 of May 2020

Las season, I ordered the blue-brown combination and I've fallen in love with it's deep deep blue color. The embroidery is incredibly detailed and every time I sit down on the ground like to study the patterns. The fabric is soft and thin/light-weighted, but crinkles fast. Note that the dress shrinks in laundry (even when washed hand-warm), aspecially the sleeves, so if it fit's perfectly you might consider ordering a bigger size. Nevertheless the perfect summer dress. Oh and if you are a messy eater, like I am, this dress is perfect! The stains barely show!

12 of May 2020

I love this dress!! Got it in olive green with brown trim. Exactly what I wanted.

Deborah Wood
12 of May 2020

I have "Ingrid" in green, as well as the apron dress. I purchased these along with a white chemise for a Viking reenactment group. Excellent quality, perfect fit, comfortable, durable, and easy care. I was surprised how affordable it was. I'm visually impaired, so I truly appreciate ArmStreet's excellent customer service. (My Norwegian Elkhound is also my guide dog.)

12 of May 2020

I bought this tunic to go with my apron I also bought from here for an historical educational reenactment group I am part of to wear. I did get this tunic dress custom because I am a very tall person. This tunic dress not only fit perfectly it was very comfortable. The event was during the summer and since it was made from linen I didnt overheat. I also was working in it over an open fire... It did get very dirty with food and other dirt. I would use it to take food off the fire and wipe my hands in it. I had to wash it after every weekend and even after that it held up well.. I have owned this for over 3 years now and still going mostly strong... This dress was my most used dress I would wear. So this one got the brunt of all the event... After 3 years it just started to need repairs. It's under the arm where my arm rubs up against my body... I had to sew it but this dress has seen rain, sun, heatwaves, fire, and freezing days and I would buy another in a heartbeat!

12 of May 2020

I purchased the Ingrid Tunic Dress last year to pair with my two Ingrid Apron Dresses. My apron dresses are green and brown, so I picked the Natural linen with Yellow accents. This dress is beautiful and it pairs perfectly with the aprons! The embroidery on these dresses is beyond compare! We love the high quality of Armstreet's products! I know when I'm out in the sun, or stuck in the rain, or cooking for a friend's wedding that I don't have to worry about what will happen to my Armstreet outfits! I only wish that this tunic dress came in orange!

06 of April 2020

I would love to see how this dress looks without the belt. Any pics of that?

ArmStreet Team

Hello, unfortunately, we do not have pictures of this dress without belt. 

12 of March 2020
First dress I've purchased. Feels like I am wearing a work of art. Very comfortable and well made. Sealed the deal for future purchases.
06 of February 2020

my fabulous belt came today very Beautiful i'm rather Pleased with its quality and elvish patterns. i'll practice tying it at the front like in the picture Well done armstreet

31 of January 2020

I actually just ordered a second Ingrid tunic. My first one (ordered two months ago) is super comfortable and of really good quality. I've gotten a lot of compliments, and I love wearing it. The only problem is my sister also loves this dress; I'm just waiting for it to disappear from my closet and turn up in hers. :) Well, it does give me a good idea for her birthday. Thank you, Armstreet!

Shaun dartnell
31 of May 2019

The dress was amazing my sister loved it .

28 of May 2019

I can't believe I didn't order this beautiful piece before! I've been a follower of Armstreet since day one but have never had the opportunity to place an order with them until now. And boy was I amazed beyond measure! I ordered the blue version in size 2, it arrived way sooner than expected and was so much prettier in real life. Though the pictures here are very nice, they still do not do the fabric justice. I immediately had to place another order for the chemise in the same collection. All the best from a very happy customer who will definitely be returning in the future.

Jacki Frederick
30 of July 2018

Hello  - been wearing the Ingrid outfit this month - many compliments, I spread the word about your garments.

20 of June 2018

Just received this tunic and the matching underdress in the mail. The fit is spot even with the second layer and postage was fast even to Australia

05 of January 2018

Очень доволен покупкой и качеством пошива. Отличная женская туника"Ингрид".

18 of July 2017

My wife and I just received our order. She was very worried that the dress would not fit. However when it arrived we found it fit perfectly! A fantastic dress. The trim is amazing!

07 of January 2016

Just received my dress- it is BEAUTIFULLY made- no question about it. The only small problem is it is a bit short for my 175cm (size 12)frame and the sleeves also a bit short (I have pretty small- average arm length) Just be wary if you are tall- you might want to get a custom fit to make sure the lengths suits you more. Would recommend though, its beautiful!

ArmStreet team

Many thanks for your feedback!

Please note, our standard size clothing is made full height 5' 6" (168 cm), should fit fine to the growth 5' 5" – 5' 7" (165–170 cm), as stated in the size chart. For those who are taller, we recommend ordering custom size garments (made to order according to your measurements).

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23 of December 2021

What are the washing instructions for your linen items?

ArmStreet Team

Please find them here:

mags myers
15 of January 2020

hello, i rather like this belt she's wearing with the white dress is it available here? can it be worn with jeans/ trousers

ArmStreet Team

Hello, the model is wearing our Viking belt. 

Jamie Algood
07 of September 2019

Hello, I’m wanting to order the “Ingrid the Heartkeeper” dress for my friend’s themed wedding. When I put the size 12 dress into the cart, it suddenly flips into being a custom size and changed the price. Please help!

ArmStreet Team

Dear Jamie, please note that size 12 is out of stock. It does not change your order to custom, it changes to Pre-order, which means that products will be made within several weeks. The price is changed because shipping cost is added automatically. 

21 of August 2019

Is the dress also availlable in midnight blue instead of this bright blue?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Lotte, yes we can make it in midnight blue linen for you. Please seimply select custom size option for the dress, select any color available and leave a comment to your order with the required color for the dress. 

20 of May 2019

Is it possible to have this dress made in black?

ArmStreet Team

Yes, it is possible. Please simply leave this request in the comment to your order. 

04 of April 2019

Can this be made shorter (like just above the knees) so I can wear it like a real tunic with pants?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Lotte, yes it is possible. Please simply leave a comment to your order with a required tunic length. Such custom order cannot be returned or refunded. 

11 of February 2019

Would it be possible to make this in red or dark red linen with yellow accents?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Sivaroobini, yes we can make it in red or burgundy linen upon request. For this, please simply select custom size option for the tunic and leave a comment to your order with the required color combination. Kindly note that such order cannot be returned since we do not offer such color combination by default. 

08 of October 2018

When you custom order, do you put in your measurements and the dress is made slightly bigger, or should you put in measurements slightly larger, so it fits looser?

ArmStreet Team

Hello Katie, please send us accurate measurements and the dress will fit like on the pictures of the listing. 

17 of August 2018

Can this be made in red?


Hi Bec! Yes, we can make it in red linen upon request but it won't look good with green viking trim, unfortunately. 

02 of August 2018

it is soo beautiful in the natural flax linen and with the yellow accent colors my next order with the matching apron with yellow i have this in blue already and apron in green but fell in love with the yellow next to my order please... stunning!

09 of July 2018

Hello, would it be possible to have this dress custom-made in a shorter version (knee-length)? Thank you!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Lou! Yes, it is possible. Kindly contact our website support for more details.

Jacki Frederick
07 of July 2018

Love the tunics and over apron. Only question is Washing instructions? Amount of shrinkage with washing of clothing or trim? Jacki in anchorag

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jacki! Our linen is not pre-shrunk, but if you wash it with hands in warm water it will look and fit nicely for a long time. Dry cleanning is also possible. 

16 of March 2018

I'm curious about when choosing custom colors, if I chose black as the accents would the trim and knotwork still be brown or would it be black in stead?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Britt! The trim will be the same (green/blue) but the linen accents will be black instead of the brown ones that are shown on the pictures. 

24 of February 2018

Hi! Is there any chance to make this dress in burgundy colour? I'd love the combination of a green apron and a burgundy tunic.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Aino! Yes, it is possible. Please simply leave this request in the comment section to your order.

Letizia Castiglione
10 of February 2018

I am 5’ 4” and I saw that your dresses are made for taller people than me. Would it be possible to have this shorter without paying the full price custom order price? I can have the normal size 6 for everything else...I hope you can help me by just making it shorter.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Letizia! Pre-made products cannot be altered, unfortunately. However, you may purchase the apron in fixed size and it will fit since it is shorter than the tunic. The tunic should be purchased in custom size if you would like it to be hemmed.

Ashton Rae
31 of January 2018

Do you guys sell necklaces like the model is wearing in the "Ingrid the Heartkeeper" dress?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Ashton! The necklace is not for sale, unfortunately. It was created once for the photoshoot only, sorry. 

19 of December 2017

On average, how much longer do custom color/size take to ship?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Ulfraudr, manufacturing time is indicated in each listing description. For this particular tunic we need about 2-3 weeks to make it in custom size.

19 of November 2017

Is this tunic also available in the olive flax linen from the “Eydis the Shieldmaiden” tunic?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Lotte, this tunic can be made in olive green linen upon request. However, this particular linen is more dense and tunic will fit differently.

26 of September 2017

Which trim is the model wearing?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Riley! The model is wearing Ingrid trim.

08 of August 2017

I'm 5'2, can it be made to fit my short size?

ArmStreet Team

Hello Fay! Yes, of course, please simply select custom size option for the dress and send us your measurements in the order form.

April Casler
04 of August 2017

I have the Ingrid the Hearthkeeper dress (in blue) and I love it! Would it be possible to have you make me a belt from the wide trim along the bottom?

ArmStreet Team

Hi April! Sure we can make the belt for you. Please contact our support team for more details.

17 of February 2017

Would it be possible to make a custom order of this dress without trim and contrasting color additions?

ArmStreet team

The tunic cannot be made w/o trim and contrast accents, but we can suggest you making Viking Linen Undertunic Chemise “Eydis the Springdancer” of the same Blue linen as the Ingrid tunic.

courtney benstead
24 of December 2016

I was curious if this tunic could be made to reach the ground. I have 2 of your dresses already that I LOVE and I'm waiting for the amazing Archeress Set and would love this. Thank you Your a very Talented team!!

ArmStreet team

Yes, the dress can be made longer, just give us the desired overall length (from the shoulder seam to the bottom hem). Please note this info in the comments to your order.

Katlyn Cinq - Mars
02 of December 2016

BEAUTIFL dress. I'm 5'9' is that to tall? Can this dress be worn for everyday wear?

ArmStreet team

Our fixed sizes are made for full height 5' 6" (168 cm), should fit fine 5' 5" – 5' 7" (165–170 cm). The actual length of the dresses is 58" (148 cm) long.
You can always order a custom sized dress which will be made according to your full height.

07 of August 2016

I was wondering if this dress could be made with short sleeves? Thank you.

ArmStreet team

Basically, the tunic can be made with short sleeves, but it may require the change of the pattern. The original tunic`s sleeve is broad near the armhole and gets more narrow to the bottom, so if we just cut them, the sleeves may look weird.

Carol Chisholm
06 of August 2016

Please can I ask... Can I buy a size 22(English) in this dress? Will it cost more for a larger size? Thank you. Carol

ArmStreet team

Our sizes are different from European, UK and US size systems, please check our size chart. According to our size chart seems like size 12 should fit you. You can also always order a custom size dress which will be made specially for you according to your actual measurements, to do so just switch to a "Custom size" tab, enter your measurements and choose the color preferred.

10 of June 2016

How do you put this dress on? Does it have a closure somewhere? Or does it go over the head?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Anna! This dress goes simply over the head. 

Ashley Carlson
20 of May 2016

I just received my order, and I'm wondering how I should care for it. Is it machine washable? Hand wash? Dry clean? Can it go in the dryer on the delicate setting or should I hand it up or lay it flat to dry? Can I iron it? It's a beautiful dress and fits perfectly. I don't want to mess it up.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Ashley! Handwashing is preferrable. Please dry it flat and iron the dress when it is slightly damp. 

B Lee
24 of April 2016

can this be made in other colours?

ArmStreet team

Yes, this tunic (custom size, made to order) can be made in in natural, brown, green, blue, black, orange, dark blue, yellow; and the accents can be made in brown, green, blue, black. Please note, that the main color of the tunic should differ from the color of the accents. If the preferred color combination satisfies these conditions - just mention it in a comment to your order.

Eric Nation
13 of March 2016

My wife and I are both custom ordering and we are wondering if you can match the color and trim this dress with the light blue of the "eric the scout" tunic?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Eric! Yes, it is possible. Please simply leave this comment to your order at the checkout. 

Dan Collins
12 of December 2015

I love the deer pelt bag. I can't seem to see it on the site. Is it for sale and if so how much?

ArmStreet team

This bag will be available on the site soon, stay tuned!

01 of November 2015

Is this dress longer than the Eydis the shieldmaiden dress?Is it more or less the same pattern? thanks, you make amazing garments!

ArmStreet team

Thank you! They have the same pattern, but Ingrid dress is a bit longer than the Eydis tunic.

22 of October 2015

can this be made without the trim? just the brown cloth border.

ArmStreet team

Yes, the tunic can be made without trim, simply add a comment to your order.

Alexandra Manesi
02 of October 2015

Hello! This is a beautifyl item! I am interested in no 4 but i can see that it is out of stock both in green and in blue colour. Is it possible for you to take an order, and if so, what about the cost? Or maybe if i wait for some time, are you going to produce some more 'Ingrid" dresses in this size?

ArmStreet team

While we cannot provide any accurate information about when the size 4 will be back in stock, sorry.
Please note, you can always order it in custom size (made to order), manufacturing takes 18-24 days, plus shipping - 16-21 days. Simply switch to the "Custom size" tab in the description of the item, click "Add to cart", then "Go to cart". Please tick the preferred color of the dress, then fill in your measurements in the order form and click "Checkout".

Rowena Whaling
25 of September 2015

Hi. I am 5'6'' tall. How far will this dress come above my shoes. Will this be at the bottom of my ankle or near the top of my ankle? Perhaps it will be best to ask how long it is from the shoulder. Thank you. Rowena

ArmStreet team

Pre-made dresses are 56 1/3 in (143 cm) long in sizes 0-8 and 57 in (145 cm) in sizes 10-12.

13 of September 2015

Hello, These prices are only for sizes in stock? I'm interested in size 6

ArmStreet team

Special prices are for the items in stock only; size 6 is out of stock, sorry. But you can always order this dress in custom size (made to oder) for $129 + $22 (shipping)

Phil Wujek
15 of July 2015

I'm too old, but my step son may want her phone number!

ArmStreet team

Serious challenge for the young gentleman :)

14 of July 2015

This is absolutely beautiful! And my mother's name is ingrid - I'll have to point her towards this. :)

Cynthia Virtue
20 of July 2014

Can we buy the trim from you?

ArmStreet team

I'm sorry. After many discussions with a team we decided not to do this...

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