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Costume “The Alchemist's Daughter”

Dress, corset and chemise set

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Abby Horton
07 of March 2020

This outfit looks absolutely identical to the pictures. It arrived in almost exactly the promised amount of time, and despite the fact that the packaging had been damaged and soaked with water during shipping, the dress was safe and dry inside. My only complaint is that the third fastener up on both sleeves was broken and had to be repaired. Also the corset, which fit me perfectly in most dimensions, was quite tight at the front of my armpits - to the point where it left little bruises there from pinching. The corset does soften up with time, it's just the joint there that's problematic for me. The dress itself does not fit me as closely as I expected - particularly in the waist - but that can be easily fixed with a belt. I will definitely be buying from Armstreet again in the future!

17 of February 2018

I'm totally in love !! The dress is gorgeous and just... perfect. The seller is really kind and ship it really fast. Thanks you so much, I love it.

15 of January 2016

Hello what a amazing day had in the woods the beautiful alchemist daughter collection I wore. With amazing viking cow horn! Thankyou armstreet done such always absolutely amazing work love love love..

19 of September 2014

armstreet thankyou again for this stunning dress set love it totally as you have seen in my picts i sent with it on, so perfectly made and fitted. i wear all my armstreet clothing everyday basicaly thankyou team your one of a kind, to all highly recommended always visiting your store online

ArmStreet team

This dress suits you perfectly, thanks for your photos and feedback!

10 of September 2014

Dear Armstreet! I would like to thank you for the amazing work you've been doing out there.I received my dress a few months ago and I was speechless with the highest possible quality and simply how beautiful it was in reality. Actually it is even more stunning than in the pictures! Besides, it fits me absolutely perfect. I am a singer of a band and the dress served me as an outfit for two performances (both played at medieval castles). I've attached a few photos to see your great work in action:) Wish you all the best with present and future projects. Your contribution to preserving and keeping the memory of Medieval Ages alive is outstanding! With best regards eLL


Thank you very much for the great and detailed feedback. Have fun performing on stage in this dress!

23 of October 2013

This set is simply gorgeous!

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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Lina Nichol
16 of September 2023

I am very interested in purchasing this costume with a variation. What is the cost difference for using the narrow Renaissance trim on the dress instead of red linen contrast trim? Thank you for your reply. Cheers

ArmStreet Team

The price is the same. Please simply select custom size option for the dress and leave this request in the comment to your order. 

19 of November 2018

Is there an entire chemise under that dress? Like a separate white piece under it? Or is it just the dress?

ArmStreet Team

Hi, Catherine! Yes, there is a chemise under the dress. 

04 of September 2018

Do you sell the head piece that the model is wearing?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Aura! Yes, it is available here

27 of August 2017

Dear Armstreet, What is the brown leather piece that the model wears on one arm in a couple of the photos?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Stephanie! The bracelet is not avaiable for purchase, unfortunately. 

Jane Dormon
26 of June 2017

Hi There, I do not see any cleaning instructions on my "Alchemists Daughter" dress. Is it OK to wash the dress or must it be dry cleaned? Also, do the same instructions apply to all the other linen dresses you make? Many thanks for my lovely dresses, J.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jane, the dress can be washed with hands in warm water with soap or you may give it to the dry cleanners. Here you may find our care guide. 

01 of December 2015

Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to purchase the "Alchemist's daughter" dress without the corset and chemise. If it is, how much would it be? Thanks

ArmStreet team

Of course, the dress separately is available on the site, welcome!

Beau Ravn
29 of August 2013
This new costume set is incredible. It is a work of art and, in my opinion, the most inspired and original costume yet. However, being a man, I have to ask, can you PLEASE do a matching 'THE ALCHEMIST' costume for us men? This is something that I would definitely buy for my growing Armstreet collection. Thanks and congratulations on the new and very inspiring costumes. Beau Ravn.
ArmStreet team

Thank you! This is a very interesting idea, we will think about the male version!

29 of August 2013
What color is the corset? Does it come in one color or can the color be chosen?
ArmStreet team

You can choose green, brown or black color for the corset - simply email us after purchasing!

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