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Corset Skirt “Snow White”

Linen renaissance skirt with corset

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Naomi M
18 of March 2024

Plan on wearing this for my wedding, and it fits great! Definitely one that I need assistance lacing into haha, but all worth it! It's comfortable also, and thoughtfully constructed. Thank you so much!

17 of December 2023

For years I gazed at this skirt and also the chemise from the Snow White collection dreaming about the day I would buy them for my wedding. I cannot express how overjoyed I was with the result. This is one the few times I felt truly beautiful in my life. The craftsmanship is expertly executed and the quality is nothing short of perfect. I would suggest being ready to use a lot of starch when ironing the skirt so that it holds its form and shape. You will also 100% need someone to assist you with the stays in the back on the corset. This is a truly stunning piece that got endless compliments. I don’t usually write reviews but I felt like I should contribute to a shop that made my wedding that much better.

Gena Fagerberg
04 of October 2023

The seller was absolutely wonderful to work with. Very helpful every step of the way. The skirt is very comfortable, flattering, and is holding up well to months of (admittedly infrequent and indoor-only) wear. As an added bonus, or at least amusing side effects, my dogs seem to find the skirt just as comfortable as I do. I can barely sit down without having one, the other, or both settling in.

19 of May 2023

Gorgeous skirt, but it is very heavy and sits on your hips. I recommend wearing an underskirt or a petticoat underneath to achieve maximum puffness from the skirt.

Amanda Hawn
28 of March 2023

I LOVE this shop! I have ordered from their website many times and they never disappoint! The skirt is gorgeous. Thank you so so much!

10 of September 2022

I had been ogling this skirt for a while and ordered it at the end of January 2022, just before the war started. Armstreet asked customers not to cancel their orders and I did not, of course. I was, and still am, far more worried about them. I have been very impressed with Armstreet's resilience, perseverance, and gumption throughout the year and became even more so when I received the skirt in August. It is beautiful, well-made, and well-designed. It is sadly also a bit too large, but this is not Armstreet's fault--I accidentally lost some weight in the interim. This is nowhere near my first order from Armstreet (I'm shamefully fanciful), and I'm sure it will not be the last. My hat is off to you, Armstreet!

03 of May 2022

I bought this to wear for my wedding day. The quality is amazing! It's exactly what I wanted & more. Thank you soo much!

Priscilla Robinson
30 of September 2021

This is the only wedding dress Mia wanted and it looked fabulous on her! THANK YOU!!

01 of September 2021

The outfit was amazing and beautiful.

Hannah Lampe
16 of June 2021

the squee when I put this on for the first time was so loud I'm sure only dogs could hear it I just this makes me so stinkin happy I can't even put it into words how perfect this skirt is its exactly the color I needed to match my hat and it fits so stunningly and is so heavy duty and beautifully made and I just omfg I'll be buying more from them soon enough I just can't get enough of their products X3

Kayla Gendill
27 of September 2020

Beautiful work! I added a little bit of my own touch and sewed my own top, but the skirt before the embellishments was just as pretty! Now it's gorgeous! Thank you again!

14 of May 2020

First product I bought and boy was it one I had been anxious for. I chose the deep blue color and had them custom make it to fit my body like a glove. Everything was perfect from the way the skirt swished to the way the corset made my hips pop. Love this site so much.

Ann Marie
12 of May 2020

I purchased this skirt in the Red Burgundy colour. I got this skirt the same time I got the Red Riding Hood Coat and was a little worried about how long it would be on me since that was my first time purchasing anything from Armstreet. The measurement requirements system is a godsend. I decided to add a little extra to the length so I would be sure it would be long enough. Oh boy was it! Ultimate swish effect! I've worn this skirt to markets I've attended. I feel really comfortable wearing it because the built in corset is like a waspie, where it cinches your waist but leaves your ribcage alone so you can actually breathe! Very happy with this purchase. I didn't realise at the time, but there are little pull strings on the back of the skirt so the wearer can pull up the train a bit so it isn't trailing on the ground behind you! Really great design.

01 of April 2020

I was wondering in your skirt sizes is an 8 in us or UK? Thank you

ArmStreet Team

We have our own size chart. Please send us your bust and waist circumference so we could help you to choose the right size. 

11 of September 2019

Hice mi pedido desde España! Llegó antes de lo previsto. Tal y como esperaba y se vé en las imágenes es una falda expectacular! La pedí en color lino natural y la usé en mi boda junto con el camisón del modelo arquera. Muchas gracias por todo! Tengo mi lista de deseos llena!!!

22 of August 2018

I just received my black linen skirt this morning, and I must say it is beautiful! Thank you so much! I was a little worried how it would look on my short stature but it looks great! Thank you ArmStreet, you guys are amazing!

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27 of July 2021

I am 5'6 how long would this skirt be on me? I'm trying to decide whether on not I need it hemmed.

ArmStreet Team

Hello, the skirt will fit you well. Besides, it can be tied up in front like shown on the pictures. 

Jill Hayward
07 of January 2020

Where do you measure "desired length" from? Natural waste to floor or under busy to floor? And is waist, hip or bust more relevant for selecting appropriate size for this skirt? I'd like to take advantage of the sale but am not sure what size to order. Thanks.

ArmStreet Team

Hello! Desired skirt length should be measured from the natural waist to the floor. To measure it correctly, please tie a string/cord/rope on the waist and measure the length from the string to the floor (in front). The size should be chosed according to the waist circumference. 

03 of October 2019

Hello. :) Just wondering, would the washing instructions be different for this skirt vs. other linen garments (because of the boning / structure)? Could it be machine-washed on delicate, or is it hand-wash only? Thanks!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Stefanie, it is hand wash only. 

Sarah castro
12 of September 2019

Does the top go along with it?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Sarah, Snow White chemise can be purchased separately in our store. 

01 of July 2019

Hello, I was hoping I could fill in my sizes at the custom order. But I can't so hopefully you can help me. My waist is a size 4 andmy hips a size 10 what should I put in for the order? Thank you

ArmStreet Team

Dear Nikki, please send us your underbust, waist and hips circumference so we could help you to choose the right size. 

Suzanne Andrews
29 of May 2019

Can this be purchased in the same color the model is wearing in a size 2? Did e the shirt come with it also or is that bought separately?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Suzanne, please select custom size option to choose the beige color. The chemise can be purchased separately here

Eden Stahr
24 of March 2019

This skirt is beautiful and I’m so excited to buy it! I’m just wondering if it comes in the white/cream color or if it comes in the black. I want the white, so I thought I’d just make sure.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Eden, cream/white color can be selected in the Custom Size tab. 

Kat C
21 of February 2019

Good afternoon! My waist is more around 116cm. Total height 157cm. Is it possible to have this skirt customed to this size? I only see the option for a size 12

ArmStreet Team

Dear Kat, this particular skirt can be made in size 12 max, sorry. 

Linn Kokkersvold
05 of February 2019

My waist 72 cm. Total height 170. From shoulder to floor ca 144 cm. What size should i buy? Is the skirt suitable for embroidery? And is it possible to have even lenght on the skirt(without using strings to pull it up?) I rather not have long fabric sweeping the ground behind me. And is the blouse included in the price?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Linn, it is better to choose size 0 so it would fit tight and nice like on the pictures of the listing. If you order custom size skirt, the length can be adjusted upon request. It is made of linen, which is suitable for embroidery. The model is wearing Snow White chemise under the skirt, which can be purchased separately. 

28 of December 2018

Hello, I was planning on ordering this in about a month for my wedding. It no longer shows the navy blue option. Is there any way I could still order this in navy blue?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Jes, navy blue linen color is availble for purchase if you select custom size option for the skirt.

24 of November 2018

I have a waist that is 75cm and I'm 174 cm tall. What size should I be ordering? 

ArmStreet Team

Hi Maria! Size 2 should fit you nicely. 

08 of October 2018

I'm wondering when the item is custom made to my measurements how tight will the garment fit with the corset edges touching like the back of the model in the photo. Is it designed to fit that way easily, or will it require a slight tightening and give that slight constricting feeling. I'm looking for that slight tight, posture enhancing fit. Should I put in my exact measurements? Or slightly smaller to encourage that tight corset feel?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Randi! The corset skirt will fit tight like the corset should fit. Please send us your actual measurements for a perfect fit.

10 of September 2018

If I were to order a regular size, is the waist measurement the most important size to go off of when ordering this? For example My waist is a size 2 at 29" but my chest is a size 6 at 39" ... I would order the size 2 because the waist size is the only one that matters for this skirt, correct?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Karin! Yes, the waist size only matters for this skirt.

09 of July 2018

hello i love this is this beautiful corset skirt in picture the beige striped?


Hi! Yes, it is our beige stiped linen. 

06 of July 2018

Good Morning, I was reviewing this for order and one of the measurements requested, after being asked height, is desired length. I’m afraid I don’t really understand exactly what information is being requested. Are you asking for a measurement from the rib cage down or how long a person wishes the skirt to be? Please explain what is being asked, a bit better. 


Hello! Desired skirt length should be measured from the natural waist to the floor. To measure it correctly, please tie a string/cord/rope on the waist and measure the length from the string to the floor (in front). We will add a train on the back ourselves. 

13 of June 2018

Hi, is it possible to have this skirt made with a different material?


Hi Stephanie! This skirt can be made in linen only. 

12 of June 2018

OH MAH GOD!!!! *.*

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