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“Snow White” Underskirt

Voluminous linen skirt with lace

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Amanda Hawn
09 of April 2023

Absolutely perfect! I wanted this as soon as I seen it on their site. I finally got it and I am in love with this skirt!!

13 of March 2022

This skirt is gorgeous! It fits beautifully, and I can’t really imagine it being unflattering on anyone. It doesn’t need a hoop underneath to look good, either. The shape works well without, although it would probably also look great with one. Get one custom-sized as I’ve found most skirts by themselves can sometimes be a bit tricky. It would probably be fine using standard sizing, but I’ve come to be spoiled by the awesome custom work here. Highly recommended.

28 of August 2021

This is a really beautiful underskirt. The skirt itself is weightier than you expect (this is due to the quality of the fabric) and yet it looks weightless. For once I feel like i'm wearing something authentic.

Mélissa Aviègne
14 of August 2021

Very good quality! This skirt is beautiful. Unfortunately she lets go of me a lot at the level of the waist that makes it fall on the hips (with a nurse pin it sticks to the waist) The fact that I lost the waist + conversion of the measurements given in cm must have made that there is this difference. It's nothing, it's so bulky and pretty that I love it all the same!

Amber Knoles
21 of January 2021

This skirt is beautiful! It's well-constructed and fits perfectly. Shipping is a beast right now; that part took forever, but Covid, so... what can you do. I was looking forward to this for weeks, and when it arrived it met all my expectations. Highly recommended.

30 of November 2020

This skirt is so big! Big as in, so much skirt, it fit me as desired. The lace is lovely and the closure lacing in the back is beautiful.

Soren Letore
19 of May 2020

It's absolutely beautiful and comfy. It took ages to get here but I mostly blame the virus for that. The box was beat to hell but I think that's just is the risk of shipping plus the dresses weren't hurt in anyway. It's a bit long but it will fit perfectly with my heels. Thanks so much!

12 of May 2020

This looks even better in real life and holds its shape really well without any additional underskirts, despite the fact that its massive and has substantial weight. It get's only four stars from me though, because the waist closure doesn't work very well with the lacing so I had to put in hooks and eyes instead, and because on the bottom hem where the fabric meets the lace the serger has nicked the horsehair braid in several places and those cut horse hair fibres are sharp enough to scratch both stockings and skin.

Johanna Clarke
23 of September 2019

Absolutely STUNNING quality!!!! I'm thrilled that I bought my bridal wear here!! I'll recommend this shop to everyone I know! The tailoring is flawless, the fit is comfortable and I'm even able to lace this and the corset skirt completely by myself! Thank you a million times over!!

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29 of September 2019

Hello, Will you be making these in other colors (aside from black) any time in the future? I would like to wear this as a wedding dress but the black is a little dark for the occasion. Thank you

ArmStreet Team

Hi Ashlin, we do not have white lace for this skirt anymore, unfortunately. 

Nikki Farrawell
03 of May 2019

Hi there. I love the look of this skirt, but it states black linen only. Is that the same as what is pictured? If not, could you please send me through a photo of the black linen please? Thank you!

ArmStreet Team

Dear Nikki, natural color linen is shown. Black linen is a classic black and it is shown in the color options. You may aso check it here. Once we are out of black lace for the skirt, the skirt won't be available for purchase anymore, unfortunately. 

17 of April 2019

Hello? I would like to order this skirt, but you don't seem to have my size available. Is 8 the only remaining size?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Margaret, please select custom size option for the skirt and it will be made according to your personal measurements. 

03 of April 2019

Hiya, do you know if you folks will be getting the trim materials back in stock for the natural flax skirt option at some point? If so, I'm more than happy to hold off purchasing this skirt until such a time. It's such a beautiful design!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Mackenzie! Most likely we won't get more lace in stock, unfortunately. It was a limited edition.

06 of January 2019

Hi, I noticed that in the custom size tab, there isn't an option for the natural fine flax linen. Is it possible to have this option? I really want to wear this for my wedding and wouldn't mind paying extra to have it the color in the pictures. Thank you.

ArmStreet Team

Dear Paige, we are out of natural color lace for the skirt in natural linen color. That is why it cannot be made in custom size, sorry.

18 of November 2018

Hi, is it possible to have more info on how the skirt opens/closes at the back? (maybe you have a close up picture of the back) Is it a bit adjustable at the waist with the lacings (like most of the dresses you make)? Thank you

ArmStreet Team

Hi Isa, please check the picture below: 

Common - lace_skirt.jpg

Sharonda Taylor
30 of August 2018

Is the lace on the black skirt white or black?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Sharonda! The lace on the black skirt is black.

Heather Vautrin
08 of August 2018

Hello. I have admired your work for a very long time, but I was unable to purchase anything. Now I'm getting married and I'm in love with your snow white collection. I wanted to get the chemise and the skirt, and I am still very strapped for cash so I was wondering if I could maybe bundle them or make the chemise in a cheaper fabric? I would love to get married in that set. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Heather Vautrin

ArmStreet Team

Dear Heather, we cannot make these items in cheaper fabric, but you may pay the order in parts if you wish. 

02 of August 2018

absoutley elegant classic skirt love the lace trimimng on this drapes berfectly i must get the whole collection sometime but have my eyes on other tunic dresses and all at the moment i need to get from you first hopefully soon i may drape in this ooh love it

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