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Women’s Linen Shirt

Short Medieval Chemise

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08 of March 2024

I love everything about this blouse/shirt! The pleats on the cuffs and around the collar are fantastic and show that every detail was performed with great attention and care. It has a very airy feel and great fabric quality… I’m also considering getting one just like it in black color. Thank you for the fast shipping. Slava Ukraini!!!

29 of June 2023

Is there a made to measure option on this item?

ArmStreet Team

It is made in fixed sizes only, sorry. 

31 of May 2023

Sized as expected and fits well! Looks great and very well made

04 of March 2022

Good fit. Well made. Perfect for what I needed.

26 of February 2022

Lovely! comfortable and beautiful quality. A little big for what i expected but overall great!

30 of January 2022

This shirt is loverly and very comfortable. I did put it in the washing machine because it was quite stiff and a little scratchy straight out of the bag. I hung it to dry and it only took about 15 hours to fully dry even I my tiny, chilly, damp, apartment. It was much softer after that. My only real complaint is that the ties really don't stay tied very well. The linen is kinda slippy and works itself loose very easily. A double knot does hold it closed longer. In general I tend to enjoy late Victorian, early Edwardian styles so I paired it with a narrow(er) walking velvet walking skirt I made. This top has amazing range and flexibility for historica and modern wear.

Audrée Wilhelmy
17 of January 2022

I love love love this shirt. It is amazing and exactly as pictured. Armstreet is, as always, perfect.

08 of November 2021

The shirt is very well made. Every seam and pleat is perfect, and the fabric feels very nice on the skin, it really feels like wearing a work of craftsmanship. Also the round neckline looks quite flattering, even on a small bust.

Teeq Hill
09 of June 2021

This shirt is exactly what I have been looking for! Shipping took a while, but it is so worth the wait. Not a single stitch was out of place.

Olivia Frangiamore
20 of May 2021

Incredibly beautiful piece--comfortable and light. Came with a little drawstring bag made of recycled scraps of the same type of linen as the shirt! Unfortunately I think I might have ordered a size too big as it sits a bit oddly on my shoulders, but it's less noticeable when I wear it with a belt or as an underlayer, so it's not a huge problem.

Olivia Frangiamore
20 of May 2021

Incredibly beautiful piece--comfortable and light. Came with a little drawstring bag made of recycled scraps of the same type of linen as the shirt! Unfortunately I think I might have ordered a size too big as it sits a bit oddly on my shoulders, but it's less noticeable when I wear it with a belt or as an underlayer, so it's not a huge problem.

Ash Hart
29 of March 2021

I am fully in love with this top and corset belt and will DEFINITELY be ordering more oh my gosh I felt so cool wearing these items. Thank you so much! Great communication!

28 of March 2021

Very pretty beige linen color, true to the look of the picture. I sized up and I really think it wasn’t necessary, this is very spacious and billowy. It’s not too scratchy, feels like it might be scratchy if you wore it out all day sweating (though any similar material would be) but just putting it on in the current lack of heat it was quite comfortable.

Maev McOllthair
08 of July 2020

Do you sell these pants? If not where can they be acquired to complete this look?

ArmStreet Team

We do not sell these pants, sorry. We made them once for our model only for the photo shoot only. 

13 of May 2020

Ordered this for a friend and now I want to get one for myself, too. Nicely made shirt. My friend was impressed, and she knows way more about making costumes than I do!

Ann Marie
12 of May 2020

The moment this chemise went live, I knew I had to have it. I especially love the pleated neckline and sleeve cuffs. It is really comfortable to wear as a costume piece and as an everyday top. I styled it for a Musketeer look, a peasant look, and a Thumbelina look! I'm really happy with this chemise. I got it in white fine flax. I do need to wear nude coloured underwear underneath, but that's no big deal. It's a fantastic piece to wear during sunny days because it's light, airy and covers the skin. I was worried that it might not be long enough when I purchased it, but as usual, my concerns were for nothing. It came just passed my hip bones. The perfect length. Easy to tuck away or just wear free flowing.

18 of April 2020
I have long awaited the time that I could make this purchase. This beautiful chemise is brilliant and perfect. Thank you so much. I will certainly buy more linen shirts in the future.
23 of January 2020

my Linen Shirt Chemise came today quality is brilliant such Narnian glamour also very pirate chic jack sparrow would love it, it fits perfectly and it is very beautiful, cant wait to wear it with my skinny trousers which do look similar to the ones in the picture with the laces on the legs, i could wear one of my corsets with it i'm thinking of ordering another thank you armstreet this is brilliant and beautiful

18 of January 2020

Love this shirt so much I had to buy another one! Perfect loose fit, high quality. And I feel like a fantasy heroine when I wear it, which is the ultimate compliment tbh :D Obsessed.

Ann Marie Burke
17 of January 2020

I ordered this when it first got released. Since it was newly released, I figured it would be very popular. And indeed it was! It took it a while to arrive, but when it did I was delighted. I sent an email to Armstreet checking in if everything was okay and they explained that there were a lot more orders than anticipated, so production was taking longer than anticipated. This put my mind at ease. I just had to be patient. I got a size 4 in the white linen option. I'm 5'7", 31 inch waist, 41 inch hips. The shirt arrived in a plastic covered parcel, inside a linen bag. So it was well protected. It fit perfectly. I was very impressed with the detailed pleating around the neck and wrists. I was concerned that the shirt might not be long enough to tuck into pants before it arrived, but my mind was laid to rest once I put it on. I have a long back, and it reached an inch passed my pelvis. The material is a little transparent if you get the white linen, so I recommend wearing nude coloured underwear underneath it. I have worn this shirt a few times since it arrived. It always gets complimented on as something a Musketeer would wear, which is a look I can get onboard with!

31 of December 2019

Really a great looking shirt, I love this style! The whole collection if fabulous!

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21 of February 2023

I want those leather pants! They're hot!!

ArmStreet Team

They are not for sale, unfortunately. 

30 of October 2022

Hello, this looks lovely like all of your products! I was wondering about the neckline- it seems quite broad like a boatneck. Is it possible to get this shirt with something closer to a crew or jewel neckline instead? Thank you!

ArmStreet Team

Hello, the neckline cannot be altered, sorry. 

15 of January 2022

Hi! Just wondering - since this looks to have a very billowy fit, would the size 12 potentially fit someone a bit larger than the measurements listed for that size (I'm a US size 18)? As someone plus-sized, I really wish the sizes offered were a bit more inclusive in general. Thanks!

ArmStreet Team

Hello, yes, this chemise would definately fit even if the measurements are bigger than our size 12. 

06 of January 2022

I know that linen can be a tricky fabric to wash, and since this garment will lie next to skin I wanted to know if this shirt can be machined wash on a low temperature setting? Or would it be hand wash only?

ArmStreet Team

For the thin linen we recommend hand wash only. 

02 of July 2021

I understand that the pants aren't for sale. What I don't understand is, after all these inquiries on them, why you don't produce them for sale?! I would so buy these!

ArmStreet Team

It is not possible to make these pants remotely to fit well, unfortunately. 

Maev McOllthair
08 of July 2020

Everyone has asked if the pants are for sale (myself included). We have all been told that they were custom made, and will not be for sale. Is there ANY chance of directing us to the pattern used to make them, so that we may make our own, because these pants are AMAZING!

ArmStreet Team

Unfortunately, we cannot share or sell the pattern, sorry. We made these pants once exclusively for the photo shoot. 

26 of June 2020

Is the color modeled the white or the natural linen? It seems to fall between the two sample shades. Thanks!

ArmStreet Team

It is natural color linen. 

03 of February 2020

Where did you get the black pants pictured here?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jackie, we made them for the photo shoot only, we do not sell them, sorry.

24 of January 2020

Where did you get those pants? Are those available? I love them.

ArmStreet Team

Hello, the pants were made once for the photo shoot only. They are not for sale, unfortunately. 

08 of January 2020

Hello! I was wondering if there were any plans to make the pants the model wears available for purchase at some point in time? They really pull the whole look together.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Sarah, we won't make these pants for sale, unfortunately. 

04 of January 2020

Hi! This looks amazing. I saw on the sizing that the default is designed for those who are gifted with a height of 5'6. I, unfortunately, have the trouble of being 5'2 and was wondering if I should get this custom made? or if it would fit a shorter torso length anyways? I'm not sure, new to this site, but everything looks fantastic.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jenn, It should fit you in fixed size. 

04 of January 2020

Oh! Follow-up question. Can this be worn on its own (as shown in the photos)? I'm hoping I can wear it as is and not just as an (admittedly beautiful) underlayer.

ArmStreet Team

Yes, it can be worn on its own. 

28 of December 2019

Any chance those pants will ever be available on here?

ArmStreet Team

Hello Kimberly, we won't sell them, unfortunately. 

22 of December 2019

What about the light linen(?) pants in the photo array? The photos with the model overlooking the cliff? Do you sell those?

ArmStreet Team

Hello, we do not sell these pants, sorry. 

28 of November 2019

Okay, I realize I'm late to the party but those pants are AMAZING. Are you sure there are no plans to produce them in future? *puppy eyes*

ArmStreet Team

Hi Cam, unfortuntely, it is not possible to make these pants remotely. 

18 of November 2019

All I want is those pants!

ArmStreet Team

Unfortunately, the pants are not for sale. 

Francesca Batchelor
13 of October 2019

Ugh all I really want are those pants! Please make them they’re beautiful! Can’t find any good quality pants for my costume as a female.

Bonnie Mosley
01 of October 2019

My God I'm in love with those pants! It's a pity you won't produce them. I'd buy them today.

18 of September 2019

Those pants are beautiful! i wish they were for sale!'s hard to find good women pants for larps...

Leeandra Booth
17 of September 2019

Where in the world do we get our hands on these pants? I want them so badly, they are gorgeous.

ArmStreet Team

Dear Leeandra, the pants were made once for the photo shoot only and we won't make them to order, sorry. 

17 of September 2019

Wear do I get the Black Leather pants that she is wearing in with the linen shirt? My wife really wants a pair.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Scott, the pants are not for sale, unfortunately. 

11 of September 2019

the shirt is beautiful hope you do more of these for women in other styles, can i wear it with a corset or will that damage it?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Mags, sure, you may wear it with corset. 

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