Dark Star

A beautiful and brutal collection of light, strong blackened spring steel armor designed for the female figure.

You should never trust the Dark Star, but learn everything you can from her. You won’t find a more adept swordsperson, strategist or duelist in the kingdom - and those are skills she’s earned with hard work and sheer force of will. With a razor-sharp smile and wit like a cracked whip, fighting her is likely one of the most difficult yet rewarding experiences you will ever have. Don’t go in thinking you’ll become her protégé, though – the Dark Star takes no apprentice. After all, when the world is your student, why do you need a squire?

Our Dark Star Collection is made from super light and strong spring steel, a new material that we have been experimenting with for some time. This magnificent set of female LARP armor has taken countless tests, design interactions and failures in order to get right. We have blackened the whole set, which gives it a historical look and also gives it some protection against rust. The armor consists of a cuirass, arm harness, and leg harness, along with other additions such as an XV century sallet, gorget, and gauntlets.

There is nothing more exciting to us than female armor. As fighters ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to get something that fits properly but still looks amazing and makes you feel strong. Many armorsmiths state that there simply isn’t any historical female armor, so they have nothing to base it on… Which is where ArmStreet’s fantastically creative designers have stepped in to create something within the realms of possibility. This set is best suited to the female figure, and is fitted, feminine but still brutal and intimidating in design. It is light, comfortable, and ready for battle! We feel that there is nothing more powerful than women in armor.

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ArmStreet’s New female armor

It has been a long time since we worked on a project this ambitious, and we are very excited to present to you the most amazing lady armor you have ever seen! It has been in the works for many years, and we are very proud of the end result. It has been created with historical armor in mind and has some creative touches that you would expect out of ArmStreet.

Enjoy the protection of real female armor

Say goodbye to chainmail bikinis – this is the armor that actually covers your body and provides protection from sword strikes. Made from light, strong spring steel, this is the kind of armor that won’t be dented easily and won’t encumber you. You’ll be fully protected from head to toe.

Prepare to fight in female battle armor

One of the best parts about spring steel is how light it is. Because it is so much stronger than regular steel, armor can be made from much thinner steel, and therefore it is way lighter! It’s not often that you’ll find female armor for sale of this caliber.


Beautiful Women’s Medieval Armor

It’s hard to deny how gorgeous the blackened finish on this armor is. Blackening was a technique used historically to protect armor from the dangers of rust and deterioration. We have replicated this with our spring steel, which has the added bonus of looking absolutely amazing and being truly eye-catching.

Say goodbye to boring female breastplate armor

Tired of wearing the same plain breastplate? This cuirass is sure to impress you! Featuring tons of articulation and plenty of luxurious touches, it truly is the best breastplate you can own. On top of that, it extends lower than most breastplates and is created to better suit the female figure, unlike most breastplates on the market.

Be feared in woman knight armor

There is something truly intimidating about a female warrior in full armor. That is why we have designed a collection that provides enough pieces to cover you from head to knee, both for protection and for the simply terrifying aesthetic of it! Just imagine yourself charging down your foes in full plate armor.

Feel the freedom of realistic female armor

Many fighters will know the feeling of going onto a battlefield when they’re not equipped. It’s easy to be hit in sensitive places, and walk away with bruises and injuries in places where you’d rather not have them. Female warrior armor gives you the freedom to fight and be the knight you always wanted to be, without fear of injury!

How to put together the perfect female armor cosplay

Are you putting together a costume and don’t know where to start? Why not include actual armor instead of fake armor? It looks much better and gives a unique, historical look to your whole costume.

Components of female knight armor

It’s difficult to know where to start when it comes to putting together a female armor kit. Luckily, we’ve already done the research, so we've put together a full set of everything you might need for female medieval armor.

  • Helmet
  • Arm harness
  • Cuirass
  • Leg harness
  • Gorget

Once you understand how all of these pieces go together, it becomes much easier to build a complete costume.

The biggest secret about female plate armor?

There is one huge secret to female armor that not many people talk about… and it’s that it isn’t very different from male armor! Sure, women tend to have wider hips and different proportions, but that doesn’t mean that everything has to be drastically different.

Get protected with female chest armor

Don’t worry about going into battle and getting injured – we’ve come up with the perfect, flexible chest protection. We know that it’s difficult to find SCA female armor, so we have made this collection with that in mind.

End your search for SCA legal female armor

Don’t worry, you can finally stop looking, everything you’ve ever wanted is here! SCA armored combat female shins are difficult to find, and ArmStreet offers a great range of lower greaves that will be sure to keep you covered.