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Spring Steel Gorget "Dark Star"

Blackened neck protection armor

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24 of May 2023

This gorget is so enchanting! It is so light that you can wear it around your neck without feeling cramped! Nevertheless, it looks strong. It sits low and close to the breastbone, which makes for a great shape! It's so light and flexible that I've forgotten it's still there several times when taking off my armor! I love it! I wear a light gambeson with a gorget, because otherwise, but only after a few hours, the leather strips on the inside, which form the attachment, press into the soft, unclothed skin of my neck. Do not misunderstand: The collar is INCREDIBLY comfortable! This collar is magnificent! It is so light that you will love wearing it, with never feeling to tightened! But it has a very strong appearance! It lays deep and tight on your sternum / breastbone for a beautiful ladylike silhouette. It is so light, several time I forgot to take it off while taking off my whole armor! It is so comfortable! I love it!

13 of May 2023

I have never known a gorget to be so flexible! The last one I had was designed for a man, too big for me, and so uncomfortable I was worried it would hurt my neck if I wore it for long, but this piece removes all those concerns. The neck joints move as one moves her neck while providing standard field plate protection. I've yet to wear it in combat, however the quality of the stainless steel should compensate for the gorget's being thinner than any other armour I have worn. As I have typical female endowments I intend to follow up with the cuirass in brassed spring steel as soon as I can afford it!

ArmStreet Team

Huge thanks for your feedback! ArmStreet Team wishes you a great season!

30 of November 2021

As usual, their armor is everything I expected when ordered. Very high quality and durable.

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